Saturday, September 22, 2012

Romance Book Review: Ute Carbone's The Whisper of Time

Author: Ute Carbone
ISBN: Not Assigned
Genre: Romance/ Time Travel
Publisher: A Whispers Publishing Publication

Moving to get away from her husband and his betrayal and gambling, Gwynn decides to purchase a farmhouse unseen in Vermont. When she gets there she is mesmerized with her surroundings, everything seems like it is from another time.

She doesn't question why the old farmhouse doesn't have some of the modern comforts. She especially doesn't mind her new neighbor, Slate, who she is apparently not only sharing half the barn and half a herd of goats, but also the bathroom. 

Soon she realizes something isn't quite right. And that is only the beginning of the changes in store for Gwynn. 

Sweet love story featuring a love that transcends time.

When fate offers Gwynn Powell a chance to start over, she jumps at the opportunity. Laid off and living with a husband whose gambling problem has eaten through a good part of their savings, Gwynn buys a farmhouse sight unseen, leaving both her marriage and her old home behind.

But fate has more in mind for Gwynn than just a new home. The farmhouse, tucked away in the Green Mountains of Vermont where even GPS can’t find it, is also a step back in time. And Slate Peck, the farm’s caretaker and part owner, is tied to Gwynn’s destiny in ways she never expected.

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