Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Romance Book Review: Hungry Like The Wolf

Author: Violet Summers
ISBN: 978-1-59578-503-9
Genre: Paranormal/ Werewolf/ Shapeshifter


The werewolves in Nigel's pack have a problem. There are only so many females to go around. Pack law has the male wolves competing for the females in a Mating Run. As a pack enforcer it is Nigel's job to watch over one of the females who will be participating in the Mating Run. The only problem is the female is the one woman that Nigel wants for his own mate and he isn't going to get to compete in the Mating Run this year.

Claire is a witch. One witch from Claire's coven every generation must participate in the Mating Run as part of a pack made between the witches and the wolves. Since Claire only has minimum powers she is required to be the token witch for her generation. She isn't happy about participating, but she is given no choice. To make matters worse she finds herself falling in love with her bodyguard, Nigel.

Rather than go against pack law, Nigel decides to leave the pack rather than sit by and watch the woman he loves mate with another. When tragedy leaves Claire without her mate, Nigel returns to try to win Claire's heart again.

Hungry Like The Wolf is a story of two very loyal individuals who are forced into doing what they must for their families. I liked both Claire and Nigel's strong characters. The story line was well written and interesting. Great, hot love scenes.

Claire knew it was her duty to serve her Coven by participating in the local Shifter Pack’s annual Mating Run, but just when she’d resigned herself to that duty the unthinkable happened: she fell in love.

Nigel knew it was his duty to protect Claire and keep her safe from over-eager Wolves until the Run, but over the long weeks of guarding her body the unthinkable happened: he began to want her body for his own.

Caught in a trap of family duty and desire, Nigel and Claire must decide what’s really worth fighting for and all the while they’re Hungry… Like the Wolf.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Romance Book Review: Shifting Winds

Author: Mara Lee
Series Connection: Danny Lee
ISBN 978-1-59578-523-7
Genre: Paranormal/ Werewolf/ Shifter/ Vampire/ Demons and Devils/ Witches


This is definitely one of those books that require a little background in the story in order to read it. It is the fourth in the continual Danny Lee series and it takes reading all the books to keep up with what is going on the story, which is a lot.

Danny Lee is a magi-wolf, which essentially means that she is a wolf shifter with a lot of extras. During the series readers learn that Danny has way too much of everything going on in her life. She especially has way to many men. For one, there is Savior, a master vampire who is completely enthralled with her. Over the series Danny has fallen in love with Savior, even though that isn't such a popular idea among the wolf kind.

There is also Asmodai, the devil prince. While he is beautiful and incredibly sexy, in the case of Shifting Winds, Danny is pretty much lucky that he can't leave the depths of hell at this point and time. Asmodai's father, however, is a problem. He is using Danny to find the best mates for his other sons. Danny had reluctantly, literally, made a bargain with the devil in one of the previous books and now she has to find a way to save her friends before they are kidnapped by the devil.

The other man in her life is the Alpha of her pack, Alexander. Alex has wanted Danny through out the series, but she has been able to pretty much withstand his advances. Now Alex is in grave danger of losing to his beast and Danny finds that the only way to save him is to mate with him. She hates the idea because it is just another example of how she is losing her free will, something she has worked very had to keep throughout her life.

The woman that raised Danny, the Grand Dame, tells her she needs to mate with Alex, but as usual the Grand Dame is keeping secrets. After saving Alex, Danny is sucked deeper into the pack. She finds herself with more and more responsibilities with her only calm in the storm being Savior.

This is a very complex story with Danny Lee being a very complex character. I literally saw no place in the book where Danny had room to sleep. With the complicated arrogant, strong-willed men in her life, how did she have time to sleep anyway.

I like these kinds of books, but they aren't for everyone. It is important while reading that you pay close attention to all of the details because you might miss something important. Paranormal fans will appreciate Mara Lee's imagination as they read through the series. She has something for everyone, and since we are eagerly waiting for book five in the series, who knows what other paranormals she may pull out of the wood work.

Life will never be the same ... and everything has a price...
Danny Lee has been to the Otherworlds. She has been to Hell, and she has seen the resting place of shadows and mist. She has kissed the flames, tasted the fire and has sat at the right hand of the dark. Danny knows nightmares, and fights them daily, but nothing could have prepared her for the storm which is about to take over her life.
Great change has come to the Pack, and at the center of the vortex stands Danny Lee, Roit, magi, and woman extraordinaire. Time stands still for no one, not even the resistant wolf. And Danny is learning that destiny, tired of waiting for her, has come to her door prepared to collect its due.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Romance Book Review: Dominant Territory

Author: Cora Zane
ISBN: 978-1-60088-149-7

Genre: Shifter/ Werewolf/ Paranormal


It was love at first sight for Drake when she first sees Libby window shopping. He hasn't been able to get her out of his mind, so when she walks into the local werekind bar, he is immediately drawn to him. The only problem is that Libby is human and there are different rules for his kind.

When Libby first meets Drake she is drawn to him. She knows who and what he is and that he is forbidden, but still she can't stay away. She thought she would have some resistance from the people in town, but she didn't realize how much.

They come from two different worlds. Each with their own rules, being together could be harder than they thought.

I liked Dominant Territory because the author brought out some insightful problems about what it would be like if a human and werewolf mixed in today's society. The novel was well written and thought out. I loved both Drake and Libby and would like to see more books with other characters in the story. If I had any complaint it would be the cover makes Drake look just a little too menacing and not all that appealing. Good thing that I know you can't always tell a book by it's cover.

The moment Libby steps into the Moonlight Run with her girlfriends, she realizes they have made a serious mistake. One look at the clientele and she knows this is no place to have a ladies night out. The backwoods bar is isolated for a very good reason—they cater to local werewolves on the eve of the change.

Drake never thought himself the type to consider a human for a mate. Then Libby shows up and crosses over into Werekind territory. One look at her and his heart is lost. He'll stop at nothing to claim her for his own.

Romance Book Review: Sweet Dreams

Author: Jenny Penn
Series Connection: The Cowboys' Curse 1
ISBN: 1-60601-378-5
Genre: Erotic Romance/ Menage a Trois/ Western/ Cowboy


The idea behind this book series is fun and interesting. A woman, the Baxter brothers believes to be a witch puts a curse on each of them, because the oldest brother, Mike, broke her sisters heart. At first not believing the witch, the brothers laugh her off, until the next morning the two youngest brothers wake up to be two inches tall. Now the brothers have to work to find a cure for the curse or forever be small.

Finding someone who could help, they are told that they have to find their soul mate and they have to fall in love before they can become the size they once were.

Twins Shawn and Trent don't have any idea how they are going to find a woman, much less get her to fall in love with them when they are two inches tall. That is until they meet Peter, but is the fairy the answer to lifting the Baxter curse or just making their curse worse?

Of the two Shawn is the nice guy. Trent is the "love-them-and-leave-them" type. While I liked Shawn I didn't find that Trent had any real redeeming qualities. Other than that the story was cute and at time down right funny. This book is filled with hot explosive sex scenes, so have your fans ready ladies.

Shawn and Trent Baxter have a problem. They need a woman. Not just any woman--their soul mate. They'll do just about anything to get her.

Anna May might be just the woman the Baxter twins are looking for, but she isn't about to let two arrogant cowboys just walk into her life and take over, soul mates or not.

Passions flare and tempers ignite when these three collide. When the dust settles will Shawn and Trent be able to convince Anna May to take a chance on love or will they lose it all?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Romance Book Review: McKnight in Shining Armor

Author: Tami Hoag
ISBN-13: 978-0553593112
Genre: Romance
Re-release: September 29, 2009


Whenever one of these older re-releases comes out I feel compelled to remind readers that this is a book that the author wrote years ago, so don't get your expectations up too high. Although I enjoyed Tami's earlier romance novels, she was just feeling her way in the write world, by today's standard of her writing ability this books is child's play.

With that in mind I would still give this books high marks for creativity. While the struggling single mother of today might not be a wild animal tamer, because that would be so politically incorrect, she would probably be working hard creating software or working at a high tech company. The premise behind the book is still the same. Men may say they want a more liberated woman, but in today's world there are still men like Alec who want to take care of a woman and give her everything he can. And in today's romance we still want a happy ending. All and all this is a cute quick story about a harassed single mother with two kids and a charming hero who wants to swoop in and safe the day.

For those readers who are new to Tami Hoag's books, whatever you do don't judge the author by this book or any other of the newly re-releases of her earlier novels. Tami is an exceptional storyteller with several fabulous suspense and mystery novels she has written in recent years.

#1 New York Times bestselling author Tami Hoag tells a story of romance on the rebound in this classic novel about a woman torn between the demands of her career and the desires her new love has awoken within her. When did love get so complicated? That's the question Kelsie Connors keeps asking herself. Stung by a bitter divorce, Kelsie's been married to her job as a high-end animal wrangler ever since. So when her disastrous first encounter with advertising executive Alexander McKnight--a man so gallant he'll overlook the destruction of his office by an out-of-control chimpanzee--blossoms into romance, she finds herself in uncharted waters. She certainly never expected to fall for a man this charming, this flawless, this quickly. For Alec, Kelsie's devotion to her career is the only thing keeping her from saying yes to the best business proposition of all: a new relationship. He'll try every trick in his arsenal to get her to put down the phone, set aside her calendar, and let him care for her and her two children. But with only so many hours in the day, can she set aside enough time to learn to love again?

Romance Book Review: Holding Out For A Hero

Author: HelenKay Dimon
Series Connection: Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy, It's Hotter in Hawaii
ISBN 9780758229052
Genre: Contemporary romance
Release Date: Sept. 29, 2009


Deana Armstrong believes that DEA agent Josh Windsor is the only one who can help her save her nephew from life in prison. The teenager has already been convicted and she hopes that hiring Josh to look into the matter will find something that someone missed.

Josh isn't too impressed with the boy or his aunt. He's had run ins before with the Armstrong family. He's sure that the boy is guilty and the aunt is being blind to the boy's charm.

When Josh decides to take the case he doesn't expect to find a different conclusion for Deana. He also doesn't expect to find the woman he does under all that cold exterior.

Taking place in the beautiful background of Hawaii, HelenKay tells a dark story of an beautiful socialite who has more tragedy and heartache then most could bare. Her nephew is in jail for murdering his parents. Upon hearing that news her father drops dead of a heart attack and to top it all off, Deana has secret heartaches in her past.

Josh is going through a bad stretch in his own life. He resigns from his job with the DEA under a cloud of suspicion and isn't particularly interested in working on Deana's case. These two are unlikely lovers, but when HelenKay puts them together the reader has to wonder why they didn't get together sooner.

Holding Out For A Hero has a compelling story line with an unusual ending that keeps readers wondering to the end. The supporting characters are familiar to readers of HelenKay's books and really a nice addition to this story, but the hero and the heroine are the stars that shine here.


Deana Armstrong needs a hero—not for herself, but for the nephew all her money and time can’t seem to get out of jail. Unfortunately, the best hero in all the Hawaiian Islands is set on turning in his badge and getting his excellent butt into another line of work. If that wasn’t enough, Josh Windsor also has a big-time grudge against Deana herself. But if there’s anything being rich, smart, and stubborn has taught Deana, it’s never to settle for second best…

Josh has had it with saving people. He’s had it with getting hauled into court. And boy, has he ever had it with Deana. Or well, he hasn’t had it. Yet. But the more she pops up sounding infuriating and looking good enough to eat, the more her hot bod and her cold case wriggle into his mind. And there’s only so much even a hero can resist…

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Textnovel offers cellphone serial books

Serial romance novel and cellphone fans might be interested in checking out this Web site where they can download books directly onto their cellphones. The site: offers several romance genres including paranormal, urban fantasy, contemporary, futuristic, high fantasy, historical and suspense. There are also several other genres available like autobiography, general fiction, horror and even graphic novels and manga. The site works on a subscription basis.

For authors the site offers a great way to get your work previewed. Books can be critiqued by readers so that authors will have a chance to see what the market thinks about their book.

About TextNovel from their website:

Textnovel is a social network for authors and readers of serial fiction and the first English language cell phone novel website, allowing members to write and read fiction with their cellphones or computers, using text messaging, email and online tools. Textnovel runs contests for fiction writers, allowing them to demonstrate the market potential of their work through its unique serial publication and voting format. was founded by Stan Soper, who offers literary agency services to aspiring writers.

Mr. Soper specializes in representing authors of young adult, fantasy, science fiction and literary fiction. He recently assisted Saoirse Redgrave, the winner of the 2008 Textnovel Contest, in signing a three book deal with St. Martin's Press.

Submissions may be made by sending a synopsis and the first 50 pages of a manuscript (or hyperlink to a Textnovel story) to

Friday, September 18, 2009

RomVets features members of the military, current and past, that now write romance

Along my travels on the World Wide Web I found this website that features a ring of romance writers who are either currently in the military or former military members who have now turned to romance writing. Their web address is:

Here is their blurb from their site:
"Romvets was organized when a handful of former military women got together for a drink at the Romantic Times convention in St. Louis in 2002. Since then our ranks have grown to include more than a hundred veterans and active duty women involved the creative process.

We thoroughly enjoy sharing our experiences both in and out of uniform with our sisters-in-arms -- probably because we understand where we’re all coming from. We also support a number of military causes."

Some of familiar members include:
Lindsey McKenna
Cindy Dees
Merline Lovelace
Diana Cosby
Ann Ferguson (aka: J.A. Ferguson and Jocelyn Kelley)
Susan Grant
Ashley Ladd (aka: Elaine Hopper)
The list goes on.

In September look for these titles from the RomVets:
Cindy Dees—THE AVENGER Silhouette Romantic Suspense
Cindy Dees—THE SLAYER (RomVets Time Raiders #2) Silhouette Nocturne
Elle James—AN UNEXPECTED CLUE Harlequin Intrigue
Terry Spear —TO TEMPT THE WOLF Sourcebooks

And in October:
PC Cast—THE AVENGER (RomVets Time Raiders #3) Silhouette Nocturne
Jo Ann Ferguson—GENTLEMAN'S MASTER (Priscilla Flanders # 7) ImaJinn Forever Regency
Delores Fossen—CHRISTMAS GUARDIAN Harlequin Intrigue

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Romance Book Review: Pocket Pair

Author: Carol Lynne
Series Connection: Book three in the Poker Night Series
ISBN 978-1-907010-76-7
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ M/M/ Inter-racial


The Poker Night series is about a group of gay friends who get together once a week to play poker. The friends each have their own stories and dramas going on in their lives. In Pocket Pair Trey Huggins is a lonely school teacher who decides use an online dating service to find love. Unfortunately, the experience leaves him in the hospital after he finally meets the man he's been corresponding with and is nearly killed.

Now recuperating at his poker friend Bobby's house, Trey has trouble dealing with the shame of letting the man who nearly killed him in his home.

Cole Harding is the principal at the school where Trey teaches. After hearing that Trey has been hurt, Cole wants to run to his side, but propriety won't let him do that. If anyone knew that he lusted after the young teacher he would lose his job. Not wanting to rock the boat, he doesn't do anything until Trey calls him. While the two men begin to spend time together and fall in love, the man who attacked Trey is caught and put on trail. Can Trey deal with the abuse of his past and dedicate himself to a relationship with Cole? And will Cole have to make the ultimate decision between his job or the man he is falling in love with?

Carol Lynne continues to be one of my favorite writers in this genre. Her books are always ripe with emotion and strong lines. Pocket Pair is no different. The emotional story of two men struggling to find love in a society where they are outcasts is heart warming. The friends they have pulled together in the Poker Nights series make a wonderful assortment of supporting characters. Definitely worth the read for those in this who like this genre.

For three years, Trey Huggins has watched and wanted Principal Cole Harding. As a teacher in the high school where they both work, Trey knows it’ll never happen. Even if Cole was gay, he’d never go for a guy like Trey.

Seeking love in other places, Trey meets a man online and finally agrees to a drink. What he gets instead is a trip to the emergency room in the back of an ambulance. With the school year swiftly approaching, Trey fights to overcome his physical limitations as well as his constant fear.

For twenty-five years, Cole has managed to keep his private life separate from his job. Extending a helping hand to a colleague shouldn’t be a big deal, but the feelings Trey invokes in Cole are anything but professional.

Can the teacher tutor the principal in love, or will class be out for these two before the school year even begins?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Romance Book Review: Wicked

Author: Noelle Mack
Series Connection: The Pack Of St. James
ISBN-13: 978-0758222800
Genre: Historical/ Paranormal/ Werewolf


This is the third in the series the Pack of St. James. In Wicked we meet Semyon the youngest of the three brothers that run the St. James pack in London. Semyon is a bit of a rake. He isn't ready to settle down, more interested in playing the field then courting a woman from the ton. The book starts as Semyon is attending a party when he decides to slip away from the festivities to find a drink. He follows one of the servants and makes his way to the coat room where he sees a beautiful woman behind a curtain of the ladies coat room and instantly becomes intrigued by her.

When he visits her again later that evening she is fast a sleep and decides to call on her again early the next morning only to find out from one of the servants that the woman has disappeared. Semyon uses his werewolf instincts to rescue the woman, but that is just the beginning.

Angelica Harrow has had a terrible past. Seeking to run away from her troubles she finally escapes after her parents die from fever. She makes her way to London where she takes on the position of a Lady's Maid. It isn't the best of situations and already Angelica is planning on leaving but before she can make her escape, her stepbrother finds her with a plan to sell her innocence to the highest bidder.

What follows is a fast-paced tale of the dark and seedy side of London. Once again Noelle has penned a intriguing story adding the paranormal shifter elements to the historical features of London. This story is not for the faint of heart, as they say, but it is well put together. I love the both Semyon and Angelica and the supporting characters made up of sleezy villains and the members of the St. James pack. Definitely worth the read for werewolf fans.

Kyril. Marko. Semyon. Brothers like no other, sharing an ancient blood bond and descent from Russian wolves. Sworn to lead the Pack of St. James and defend the English crown, their seductive charm is legendary among the women of London. In Wicked, Noelle Mack presents Semyon's story...

The Demon's Disciple
Masterful. Seductive. And very much in demand. Semyon Taruskin does not deny his reputation as a lover. But one woman alone has enchanted him: the seemingly innocent and bewitching Angelica Harrow. He would risk his own life to protect hers, for Angelica lives in fear of one who betrayed her, a notorious rake who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Was the man murdered? Or transformed into a different--and far more malevolent--entity?

For her love, Semyon will reveal his supernatural powers in a lethal battle for dominance of London's private hells. The last man standing shall claim Angelica--and Semyon's passion for Angelica is proof that the wildest blood runs hottest...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Romance Byte: Midnight Frolic

Author: Loree Lough
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Available at: White Rose Publishing

When Emily Alden relocated to historic Main Street in Ellicott City, the last thing she expected was that the shopkeeper next door would judge her 'guilty', based on the inaccurate quotes of a cub reporter. In her mind, Cory Russell should have been born to another era! As for Cory, he believes women like Emily--who put work and self ahead of all else--are what's wrong with this country! Like oil and water, it seems they'll go in opposite directions, despite their obvious attraction to one another. But will they heed God's lessons of compromise, or hold fast to their stubborn ways and remain alone, forever?

As for Cory, he believes women like Emily--who put work and self ahead of all else--are what's wrong with this country! Like oil and water, it seems they'll go in opposite directions, despite their obvious attraction to one another. But will they heed God's lessons of compromise, or hold fast to their stubborn ways and remain alone, forever?

About the author from her Website:
Once upon a time, best selling author Loree Lough (literally) sang for her supper, performing before packed audiences throughout the Midwest. Now and then, she blows the dust from her 6-string to croon a tune or two, but mostly, she just writes.

And at last count, Loree had 71 books (fiction and non-fiction for kids and adults; one novel optioned for a TV movie; and many more slated for release), 63 short stories, and more than 2,500 articles in print.

Her stories have earned dozens of industry and "Readers' Choice" awards, and publishers have (jokingly, she hopes!) threatened to charge for forwarding large volumes of fan mail.

A frequent guest speaker for writers’ organizations, book clubs, private and government institutions, corporations, college and high school writing programs and more, Loree has encouraged thousands with her comedic approach to ‘learned-the-hard-way’ lessons about the craft and the industry.

For decades, Loree has been an avid wolf enthusiast, and dedicates a portion of her income each year to the worthwhile work performed daily on behalf of these magnificent animals.
She splits her time between a home in the Baltimore suburbs and a cabin in the Allegheny Mountains, and shares her life with a formerly-abused, now-spoiled Pointer named Cash and her patient and dedicated husband who, throughout the years, has supported her writing and teaching endeavors…and who rarely complains, even when she adds yet another item to her vast collection of "wolf stuff."

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Romance Book Review: Wild Heart

Author: Lori Brighton
ISBN-13: 978-1420108651
Genre: Paranormal/ Historical Romance
Release Date: November 2009 from Kensington Books


When orphan Ella Finch is offered a job as a governess she expects she is going to be taking care of children of a rich Lord, but when she finds that instead of children she is to take care of a grown man, she isn't quite sure what she should do. Although she knows that she should leave, the Lord offers her a deal she cannot refuse and Ella stays on to do her best.

Leo is a man on a mission. As a boy Leo's parents were killed and Leo believes that members of his family were involved. Now he is set out to prove it. His grandfather believes that Leo needs Ella's help to make him into a gentleman. Leo lets her stay on, because she suits his purposes, only soon he realizes that there is more to the young governess that he first thought. She is a distraction from his purpose at the castle, but he can't seem to send her away.

Wild Heart is the first book for Lori Brighton and all and all it isn't a bad first run. I liked both of the lead characters. Leo and Ella are each lonely souls, keeping secrets and with good reason. I liked the theme behind the story and the mysteries of India, but frankly was confused through the first half of the book. While the mystery began to unfold some many things remained unclear as far as why Leo's parents were in India to begin with and that never becomes clear at the end. The book seems to lead into a sequel, which hopefully will explain some of the unanswered questions.

Although a little long, this book is a good read for those who like to discover new talent and like the historical genre. The confusion for me comes with following the paranormal angle of the book. Hopefully that will me more explained in the next part of the series.


Leo Roberts is next in line for an earldom and the power and fortune that come with it, but he is uncultured, unrefined—and completely untamed…until governess Ella Finch arrives upon the scene. Can so young and inexperienced a woman tutor him in the manners and mores of his class? Leo’s mysterious past has rendered him an outsider, too wild for polite society. But he finds her innocence most intriguing…


What manner of man he may be, Ella does not know. Yet he fascinates her and she must know more. Capturing Leo’s reckless heart is about to free her in ways she never dreamed of…and his sensual touch releases the deepest yearnings of her body and soul …

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Romance Book Review: Rituals

Author: Kiki Howell
Genre: Contemporary romance/ Bondage/ Wicca
Available at: eXcessica publishing


Maddie and Ryan grew up together as best friends. After high school Maddie marries someone else and moves away. Finally freeing herself from her controlling husband, Maddie becomes reacquainted with Ryan.

Ryan introduces Maddie to a Wiccan ritual that will help her release the last tie she has with her former husband and helps her to replace her bad memories with good. Now with the last memories of her bad marriage released she begins to realize he true feelings for Ryan and all the ways she would like to explore her new found freedom.

Ryan has always been in love with Maddie, but never acted on his feelings for her. Now that she is free he wants to explore all of those feelings to the fullest. When she suggests that they explore them tied up, Ryan can't help but want to dig right in. Their first week of bliss together went so well, that Ryan can't help but want forever. The only problem is that Maddie's ex-husband doesn't want to give her up.

This quick read novella gives readers a delightful look at light bondage. Both Maddie and Ryan are great characters having a great time exploring the new world that has opened up to them. Expect the bedroom scenes to get scorching hot.

After a Wiccan ritual opens her eyes to her old friend, Maddie’s first week together with Ryan, goes by in a blur of knots and ropes. Creative in their endeavors, they tie each other to everything from the coffee table to the kitchen cabinets while also implementing various positions. Neither the sash of her silk robe nor the curly ribbon on a present is left unused as a device of sensual torture.
Together, they find the freedom they seek in bondage. But, when Maddie’s controlling ex-husband returns hell-bent on taking her back, will Ryan and Maddie be bound by the past or become tied to each other?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Romance Byte: No Novelty

Author: Jamie Craig
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-569-0
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance

Sydney Mabry has had a crush on her sexy neighbor, Steven Teller, for months, but no matter what she does, she can’t get his attention.

When Steven makes an uncharacteristic slip of the tongue and admits he writes reviews for adult toys and novelties, however, Sydney uses the information to get her foot in the door...

With an eye toward Steven’s bed.

About the Authors:
Vivien Dean and Pepper Espinoza have been writing and publishing together as Jamie Craig since 2006. They have published with Juno Books, Samhain Publishing, Liquid Silver Books, and multiple titles with Amber Quill Press.

Pepper Espinoza has published several books with Liquid Silver Books, including The Zebra Wore Fishnets and The Zebra Wore Red Stockings, Amber Quill Press, Whiskey Creek Press, and Samhain Publishing. She currently lives in Utah with her husband and two cats. She hopes to complete her Masters degree in Literature in May, 2008.

Vivien Dean has published with Liquid Silver Books, Phaze Publishing, and Linden Bay Romance. Her first novel, Chains of Jericho, was a 2006 EPPIE finalist, and another, Two Lives in Waltz Time, was a 2007 RT Reviewers Choice Nominee. She currently resides in northern California with her husband and two children.

Romance Book Scene: The Eternal Kiss

Author: Christina Kelly
Genre: Paranormal/ Vampire/ Inter-racial


It isn't often that an romance author will write a story where she writes in the first person for all of the characters. At any given time during The Eternal Kiss, readers will hear the point of view from each of the four main characters. When the book first opens readers met vampires Allurius and Dresden. Vampires for centuries the two have drifted toward each other as companions. Allurius frequently takes off for weeks at a time. This one time he comes home with a young girl that he intends to turn into a vampire.

Alana is 17 years old and comes from an abusive home environment. Allurius rescues her, by killing her stepfather and taking her away to his home and back to fellow vampire Dresden. After making her a vampire they realize that Alana is having problems changing into a full vampire and she won't take human blood. They don't want to believe the stories from other vampires that Alana is different and if she is kept alive she could be the destruction to them all.

This is a very good novel first novel for 20 year old Christina Kelly. Vampire fans will enjoy the story line and the collection of vampires throughout the book. The first person monolog may take a little getting used to because it isn't a common means of writing, but interesting. The complex mystery around the story offers readers the chance to get to know the characters that in the appear to be coming back in a sequel or two.

In The Eternal Kiss we meet Alana Marie Sheridan a young girl living in a broken home, moving through the world unnoticed and unappreciated. That is until Allurius Lebeau, a devastatingly handsome, hot tempered, immensely wealthy vampire, stumbles upon her and is drawn to her so quickly even his companion Dresden Hawthorn is baffled at his hastiness in giving this girl immortality.

However things are not as they seem when they find Alana’s body has rejected the preternatural blood bestowed upon her and her dark brown eyes have turned a startling shade of magenta while she herself is in a fragile limbo between life and death.

Filled with the emotional back-stories of Allurius and Dresden, The unforeseen danger and warnings from others in their vampire coven and finally the kidnapping of Alana by a Primoris Humus vampire for the blood inside of her.

This novel puts both Allurius and Dresden to the test to see if they can put the past behind them and save Alana before she becomes just another memory in their eternal lives.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Romance Byte: The Egyptian Demon's Keeper

Author: Ciar Cullen
ISBN: 978-1-60504-667-9
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publication Date: September 8, 2009


Love—it’s the real thing. And complicated as hell…

Archeologist Eliza Schneider assumes her meeting with an exotic stranger in the Egyptian desert was a heat-induced hallucination…until he materializes in New York. She has to give the tall, handsome Egyptian high marks for originality with his pick-up line: they’re fated to save the world together. The master/servant thing goes a long way toward sweeping her off her feet, but it’s easier to believe he’s just another in her long line of poor romantic choices.

Kasdeya, the Fifth Satan, waited eons for his Keeper to find her way to his tomb amongst the ancient ruins. He only has a limited time to convince Eliza that her role is critical to help defeat the loathsome Deumos, a female demon who has laid her claim to bearing his child—a child that will bring down mortals.

Trouble is, Eliza doesn’t even believe Kasdeya is real. If he can’t convince her he isn’t an illusion—and neither is their love—Deumos will win.

Warning: This book is not work safe! May cause hot fantasies about sexy immortals and lead to poor productivity.

Romance Book Review: Obsidian Prey

Author: Jayne Castle
Series Connection: Harmony Book 6

ISBN-13: 978-0515146899
Genre: Sci-Fi


The sixth book in her Harmony series Jayne once again brings readers back to the planet of Harmony. In this story readers meet Lyra, who has her heart broken by Cruz three months before. Now Cruz returns to enlist her help and to win her back.

Cruz knows that he made a mistake letting Lyra go three months ago. He had hoped that after she got over his little lie and stealing her amber mine that she would understand that he did it for her own good and would take him back. When she doesn't respond the way he wants, he can't understand because he knows they are meant to be together.

Lyra is attracted to Cruz but she isn't sure she can trust him, and why should she when he doesn't even say he's sorry for what he did to her three months ago. The only reason why he came back to her now was because he needed her help in releasing some men trapped in the mine.

This is a fairly decent book, but not one of my favorites. The hero is right in character with most of Jayne's other heros. He believes his way is the right way and can't figure out why Lyra just doesn't get it. Lyra is also very much like Jayne's heroines, offering her own shot at being stubborn about what she believes, but of course she's fallen for Cruz so what can she do?

Fan's of Jayne's will enjoy this story and those who have never read her before will get a good taste of her style.


Two hundred years after the closing of the energy Curtain that allowed interplanetary travel—cutting off all contact to Earth—the planet Harmony is thriving. Thanks to an abundant supply of amber, which powers not only electrical machines for everyday use but also psychic abilities in the colonists, Harmony has created a stable, progressive community. But when that stability is threatened, resolving an ancient family feud and a fresh lover's quarrel might be the planet's only hope.

Three months ago, Lyra Dore suffered a heartbreak and a hostile takeover—both at the hands of the same man. A descendant of her ancestors' fierce rival. Cruz Sweetwater charmed his way into Lyra's heart and gained access to her pet project, an amethyst ruin. Then he took over the project and took off. When Cruz walks back into her life and requests a private meeting, Lyra convinces herself he's there to crawl and beg forgiveness. Wrong again—he just needs her help. With the project he stole from her.

Five innocent men are trapped inside a chamber in the amethyst ruin, and Lyra is the only one who can reopen the door. Reluctantly she agrees to help. Then Cruz wants her to apply her talents to the rest of the ruin—because no one else can work it. Lyra and Cruz are both harboring psychic secrets. Unknown—and dangerous—powers pulse within the amethyst ruin, and the closer Lyra gets to them, the more at risk she becomes. And now she must decide whether to trust her guts or her heart...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Love Inspired Romance of the Month: Hometown Reunion

Author: Pam Andrews
ISBN: 9780373875528
Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance


After quitting her job in Chicago, Lori Raymond temporarily moves back to her Iowa hometown and becomes reacquainted with her high school crush. Lori has dreams of becoming a chef in the big city, but first she needs to help her aunt reopen an old rundown dinner.

Scott Mara has been through a lot since high school and his crush on Lori Raymond. He is now a widower and a father of a four year old boy. He can barely support himself and his son through his construction business. The minute he sees Lori back in town all his feelings for her resurface, as well as the reasons they could never be together.

Lori has always had a strong faith in God, while Scott has struggled with his faith. It stopped them from being together when they were young, will it do the same now that they are older and those old feels are still there?

This is a very inspiring book made better by the lead characters and their supporting cast. Scott's son Joey, even for a four year old plays a strong role throughout the book.

Lori Raymond thought her old crush on Scott Mara was long gone. But then a job disaster brings her home to Apple Grove, Iowa…and back into Scott's life. Working together to renovate the town's café, Lori sees a side of Scott she never expected. The former bad boy is now a caring single father, taking his first steps toward a faith-filled life. A life he wants Lori to share. Now Lori must decide: will she follow her dreams back to the big city…or let her heart finally lead her home?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Romance Byte: Day in the Sun

Author: LaVerne Thompson
Series Connection: Last Summer Anthology
ISBN: 978-1-60435-436-2
Genre: Mainstream Romance/ Science Fiction/ Futuristic/ Interracial/ Multicultural
Release Date: September 10, 2009


If you run from love can you hide?
As a member of the ruling class on her planet, Callie had no say in who she would marry. Her mother made the decision for her. She’d never even met the man she’d be bound to for the rest of her life. Her parents left her no choice. She fled her planet and would-be husband for a chance to live her life as she chose.

Landing on the back water planet earth, Jaran had one plan: to find Callie his reluctant bride and decide if he wanted to be married to her. No woman should be worth this kind of trouble. But it didn’t take him long to realize he wanted her by his side. But she ran from him once already.

How can he convince her to stop running long enough to love him?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Romance Book Review: The Amoveo Legacy

Author: Sara Taney Humphrey
Series Connection: The Amoveo Series, Book 1
ISBN-13: 978-1554872770
Genre: Paranormal/ Shape-shifters


The first time Sam met her grandmother's arrogant neighbor, Malcolm, she felt an instant connection. She hadn't had much luck with men in the past but decided to follow her heart and see where it lead her. She had no idea it would lead her into uncovering secrets that had died with her parents when she was born.

Malcolm is a shape-shifting golden eagle. He is part of the shape-shifting group call the Amoveo. Their existence has been kept a secret since the beginning of time except for one human family--the Caedos. The Amoveo have been at war with the Caedo family for years. The Caedo were even reported as being responsible for killing Sam's parents 30 years ago, as well as others. Now they are back and want to kill Malcolm and Sam before they have a chance to mate. Malcolm wants nothing then to protect Sam from harm, but Sam isn't to sure about all of this shape-shifting, mind reading and Amoveo business. It may take her until it is too late to figure the whole situation out.

The Amoveo Legacy is a well written action packed love story featuring two very strong characters. I really liked that Malcolm, as arrogant as his personality was, wanted to be fair to Sam and let her get used to everything at her own speed. Sam, was also a great feisty character.

Shape-shifter books usually come in three categories. 1. they completely ignore the human element and pretend the humans don't exist. 2. The humans know they exist and don't see a problem with them being shifters. 3. The humans find out about shifters and try to kill them all because they aren't humans.

I prefer the books where they try to go for a little realism like this one did. There may be people out there that accept shape-shifters if they heard about them, but lets be real. More humans would want to kill them and single them out because they were different. And yes the government would want to dissect them and find out what makes them tick. All and all Amoveo Legacy is a great start for this actress turned writer. I can't wait to see the rest of the series.

What if everything you knew turned out to be a lie? You find out that you aren’t even human—at least not entirely. What if, one day, you realize your world will never be the same again? These are the questions that Samantha Logan must face in “The Amoveo Legacy”. A dream on her thirtieth birthday compels her to leave her artists loft in New York City and move back to the beach with her Grandmother, Nonie. However, the instant Samantha steps foot on the salty shores of her childhood home, she realizes the landscape has changed.

The moment she encounters the mysterious, arrogant neighbor Malcolm Drew, her life is never the same. Through a seductive courtship, he introduces her to the magical mystical world of the Amoveo. The dream walking, telepathic, shape shifters that he claims are her true heritage. However, Malcolm holds back a secret that could destroy them both. Will he be able to protect Samantha and convince her of the secret legacy buried deep inside of her?

About the Author from the back of her book:
The Amoveo Legacy is Sara’s first published novel and the first book in The Amoveo Series. Sara is a graduate of Marist College, with a B.A. Degree in English Literature & Theater. Her initial career path after college was as a professional actress.

Some of her television credits include, “A&E Biography”, “Guiding Light”, “Another World”,
“As the World Turns” and “Rescue Me”. For the past several years Sara has been a professional
Public Speaker and Speaker Trainer. Her speaking career began with Monster’s “Making It Count” programs, speaking in High Schools and Colleges around the United States to thousands of students.

She has been a lover of both the paranormal and romance novels for years. Her scifi/ fantasy/ romance obsession began with the TV Series STAR TREK and an enormous crush on Captain Kirk. That sci-fi obsession soon evolved into the love of all types of fantasy/paranormal;
vampires, ghosts, werewolves, and of course shape shifters. Sara lives in New York with her
husband of 15 years, their 4 boys, 1 dopey dog and an extremely loud cockatiel. Life is busy but never dull.

Romance Book Review: All For A Dead Man's Leg

Author: R. Ann Siracusa
ISBN: 978-1-934657-16-4
Genre: Romantic Comedy / Romantic Suspense


Harriet Ruby is a tour director on her first international tour. She's knows she new at this kind of tour and not quite prepared to take a simple group of tourist out to an area she's never been before, but she has no choice when her teaching partner calls in sick and the plane is about to leave. Harriet is confident she can lead this group, after all she's a "Tour Director Extraordinaire". This trip will be a piece of cake and everyone will have a great time, right?

Of course that was before one of her tourist mysteriously dies and a stranger, who isn't exactly what she thought he was, comes to her rescue. I found Harriet's character utterly charming. The whole book is written in the first person. Harriet is way out of her league, but her first concern is her tourists and not getting caught with a dead man in a foreign country..

All for a Dead Man's Leg is an action packed novel that leaves the reader guessing on who is really the bad guys, which is always the mark of a great book for me.

My name is Harriet Ruby, Tour Director Extraordinaire. At least I thought I was worthy of that title until one of my tourists, Archie Philpot, died in the middle of my first, solo European tour.

Teaming up with William Talbot, a seemingly kind stranger who turned out to be a spy in disguise, I tried to keep my tourists happy and unaware while smuggling poor old Archie's body out of Morocco. I never expected my newfound friend and helper to be the love of my life. It certainly didn’t hurt that he was such a hunk!

But before our romance even got properly started, we were chased by terrorists, smugglers and murderers. Since my role model had always been Tour Guide Barbie, I was out of my league and had to rely on Will to get us to safely.

Little did I know that getting out of Morocco was just the beginning...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Romance Book Review: Hidden Desires and Forbidden Desires

Hidden Desires
Tri-Omega Mates 3

Author: Stormy Glenn
Genre: Erotic Romance/ Menage a Trois/ Quatre Alternative/ M/M


The third in Stormy Glenn's Tri-Omega Series continues when Thomas heads out for a little vacation to get away from the ranch for a while. While on his trip he mets his mate, Micah. Thinking he has his mate all to himself Thomas quickly learns that he is going to have to share his mate with an alpha from another pack.

After watching his alpha and beta almost lose their mate, Thomas decides he needs some time alone. Driving across country, he discovers Micah, a human that smells like dark chocolate and summer rain. He knows immediately that Micah is his mate but before he can claim him, he has to get Micah's sexy little butt out of trouble.

They are attacked by a band of bullies. In his bid to protect his mate, Thomas reveals his true nature to the bullies and to Micah. Afterwards, he has to call in reinforcements to help clean up the mess. It comes in the form of Caleb Hunter, alpha of the Hunter Pack and Micah's other mate.

But Micah's human. Isn't he?

Forbidden Desires
Tri-Omega Mates 2

Author: Stormy Glenn
Genre: Erotic Romance/ Menage a Trois/ Quatre Alternative/ M/M


Forbidden Desires tells the story of Ryland and Gregory. Since he was a teenager Ryland has known the Gregory was his mate, but Gregory wouldn't do anything about it until Ryland was older. Now that he is older, Ryland thinks that he is ready to be Gregory's mate. Ryland isn't a normal omega. As a tri-omega he has to find his other mate or risk death. While on vacation they find Viktor. When Viktor realizes that he is the second mate to Ryland, he doesn't quite know how to deal with the fact that he is suppose to share a mate.

Both of the Tri-Omega stories are imaginative and interesting, but they were just a little too closely written and although they were dealing with two different sets of characters they pretty much read the same. Not bad stories, but I would have liked to see a more independence in the story line.

Ryland has loved Gregory for six years, ever since Gregory rescued him from the brink of death. He has also known since then that Gregory is his mate. He's been old enough for a couple of years now, he just can't understand why Gregory won't claim him.

Gregory knew the moment he saw Ryland six years ago that they were mates. Ryland just wasn't old enough to be claimed. So Gregory bided his time, waiting for Ryland to grow up. But as his desire for Ryland builds, he wonders how much longer he can wait.

Gregory finally claims Ryland, only to learn that by doing so, he has endangered Ryland. Ryland is a tri-omega and needs two mates to keep him grounded and safe. But he hasn't met his other mate yet, which could be a problem. It could mean Ryland's life if they don't find him.