Sunday, July 10, 2016

Romance Book Review: Kerry Adrienne's Waking the Bear

Author: Kerry Adrienne
Series Connection: Shifter Wars
ISBN13: 9781460397442
Genre: Paranormal romance, Bear shifter romance, Suspense romance
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication Date: August 1, 2016

Purchase link: Amazon

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Amy has just been fired from her job and gotten rid of an ex that was less than desirable. Now she needs to figure out what she's going to do with the rest of her life. She decides to leave her big city life for a while and head out to the woods to rethink what she wants to do with the future and maybe paint for a bit. 

Dry Creek isn't like other forests. The forest is under the protection of bear shifters who are just waking from a long winter's nap. Griff is a bear shifter forest ranger. It is hit job to not only protect the forest and the people that live around it, but also protect a cave that has special powers. The bears know that war is coming. The lions used to protect the forest and the cave and they want it all back, but the bears can't let that happen. The bears know that the lions have been sniffing around and looking for a weakness to attack.

Amy doesn't know any of this. She sees a beautiful wilderness area where she can be alone and have some "me" time. She wants to try her hand out at painting and hopes to visit some of the pretty sites and paint. 

Griff is Amy's new landlord he tries to warn her that the forest is dangerous and stay close to the cabin, but Amy is stubborn and doesn't want to listen. Griff maybe handsome and she certainly is attracted to him, but this is "me" time and Amy wants to be on her own. 

Griff falls for Amy pretty fast but this isn't the time to get involved with someone. If the lions see that Griff has a weakness they'll use it to their advantage.

This book is a re-release with some rewritten parts. For the most part I like Griff, he tries his best not to be, well, an overbearing bear even though you can tell that isn't in his nature. No pun intended. Amy I have some serious problems with. Maybe if she was this stubborn in her last relationship she wouldn't have even started a relationship with her jerk of an ex. 

I don't want to send off an spoilers, but I'll say I wish the writer would have set the beginning of the ending scene a different way. It just made Amy look a little stupid that she had gotten herself in that mess to begin with. 

I liked the role of the villain, he was just the right amount of creepy. 

I do believe this book is worth a read, and although the book has a HEA for this couple, there secondary story of the war between the bears and the lions is ongoing and if you want to know what happens there, you'll have to read the rest of the series. 


Sexy shifter passion is awakened when two unlikely lovers are challenged by secrets, danger and an unstoppable need to claim one's mate…

For human Amy Francis, the secluded cabin in Deep Creek is the haven she needs to map out a fresh new start. She never expected her heart to be reawakened by a distraction like Griff Martin, commanding yet gentle, too ferociously sensual to ignore. It's clear that patrolling the forest is more than a job to Griff—it's a means of survival. But what Amy doesn't realize is she's reawakened the beast within him.

Griff's dormant hunger is stirred by this intoxicating woman…and threatened by the secret she must never learn. Duty-bound to defend his bear clan against an avenging pride of lion shifters, Griff's entire world is upended when he meets Amy. His animal need to claim his mate has taken hold, but that very desire could seal her fate as an unwitting pawn in battle.

Now, as a shifter war looms, Griff must decide between letting Amy go or following his most carnal instincts. To have her would change his life…but risk everything he knows and was born to protect.

Book one of the Shifter Wars series

Previously published, newly revised by author

This book is approximately 75,000 words