Monday, August 31, 2009

Romance Book Review: Passion Untamed

Author: Pamela Palmer
Series Connection: Feral Warriors
ISBN-13: 978-0061667534
Genre: Paranormal/Shape-shifter


The best of the three Feral Warriors to come out yet. I was hanging on the edge of my seat through to the end. Passion Untamed tells the story of Paenther, who disappeared at the end of the last Feral Warriors book. The story picks up as Paenther wakes to find that he has been enthralled by the mage and chained in an effort to create an energy that is being used to release the evil Daemon. Once he and the mage witch who entrapped him, Skye, escape from the mage stronghold, it is a race against time to find a way to stop the mage from releasing more of the evil creatures and save the earth.

This action packed tale offers an interesting twist on the shape-shifter theme. I was so happy to hear that the series will be continuing in June 29, 2010 from Avon Books with "Rapture Untamed", which will be Jag's story. With Jag's surly personality he will definitely make a great story of his own.

They are called Feral Warriors—an elite band of immortals who can change shape at will. Sworn to rid the world of evil, consumed by sorcery and seduction, their wild natures are primed for release . . .

Though the Mage witch Skye has a gentle heart, demonic forces have enslaved her, forcing her to kidnap Paenther, a powerful and dangerous Feral Warrior. Even chained and naked, Paenther is a cunning prisoner who seduces her, body and soul, turning captive into captor.

Paenther's pride demands revenge against the enchantress who emerged from the deep woods like a sensual vision and enthralled him, even as she makes his body burn with passion. Despite his fury over her treachery, Skye's gentle beauty calls to his soul, calming the wild chaos within him, and stealing his heart. But when evil threatens, Paenther and Skye's only chance at survival is to trust in one another . . . and the power of love.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Romance Book Scene: Into the Lair

Author: Maya Banks
Series Connection: Falcon Mercenary Group Book 2

ISBN: 978-1-60504-210-7

Genre: Paranormal/ Shape-shifters/ Erotic Romance/ Menage


Running from one man out to kill her for killing her abusive lover, Katie Buchanan unwittingly becomes prey to another man hoping to use her in his experiments to turn men into shifters. Expecting a call from her brother, Katie doesn't know what to do when two men contact her and tell her that her brother Gabe has sent them.

Realizing that Gabe must be dead she runs from the two men and straight into the clutches of the deadly drug dealer out for revenge.

This action packed thriller takes readers from one action scene to another. It is filled with steamy hot sex, lots of shape-shifting, more action and then more hot sex. The best part about this novel is action scene as the three move quickly from the U.S. running from a drug dealer and his thugs to Austria. All along Katie continues to try to run from the men Gabe sent to help her.

Braden and Ian Thomas need to keep Katie close so that they can draw out the man who turned them into shifters, but keeping her can prove to be difficult.


It was supposed to be an easy mission. But nobody told her that.

Ian and Braden Thomas return to the U.S. to extract Katie Buchanan, the sister of the teammate who betrayed them. She could very well be the key to taking down the man responsible for turning Ian and Braden into unstable cat shifters.

Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones after Katie.
Katie has no intention of going quietly or of offering her trust on a silver platter. She’s got troubles of her own that don’t include two pain-in-the-ass men who claim her dead brother sent them.

She’s too busy trying to stay one step ahead of Ricardo de la Cruz, the brother of a man she killed.
As the bodies pile up, Ian and Braden are only sure of one thing: Katie makes them crazy. Something about her calls to their inner predator. They both want her, but she’s made a practice of making bad decisions and trusting the wrong men.

And by the time she realizes that she can trust these two warriors, it might just be too late.

Warning: Blood, gray matter, guts and gore. Ass kicking, potty mouths, acerbic wit. More mean people, mean people dying, mean people getting what they deserve. Sex…explicit sex, rough sex, ménage a trois, voyeurism, light bondage. Oh, and avalanches.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Romance Book Review: Into the Mist

Author: Maya Banks
Series Connection: Falcon Mercenary Group, Book 1
ISBN: 1-59998-069-X
Genre: Paranormal, Shape-shifters, Erotic Romance


While on a mission, Tyana's brother, is left for dead after being doused with a mysterious chemical that suddenly leaves him with the ability to shift against his will into various animals. Trying to find a way to help her brother, Tyana goes after the man she holds responsible for her brother's condition.

When she sets up to seduce Eli Chance she winds up falling into her own trap. Falling for Eli Chance wasn't part of her mission, but now the two are working to find a cure that will help not only her brother, but also Eli's team mates.

Into the Mist combines natural shape-shifters with chemical intervention shifters. I like the lead hero, Eli and his quest to find a cure for his teammates. Supporting characters from both the Falcon Team and Eli's make the story more interesting. Tyana's tough girl character is just a bit too tough for me, but I liked her dedication to her brother.

One woman’s mission to bring down a sexy elemental shifter turns into a battle of wills…and hearts.

Hostage recovery specialist Eli Chance has a secret. He was born a shifter. A freak of nature.

While on a mission, Eli’s men and their mercenary guide are exposed to a powerful chemical agent, and suddenly his secret has become easier to hide. Now he’s not the only one with the gift. But for his men, this “gift” is becoming more and more of a curse.

Tyana Berezovsky’s brother Damiano was the guide for Eli’s team and was the worst affected by the chemical. As he grows increasingly unstable, Tyana fears she’s going to lose him to the beast he is becoming.

Tyana will do whatever it takes to help him, even if it means using her body to go after the one man she thinks holds all the blame—and possibly the cure. Eli Chance.

Warning: Violence, blood, guns, knives, ass kicking, people who do mean things, bad people dying, explicit sex and smart mouths.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Romance Byte: Obsidian Prey

Author: Jayne Castle
Series Connection: Harmony Book 6
ISBN-13: 978-0515146899
Genre: Sci-Fi

Two hundred years after the closing of the energy Curtain that allowed interplanetary travel—cutting off all contact to Earth—the planet Harmony is thriving. Thanks to an abundant supply of amber, which powers not only electrical machines for everyday use but also psychic abilities in the colonists, Harmony has created a stable, progressive community. But when that stability is threatened, resolving an ancient family feud and a fresh lover's quarrel might be the planet's only hope.

Three months ago, Lyra Dore suffered a heartbreak and a hostile takeover—both at the hands of the same man. A descendant of her ancestors' fierce rival. Cruz Sweetwater charmed his way into Lyra's heart and gained access to her pet project, an amethyst ruin. Then he took over the project and took off. When Cruz walks back into her life and requests a private meeting, Lyra convinces herself he's there to crawl and beg forgiveness. Wrong again—he just needs her help. With the project he stole from her.

Five innocent men are trapped inside a chamber in the amethyst ruin, and Lyra is the only one who can reopen the door. Reluctantly she agrees to help. Then Cruz wants her to apply her talents to the rest of the ruin—because no one else can work it. Lyra and Cruz are both harboring psychic secrets. Unknown—and dangerous—powers pulse within the amethyst ruin, and the closer Lyra gets to them, the more at risk she becomes. And now she must decide whether to trust her guts or her heart...

Romance Byte: Sexy Beast VII

Author: Kate Douglas, Anitra Lynn McLeod and Shelli Stevens
ISBN: 978-0758228703
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Big and bold, primal and powerful, these men have a seductive sensuality that no woman can resist. Come enter their world of carnal desires and wanton sexuality...if you dare...

Chanku Challenge by Kate Douglas
When Beth and Nick first discovered the amazingly sensual power of their Chanku birthright, the desire to mate was fierce and uncontrollable. But Beth remains haunted by an event from her past, and she must confront it in order to accept her new life and find the happiness she so desperately seeks...

Eye of the Beholder by Anitra Lynn McLeod
Terrified at the rumors of her new husband's hideous disfigurement, Larra of Rellmon fears the night and his approach. But as the hooded Dauer caresses her body Larra's shivers of terror become quivers of ecstasy, and under cover of darkness she willingly submits to complete sexual surrender...

His To Reclaim by Shelli Stevens
Five years ago Gemma gave her heart and soul to a fellow werejaguar only to have him disappear. Now Hunter has come back and kidnapped her on her wedding day in order to make her his again, and he will tempt, tease and taunt her body to the heights of hedonistic pleasure to get exactly what he wants...

Romance Byte: Tempting Grace

Author: Anne Rainey
Series Connection: The Vaughn Series, Book 4
ISBN: 978-1-60504-655-6
Genre: Contemporary Romance


A hard man is good to find…and impossible to resist.

Since a car accident left her unable to have children, Grace Vaughn has hidden her heart behind a wall. So far it’s held strong, and no one complains much—except the few men she dates.

Now that fortress is crumbling thanks to Jackson Hill, an annoyingly attractive man who makes her imagination go wild just watching him in the office. He’s practically bullied her into attending a Vegas conference with him. Three days alone with the delicious Jackson—in Sin City, no less—is sure to push her right over the edge.

With a loving family, a decent bank account, a nice set of clubs, Jackson’s life is almost complete. Except for the missing piece. Grace. She sets a fire in his blood, and the conference is the perfect crowbar to get past her defense mechanisms. It’s time to see if the bump-and-grind potential in that booty of hers can be channeled into something a little more satisfying than looking.

He’s got just the tactic to get her to let down her guard—and hopefully her panties. A wicked bet. Because if there’s one thing he knows about Grace, she can’t resist a double-dog-dare…

Monday, August 24, 2009

Romance Book Review: Bengal’s Heart

Author: Lora Leigh
Series Connection: Breeds
ISBN: 0425229025
Genre: Paranormal


This is the 19th book in Lora Leigh's Breed/Coyote/Feline/Wolf series. The general premise behind the stories is that in an effort to make a stronger fighting machine many years ago a group began experiments in mixing human DNA with animal DNA. The result were a new race of man. Hidden away, tortured and trained to be the ultimate killers, these hybrids finally escaped their prison and are now living freely among the humans.

Bengal's Heart tells the story of Cabal St. Laurents, Tanner's brother from "Tanner's Scheme". Cabal is one of the few breeds that are a mix of human and Bengal tiger. The story begins when he is still in the labs 11 years earlier as he watches his entire family killed and he first encounters reporter Cassa Hawkins, his true mate. Since this time, Cabal has become one of the elite enforces under Jonas Wyatt.

Cassa Hawkins has always been a protector of the breeds. As a reporter she has worked to make sure that the breeds are always treated fairly. When she begins to receive a set of mysterious e-mails which depict one the breeds going rogue and killing humans she knows she has to investigate. When she arrives at the scene of one of the killings she runs right into Cabal. Both Cassa and Cabal know that they are true mates, but neither has acted on it in 11 years. In one spark of intense passion that all changes and now the two are thrown into mating heat.

The timing isn't the best for handling all that mating heat entails, because both Cassa and Cabal need to be on their toes or wind up losing each other forever.

While this books wouldn't be high on the list of my favorites in the series, it didn't really have any fatal flaws. The general problem was a few obvious inconsistencies and rough chapters in the middle of the book. There was a lot of detail going on throughout the story and it was a little difficult at times to keep track of all the players. Those who have read the series shouldn't have a problem following along.

I liked both Cabal and Cassa's characters, although I do believe I would have made Cabal suffer for all his "tomcatting" ways if I were Cassa, but then again that is difficult when going through the mating heat.

The word is that Jonas is the next full story in the series and really I can't wait. I'm sure that Lora can have a lot of fun with his character and really Jonas has what ever she dishes out coming. Before then check out Hot for the Holidays, due out Sept. 29 featuring another Breed novella. (ISBN: 978-0515147001)

Reporter Cassa Hawkins has always supported Breed rights, believing they should be allowed to live free of fear and prejudice among the humans. A reasonable woman couldn’t think otherwise, especially in the presence of Cabal St. Lawrence (Laurents), a spectacularly muscled specimen of the Bengal breed. The epitome of the male animal, his sensuous growl can fire up Cassa’s vulnerable body faster than a flame. Yet neither can ignore the nightmare unfolding around them…

The Breeds have been incriminated in a series of violent murder, and accused of hiding a vicious serial killer. It’s left to Cassa and Cabal to discover the truth. But as hunter becomes prey, are trust and passion enough to keep them alive through the night?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Recommended Weekend Read: Dakota Cassidy's Accidental Series.

ISBN: 978-0425219300
When Marty Andrews gets bitten by a mangy mutt while walking her teacup poodle, her blond hair darkens, the hair on her legs starts growing at an alarming rate, and her mood swings put her dream job as a sales rep for Bobbie- Sue Cosmetics in serious jeopardy.

Then a drool-worthy man shows up at her door claiming that he accidentally bit Marty. And since he's a werewolf, she is now, too. Thinking Keegan Flaherty is clearly insane, Marty refuses to believe a word until a kidnapping makes her realize there's more at stake than just her highlights. And she must put her out-of-control life in the hands of the man who makes her blood run wild in more ways than one...

ISBN: 978-0425221594
A vampire puts the bite on a dental assistant.
It’s a lousy first day on the job for Nina Blackman when a patient, loopy from the anesthesia, bites her. At least he was cute. But for real drama she can’t beat the next evening. Nina wakes up with a set of razor-sharp fangs, bionic vision, supersonic hearing, and a taste for blood. But there’s a good explanation: It’s her patient, Long Island vampire Greg Statleon. Actually they’re perfect for each other—if Nina’s willing to commit to one man for eternity.

ISBN: 978-0425225950
Immortality bites.
Wanda Schwartz is raking in the dough selling Bobbie-Sue Cosmetics—and she’s a pro at recruiting new saleswomen. So, she’s shocked when a man comes to one of her in-home parties—a very hot man. Heath Jefferson is sure to put some extra spin into a lot of women’s color wheels.
When Wanda is diagnosed with a terminal illness, it doesn’t have to be a death sentence. With a werewolf and a vampire for best friends, she has options that most ordinary people wouldn’t. As Wanda ponders what to do about her mortality, Heath reveals he has secrets, and one of them is that his former bloodlust has turned into an old-fashioned lust—for Wanda. And he’s already given up too much to lose the love of his lifetimes.

Romance Byte: Dark Hunger

Author:Rita Herron
ISBN: 978-0446199483
Genre: Paranormal

Reporter Annabelle Armstrong will go to any lengths to deliver a story, even track down Quinton Valtrez, a man she believes is a coldhearted assassin. Yet the truth about the darkly sensual Quinton is even more shocking...and the overwhelming desire he ignites is one she vows to resist.

Quinton has fought his demonic powers since he was a child. Now using his gifts for the good of national security, he can't let himself be distracted by the beautiful, determined Annabelle. But his need for her is sudden, fierce--and could soon cost Annabelle her life. For a wicked enemy is out for vengeance, a demon who wants to draw Quinton into a life of pure evil and is willing to use Annabelle as bait. To save her, Quinton must achieve the near impossible: tame the sinister force that is both his inheritance and his curse before it claims him forever.

Romance Byte: Fantasy Quest

Author: Tina Gerow
ISBN: 978-1-934657-20-1
Genre: Paranormal


Astiria Petrey wants nothing more than to lay on a sandy beach reading a good book at the exclusive Fantasy resort. Pestered by dumb jocks in tight shorts, Astiria decides to play the hotel’s role-playing computer game - Fantasy Quest. Only the game is more than she could ever imagine!

As soon as Astiria creates her perfect man—an online Warrior named Lerik, she is sucked through a portal to the mythical Verrath to meet him. There, Astiria must do battle against a host of trials.

If she is unable to succeed, Astiria becomes property of Marsoon, the Goblin King.

Accompanied by a real live gargoyle named Max, and Lerik, the sexy warrior she created from her wildest fantasies, Astiria must discover herself in order to not only win the game, but make her way back home.

Only then can she realize that true love awaits, if only she believes…

Romance Byte: Six Foot Hero

Author: Shea McMaster
Genre: Erotica/Contemporary

Sometimes a woman needs a hero.

Nicole Dahl has some hard decisions to make. Trapped by a job and the troubling attentions of a mentor, she breaks free temporarily on an Alaskan vacation. Once there, instead of the soul-searching and relaxation she'd planned, she meets Logan Schafer, a man who erases her loneliness with his strong, skilled hands.

Logan is mesmerized by Nicole's emerald eyes and beguiling sense of innocence, but he knows their pasts spell trouble for any hope of a future together. He has a prior claim to deal with once and for all, and Nicole's so-called mentor is a much bigger threat than she realizes.

Will Nicole let him be her hero?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Romance Book Review: Devon Cream

Author: Jet Mykles
ISBN: 978-1-60168-188-1
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ M/M


When Steven meets he new neighbor it is almost love at first sight. He takes the new man under his wing and helps he adapt to life in the city. Things couldn't be any better except for one little problem, Devon is straight and Steven would love more from him than just friendship.

This is a nice quick feel good story. Steven works hard to help his fellow neighbor in need and his next door neighbor, Patty is a kick and adds a little spice to the story.

When Steven helps his neighbor Devon move into the studio apartment upstairs, he can't help but drool. And that's all. Devon is straight and totally off limits. Knowing, though, doesn't stop the desire Steven fights every time the two men are together, which is a lot since Steven has decided to take Devon under his wing until the young man can get his life together.

About the author from her website:
As far back as junior high, Jet used to write sex stories for friends involving their favorite pop icons of the time. To this day, she hasn’t stopped writing sex, although her knowledge on the subject has vastly improved.
An ardent fan of fantasy and science fiction sagas, Jet prefers to live in a world of imagination where dragons are real, elves are commonplace, vampires are just people with special diets and lycanthropes live next door. In her own mind, she’s the spunky heroine who gets the best of everyone and always attracts the lean, muscular lads. She aids this fantasy with visuals created through her other obsession: 3D graphic art. In this area, as in writing, Jet’s self-taught and thoroughly entranced, and now regularly uses this art to illustrate her stories or her stories to expand upon her art. Only recently, through the wonders of the digital age, has Jet, a self-proclaimed hermit, been able to really share this work with others.
In real life, Jet lives in southern California with her boyfriend of over a decade, his daughter and father and too many cats. She has a bachelor’s degree in acting, but her loathing of auditions has kept her out of the limelight. So she turned to computers and currently works in product management for a software company, because even in real life, she can’t help but want to create something out of nothing.

Romance Byte: Romance on Route 66

Authors: Judith Leigh and Cheryl Norman
ISBN 978-0-9818550-8-0
Genre: Historical

Route 66 is more than a highway. Much more. It’s an attitude and a part of American culture. Although Route 66 is officially off the map (as of 1984), it lives on in sections designated “Historic Route 66″ in many towns along its original route. It also lives on in song and stories.

In this new anthology Judith and Cheryl take readers on a nostalgic journey back to the days of Route 66 with four romacne novellas. There's a variety of story genres: historical romance, time-travel romance, mystery romance and a spirited paranormal romance.

Historical romance written by Judith Leigh. It’s 1949 when David Montgomery travels Route 66 on his Harley Davidson motorcycle. Just outside San Bernadino in the tiny town of Cactus Falls, he gets More Than He Bargained For when he has a flat tire beside an orange grove owned by lovely widow Rachel O’Hare. Drawn to her and her adorable twin sons, he’s in no hurry to leave Cactus Falls. But Rachel wants nothing to do with the handsome daredevil. Her late husband lived his short life on the edge, and she’s not about to put her sons through that kind of grief again. The sooner David’s on his way, the better. Or is it?


Return to 1969 Missouri with Cheryl Norman’s mystery romance. Celeste Lucas mourns her husband, a victim of a kidnapping gone deadly wrong the previous year. But she discovers disturbing secrets about the man she thought she knew. Jack Lucas harbors a secret love for his sister-in-law, one he’s tried to forget. Then she shows up asking for his help. Should he tell her his suspicions about his brother, or does he have a serious conflict of interest?


Judith Leigh takes readers back to Route 66 in 1979 with this paranormal romance story. Stone Thunderhawk thinks the new woman in town looks eerily like his dead wife. Author Lynette Sinclair thinks Stone looks like the Cherokee hero in her last novel. The two are co-owners of a house in Forgiveness, Oklahoma, thanks to Shanna Thunderhawk’s will. Why has his wife kept the house a secret, and why leave half the house to a woman she didn’t know? And whose spirit haunts the building? The small-town artist and the New York novelist don’t have a ghost of a chance at romance. Or do they?


Matt Hershey didn’t realize his vintage 1954 automobile once belonged to a guy who jilted his pregnant girlfriend. Suddenly transported to 1959 Santa Rosa, New Mexico, Matt has the chance to make changes in history and save Olivia Carter from a terrible fate.

Romance Byte: Beg For It

Author: Minx Malone
ISBN: 9781419923593
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance


The only thing ad executive Mya Taylor loves more than winning is her best friend Milo Hamilton. Nothing has ever come between them—until she finds out Milo is her chief rival for a new account.

Milo's not sure when it happened but his secret crush has morphed into an obsession. He wants Mya in his bed, screaming his name, and he knows just how to make it happen.

When he proposes a friendly wager on the account, he knows the ultra-competitive Mya won't be able to resist. She's more than ready to lay it all on the line—until she finds out how high the stakes are. The two of them. Skin to skin.

Suddenly, all bets are off.

About the Author from her Website:
Multi-published author Minx Malone lives in the Washington, DC metro area with her three favorite guys, her husband and their two sons. She’s been writing since college when she finally figured out that daydreaming could be good for more than escaping boring business classes. Most of her novel ideas come to her at the strangest times, such as when waiting in line at the bank or while on the metro. She also gives some of the credit to her incredibly vivid dreams. She’s the only person she knows who dreams in HDTV with surround sound!

Her new series, Desire Incorporated, is about the kind of company for which she’s always wanted to work. Visit the company on the web to learn more about upcoming books and maybe even submit a job application yourself at

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Romance Book Review: Secret Desires

Author: Stormy Glenn
Series Connection: Tri-Omega Mates 1
ISBN: 1-60601-287-8
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance, Gay Menage a Trois M/M/M, Werewolves


Jake and Lucas have been lovers for nearly 10 years when suddenly Alpha Jake finds his true mate. There is no other choice then to let Lucas go and mate with Leyland. Or is there?

Leyland heads out to a photo shot only to find his two mates. Being a rare Tri-Omega Leyland has special needs that only Jake and Lucas can give him.

Everyone has secret desires, especially werewolf, Leyland Summers. He dreams of two sexy mates to bring all of his fantasies to life. When he encounters a sexy cowboy who wants to take him for a wild ride, what does he say? Hell yes!

Coming to ranch country for a picture shoot, Leyland was shocked to find not one, but two mates. Being a tri-omega, he had always known that he would have two mates. He just never expected to find them in the same place. Or to find out that they had been lovers for years.

Having two mates is no big deal for Leyland. He grew up with two fathers. But having two mates that were already in love is something all together different. How is he supposed to share Lucas with Jake...or Jake with Lucas? And where does that leave him?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Romance Book Review: Checkmate

Author: Annmarie McKenna
Series Connection: Seeing Eye Mate
ISBN: 1-59998-326-5
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspence/ Red Hots!


Eli Graham has been gone on a job for eight long months. Now that he's home he has decided it is time to claim his mate. The only problem is when he gets home he finds that Nikki has been having some serious problems that no one has told him about and now she has a killer after here. Eli will need all his shape-shifter abilities in order to keep his mate alive.

Nikki left the mall one dark afternoon and is attacked by three men. Barely escaping with her life, Nikki gets away only to be run off the road by her attackers. If that isn't bad enough, eight months later she plans an evening with friends, only to find when she gets there that her three friends have been brutally murdered and the killer is still in the house.

Nikki has loved Eli since high school and he's finally noticing her as a woman, will Nikki be able to put her trust into the only man she's ever loved?

Checkmate is a wonderful suspense novel that will keep readers on their toes trying to figure out exactly who the killer is. Nikki and Eli are great together. I would have liked to see a little more of Eli's wolf, but otherwise it was a well thought out suspense.

What’s an alpha shape-shifting wolf to do when the woman pre-destined to be his mate no longer trusts men?

After returning home from an eight-month security job, Eli Graham is ready to claim his best friend’s little sister as his mate. He’d put it off for years, thinking he was doing the right thing by waiting. Instead of the stubborn, independent, carefree girl he left behind, Eli finds a shell of the woman he once knew.

Having lived through a near fatal attack, Nikki Taylor has hidden herself away from the world. Now the time has come to face head-on the one man who could devastate her completely, Eli Graham. She’s loved him forever, craves him, body, heart and soul, but he’s never treated her as anything but a little sister.

When Nikki witnesses a murder, she has no choice but to rely on Eli’s expertise. While guarding her from the man bent on wiping out a witness, Eli shows Nikki that he’ll not only protect her body, but he’ll show her just what it means to be a wolf’s mate.

Warning, this title contains the following: hot, explicit sex, graphic violence and language, and is not for the faint of heart!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Romance Book Review: In Plain Sight

Author: Marie Harte
Series Connection: Cougar Falls
ISBN: 978-1-60504-579-5
Genre: Paranormal/ Shifter


Cougar Falls is a special place where shifters can live undetected by the humans. Sarah Duncan is a golden eagle shifter. For years she has been harassed by fellow clans members because of a former relationship with another member of the clan. She is tired of being the brunt of her fellow clan members abuse and one day strikes out against them. Feeling she has had enough of Cougar Falls, Sarah decides to leave the only home she's ever known.

On her way out of town she is ambushed and nearly killed until the one golden eagle shifter she never thought would help steps in. Cullen Whitefeather isn't the easiest man to get along with. He would rather be a loner than part of the clan, but that isn't the way of his people. One day he steps into a local diner and see Sarah, his mate. Over time he tries to speak with her, but he can't get two sentences out. When he witnesses a confrontation between Sarah and his fellow clan members, Cullen steps in and takes care of her the only way he knows how.

Sarah doesn't know what else to do but leave Cougar Falls. Can Cullen convince her otherwise before he loses his mate for good?

This is a well written novella with strong characters and a good story. Cullen's character is played consistent to the end. He is blunt and at time insensitive, but he really is trying to make an effort with Sarah. Sarah is a strong woman who is just trying to make her way in the world. The two together work well as a couple. Cullen's family as a supporting cast is an added bonus and would make interesting future stories.

In a choice between fight or flight, love makes the final decision.

A Cougar Falls story.

Cullen Whitefeather is Ac-taw –a fierce golden eagle shapeshifter. The ultimate predator, he doesn’t shy away from confrontation…unless it involves one tempting, smart-mouthed woman. The woman destined to be his mate. The woman who doesn’t even know he’s alive.

Sarah Duncan made one mistake years ago and hasn’t stopped paying for it since. Tired of the town’s treatment, she finally tells the truth about what really happened and pays a hard price. Her clan wants to silence her. Permanently.

Rescue comes from a completely unexpected source—Cullen, a man who can barely seem to string two sentences together. Yet his fierce protectiveness, compassion, and bewitching touch are worth more than a thousand words.

With Sarah so close, Cullen is losing his mind—and his heart. She says she wants to leave, and the raptors want her gone. But if there’s one thing Cullen’s good at, it’s a fight. And he’s not letting her go without one.

Warning: this book contains explicit sex, a woman done wrong, birds of prey, sexy men who can’t talk to women, and red hot lovin’ that’ll make you wish you could fly.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Romance Byte: Animal Instict

Author: Paige Tyler
Series Connection: Men of Alaska
EBook formats ISBN: 978-1-60313-616-7
Trade paperback ISBN: 978-1-60313-617-4
Genre: Torrid Romance Contemporary/ Paranormal/ Erotic Romance

Artist Heidi Gibson is spending the summer up in Anchorage doing some painting when she gets attacked by a crazed wolf. She is rescued by golden-eyed wildlife biologist Luke McCall, who calmly informs she has been bitten by a werewolf and will turn into one during the next full moon. Thinking he’s obviously out of his mind, she can’t get away from him fast enough.

When strange things start happening to her, however, she begins to think the ruggedly handsome biologist could be right. Not knowing what else to do, she goes to Luke and is stunned to discover that he knows so much about werewolves because he’s one himself.

As Luke teaches her what she needs to know about being a werewolf, Heidi finds herself falling hard for the Alaskan hunk. But while they’re intent on each other, the werewolf that attacked her comes back into the picture, and he’s not exactly happy that another of his kind is trying to take the woman he believes is his rightful mate.

Can Luke and Heidi's attraction overpower the jealousy of the rogue werewolf?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Romance Book Review: The Mercenary

Author: Katherine Garbera
Series Connection: The Savage Seven
ISBN: 978-0758232106
Genre: Romantic Suspense


Fast paced action suspense about a woman, Olivia Pountuf, who sees her finance kill a man. She turns to her friend Anna, who is a private investigator for help. Anna send members of the Savage Seven mercenary team to help protect her friend Olivia. Included in the team is second in command Kirk Mann.

Kirk is a trained snipper. His life is his job. When he meets Olivia his realizes for the first time in a while that he might want to be someone different. While Kirk and the team try to protect Olivia from the man who wants to kill her, Olivia and Kirk fall in love. Can Kirk save Olivia and become the man she needs him to be?

I liked the general theme to this book. It was a well thought out suspense drama, but I had a hard time with the Olivia's character. I just wasn't sure if she lived up the to character she was suppose to be. While many romance novels make the characters overcome adversity, I think it is important to show that they might have a little in common other than sexual attraction and the heat of the moment to make a good couple. I can't see these two together after the situation is resolved.

Once upon a time, Kirk Mann led a normal life. Now, as second-in-command at Savage Seven, he takes on assignments no one else would dare to handle. Like protecting Olivia Pountuf, a sexy, pampered socialite who was engaged to the manager of a diamond mine - until she discovered her fiance's murderous business tactics. Kirk arrives in Johannesburg too late to stop Olivia being kidnapped, but rescuing her stirs up a firestorm of longing as hot as it is dangerous. And that's just the kind he likes...Olivia grew up believing that money would protect her. But the man she was to marry wants her dead, and the one person who makes her feel safe is a rough-around-the-edges ex-Marine who couldn't care less about wealth or privilege. Now, the only way to survive is to uncover an illicit scheme that others will kill again and again to protect, and trust in a desire that's veering straight out of control...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Romance Book Review: The Redemption of Micah

Author: Beth Williamson
Series Connection: The Education of Madeline
ISBN 978-0-7582-3471-1
Genre: Western Romance/Historical/Suspense


This is twice now I've been pleasantly surprised when reading one of Beth Williamson's books. Not because of Beth, but because I generally haven't been able to get into historical western romance. The Redemption of Micah has been another exception though to that rule though.

In the The Education of Madeline readers met Micah and Eppie. Micah came down from the mountain in which he had lived as a hermit to help his friend Madeline protect her home, herself and the man Madeline loved. Eppie is Madeline's best friend. For months Micah and Eppie have secretly been meeting each other in the dark. Micah wants to marry Eppie but she refuses him and the two have a big fight. When he comes to help his friend Madeline, Eppie and Micah reunite. Everything comes crashing down on them, however, when Eppie steps in front of Micah when they are being attacked.

Not realizing that she is pregnant when she goes into a coma, Eppie is surprised three years later when she wakes to find herself a mother of a young girl. Even more of a surprise is finding out that she has completely lost her memory. As she and her family get to know each other again, they don't realize that their is an unknown force who will do anything to split up their family. Eppie and Micah need to work together to save themselves and their little daughter.

Good story line and great lead and supporting characters make this book a definite worthwhile read for those who enjoy romance, battered heros and even a little western history.

Plum Creek, Colorado 1875


Nothing about the room that Eppie awakens in feels like home—not the furnishings, the ill-fitting clothes, or the Colorado sunlight streaming in through the windows. And certainly not the stranger with long dark hair and silver eyes who claims to have been waiting for her for three long years.

Micah Spalding has spent each day hoping that Eppie would open her eyes and return to him. Yet the Eppie he loved was spirited and outspoken—utterly different to this reserved, aloof woman. Since her injury, Eppie has no memory of Micah or their daughter, or of a passion that was powerful enough to defy every convention. And though his scent and touch trigger something deep within her, Eppie can’t bring herself to believe in him.

Once, when war between his countrymen had almost broken him, Eppie brought Micah back to life. Now he must find a way to reach through the distance between them and remind her of everything they once shared, and prove that he has belief enough for both of them…

Romance Byte: Summer of Two Wishes

Author: Julia London
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 18, 2009


Whose wife was she?

Macy Lockhart's life shattered in a moment with the news that her husband, Finn--serving in the military overseas--has been killed in the line of duty. Their ardent and devoted marriage is over, leaving Macy alone and directionless. But while she tries to sustain herself with memories of Finn, the quiet, strong man who made her and their small Texas ranch the center of his life, it is wealthy Wyatt Clark who slowly brings joy back into her life. Her love for Wyatt may be less romantic than the breathless passion she'd once shared with Finn, but she vows to cherish him, and their marriage is happy and solid as a rock. Until the day that Finn, miraculously spared from death, returns home to claim his bride...

How can a woman choose between the two men she loves? And how will she make the right choice--for herself and everyone involved?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Romance Book Review: Tasting Fear

Author: Shannon McKenna
ISBN-13: 978-0758228635
Genre: Romantic Suspense


Tasting Fear follows the story of three woman adopted by a woman who holds many secrets. Nancy, Nell and Vivi have their own stories in the three book anthology. One of the things I like about Shannon McKenna stories is that her characters are real. They all have their issues and dramas usually making for lively stories, great romance and suspense.

That said I still found some real issues with these stories. The suspense and mystery part of the book work to connect the three stories. Also as always the author didn't skimp on some really hot sex scenes. I liked the story line between Nell and Duncan (Ask For More) the best. Duncan was not your normal alpha hero. I liked the way his character moved from a nerdy computer, businessman type to alpha commando. He was a lot of fun to read and watch as he fell in love with Nell. I also liked Nell. She had a messed up childhood and issues with her mother, but she still was willing to give love a try.

The other two sisters and their stories just didn't really work for me. In real lives the other two couples would never stay together for more than a minute. It was a little disappointing the way they quickly solved their differences at the end of each story instead of finding an answer earlier on to make it more believable.

Blood will tell...
Nancy, Nell, Vivi...Three sisters who know there is no force on earth greater than love...unless it is the desire for vengeance. When their adored foster mother is murdered, the D'Onofrio women come together to hunt for her murderer - and track down a family legacy gone missing: rare, priceless art from the Renaissance, a treasure worth killing for. The law can only do so much and the three sisters are on their own - until three mysterious men get involved...Startled to find a brawny stranger at her mother's house, Nancy is even more surprised at the heat of passion that flares between them. Liam is intense and instantly protective. But is it wise to trust him with every secret? Her sister Nell has turned to Duncan, her new boss, for help. He's an expert on the dark underworld of cyberspace, where other clues may lurk. And Duncan is so sexy it's scary. All Nell has to do is say the hardest word of all: yes. But what about the youngest of the D'Onofrios, the wild and willful Vivi? She's on the verge of falling in love with Jack, who's all about fierce vigilance...

The sisters embrace the ultimate in passion as danger stalks them all. Unknown and unseen, the killer is very, very near...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Featured Author Ericka Scott

This week's Romance Book Scene
Featured Author is
Beckon the Dark

Ericka Scott

Beckon the Dark
Author: Ericka Scott
ISBN: 978-1-60088-406-1

Ten years ago, two paranormal investigators pitted their skills against an ancient curse at the Hopes Peak Lighthouse…and lost. Together again, they are determined to stop the hauntings before anyone else dies. A surprise visit from their old professor sets in motion the age-old lover’s triangle that has taken so many lives in the past.

For Kya and Ben, falling in love wasn’t on the agenda. Unable to determine if their feelings are real or an illusion is not nearly as frightening as the knowledge that their emotions might not end the curse but could fulfill it.

Romance Book Review: Within Striking Distance

Author: Ingrid Weaver
Series Connection: NASCAR/Hidden Legacies
ISBN-13: 978-0373185269
Genre: Contemporary Romance


As the saga of what happen to the Dean and Patsy Grosso's infant daughter from 30 years ago continues as private investigator Jake McMaster continues his search. Several women have claimed to be the missing Grosso and it is up to Jake to figure out the mystery. When he is approached by Becky Peters Jake first thinks she is just another of the long list before her, but things aren't adding up.

Becky knows that she is adopted, but her parents didn't give her much information on her birth. Too many secrets lead her on her own investigation. When she sees some similarities between herself and the Grosso family she turns to Jake for help. As clues begin to match up Jake and Becky find themselves in danger as someone tries to cover up who Becky really is.

The best part of this story is the mystery of who Becky's birth parents are. I like Jake and Becky's characters and can see them becoming friends, but am not sure they have enough chemistry as a couple. Maybe if their relationship side had been a little more developed they would have worked. That doesn't mean this isn't a good read. The story itself doesn't go as much into NASCAR as some of the others and could easily take place in any other venue. The mystery side of the story is great and left me guessing until the end.

Ever since she learned she was adopted, Becky Peters has dreamed of finding her birth parents. When a prominent NASCAR family reveals their daughter was kidnapped at birth, Becky dares to hope…to believe. Could she be "the lost Grosso"?
Private Investigator Jake McMaster knows he's in trouble the moment Becky walks into his office. With Becky stirring a lot more than his protective instincts, Jake's determined to keep his professional distance…until she becomes the target of someone just as determined to keep certain secrets buried. With Becky's life on the line, it's up to Jake to keep her safe and give her what she's been searching for—a family and a place to belong. And a love that's within striking distance.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Love Inspired of the Month: The Hero Next Door

Author: Irene Hannon
Series Connect: Lighthouse Lane
ISBN: 978-0-373-87541-2
Genre: Love Inspired Romance


Heather Anderson believes that the women in her family are cursed when it comes to love, so when the newest resident of Lighthouse Lane steps into her Tea Room she decides no matter how handsome J.C. might be it is best for her to stay away. After all no matter how good a man he is his stay in Nantucket is only temporary and she isn't ready to to get burned again.

Justin Clay came to Nantucket to get his life back in order after an undercover assignment goes bad. When he meets his new next door neighbor he knows that he should stay far away. His life is complicated enough at the moment, but after getting to know Heather, he can't seem to stay away.

The Hero Next Door is a well written inspirational story instilling the importance to forgiveness and caring. There are several references to bible verses that deal with the subject. The couple, J.C. and Heather have a lot of appeal as both struggle with being attracted to each other, but don't want to be hurt more than they already have been. J.C. is a caring, soft spoken hero who has a lot to offer.

When two fellow officers die in a sting operation set up by undercover cop Justin Clay, he heads to Nantucket Island on a leave of absence, figuring that working there as a beat cop during the summer tourist season will give him a chance to decompress and regroup. But he hadn’t counted on falling for Heather Anderson, owner of The Devon Rose tearoom. That’s a complication he doesn’t need…or want. Nor is Heather interested in the town’s newest cop. After experiencing the destructive effects of infidelity on families and relationships, she’s written off romance. But when her well-ordered world is turned upside down by family complications and J.C. steps in to help, she begins to believe he’s a man of integrity, honor and principle—and to wonder if he might be the exception to her rule…and a man worth loving.

Friday, August 7, 2009

New Harlequin Romance Blog Site on

Harlequin Romance has started a new blog from their Romance series. Contributing authors to the blog will be Claire Baxter, Margaret Way, Donna Alward, Nicola Marsh, Myrna Mackenzie, Barbara Wallace, Cara Colter, Michelle Douglas, Susan Meier, Liz Fielding, Shirley Jump, Rebecca Winters, Melissa McClone, Fiona Harper, Claire Baxter, Melissa James, Lucy Gordon, Jackie Braun, Barbara Hannay, Barbara McMahon, Nikki Logan.

First up—one of my favorite authors Liz Fielding with "A Writer's Life". Check out the site here: Harlequin Romance Blog

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Romance Book Review: Seducing the Moon

Author: Sherrill Quinn
Series Connection: Daring the Moon
ISBN-13: 978-0758231895
Genre: Paranormal/Werewolf/Suspense


As far as Pelicia Cobb is concerned the ends don't justify the means. She has no intention of forgiving Declan O'Connell for using her to get to her grandfather two years ago. She had thought Declan loved her, but in the end she had lost her job, her friends and the life she loved.

Now two years later Declan is back trying to ask her forgiveness and although time has changed nothing and she still loves him, she can't trust him.

Declan will do anything to get back in Pel's good graces. He stayed away as long as he could hoping time would help and she would forgive, but now he can not wait any longer. Someone is taking shots at Pel and he doesn't know if it something because of him and the fact that four months ago he was in a battle that changed him completely, or if it is someone who wants to get even with Pel's grandfather.

In the end it doesn't matter, because he will do everything in his power to save the woman he loves and keep her safe, even if it means continuing to deceive her.

Seducing the Moon offered a good story line and characters. Declan was strong and stubborn, just as any good Irishman should be. The fact that he continued to mislead Pel even after he knew she would be upset, kind of threw me off. He was falling into the exact same trap he had two years earlier and didn't seem to learn his lesson.

Pel on the other hand was a little annoying at times. She didn't seem to take any notice that someone was shooting at her and she might have needed to have a little care until she found out for sure what was going on. Trotting off to London as if everything was okay was a little off the mark for someone whose life was being threatened, even if she did think that person shooting at them wasn't after her.

Other than that I thought the story line was fast paced and interesting. There were some mysteries in the story that sent readers in various directions until the end trying to pick out who the shooter was. I'd be interested to hear more about Sully and where he is going to go from here.


Declan O'Connell has a history with Pelicia Cobb, but not the kind that's going to help him win her back. It was bad enough that he broke her heart as a gruff ex-commando. Now he's got another side to his personality, a furry, fierce side that goes a little wild under the light of the moon...

Pel wants nothing more than the chance to clean up the mess Declan made of her life - without his interference. But with a sniper taking shots at her on her doorstep, there's no one better to protect her than Declan. And it's hard to ignore all of his deliciousness, especially the way her body responds to his undeniable magnetism. There's no question the rugged Irishman brings out the animal instinct in her - an instinct that propels her toward him, even when she knows she should run away...

Romance Byte: Devil in My Bed

Author: Celeste Bradley
Series Connection: Runaway Brides
ISBN-13: 978-0312943080
Genre: Historical

Three Lords and a Baby...

When Aidan de Quincy finds a precocious tot on the steps of his gentleman's club, he is sure he isn't the child's father...well, nearly sure. In order to find out, he needs to find the only woman he ever loved--the one who broke his heart!

Madeleine Chandler has a secret, but not the one Aidan thinks she does. Her past is about to catch up to her again and only Aidan can save her. All she has to do is tell one more tiny little lie...

About the book from her blog:
The tale begins with DEVIL IN MY BED (Aug '09), the story of Aidan de Quincy, Earl of Blankenship, who must chase down the only woman he ever wanted--and the only one he couldn't have. Wary widow Madeleine Chandler isn't about to endanger her hard-won freedom, not even for a sensual lover like Aidan. However, a small lie intending to help her escape a sticky situation turns into a big complication when Madeleine allows Aidan to believe that she is, in fact, Melody's mother. When Aidan insists that she return secretly to his club to see Melody, he inadvertantly provides Madeleine with the very thing she needs the most--a hiding place that no one will ever suspect!

Romance Book Review: Lord of Pleasure

Author: Delilah Marvelle
Series Connection: Mistress of Pleasure
ISBN-13: 978-1420104493
Genre: Historical


Lady Charlotte Chartwell is left destitute by her philandering husband when she meets Alexander Baxendale, the Earl of Hawksfort, or otherwise known as the Lord of Pleasure by the ton. Never would Charlotte believe that she would have to use her body to make money, but she has no choice and makes an offer to Alexander.

At one time Alexander would have been tempted, but things have changed rather quickly upon meeting Charlotte and Alexander turns Charlotte down leaving her stunned. Instead of taking her up on her offer Alexander decides to help the widow, but she turns him down, not interested in anyone's charity.

When next he sees Charlotte he finds her at place where men learn how to charm and seduce women. Charlotte has acquired the job as Conductor of Admissions. Alexander's reaction to this news is charming and laughable. He begins a quest to attract Charlotte's attention, which turn into hilarious fun. Lord of Pleasure is a charming and delightful read. I loved the hero, Alexander. His sex appeal came right through the pages.

Delilah has written a delightful romp right out of the pages of history. It will be interesting to see where she takes the rest of the series.

Once upon a time, Alexander William Baxendale, the Earl of Hawksford, was known to all of London and its besotted women as the Lord of Pleasure. Those days of frolicking, however, come to an abrupt end when he inherits not only the estate, but all of his father's responsibilities, including five, overzealous sisters and a not-so-proper mother. When Alexander meets the beautiful Lady Chartwell, he once again finds himself yearning for days of old. Left penniless by her philandering husband, Lady Chartwell survives financial ruin by turning to scandal and becoming the Conductor of Admissions to a school that educates men in the art of seduction. Alexander knows that desperate times call for desperate pleasures, but if he's lucky, it may very well lead him to a hell of a lot more.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Romance Byte: I Can See You

Author: Karen Rose
Series Connection: Don't Tell
ISBN: 978-0-446-53834-3
Genre: Romantic Suspense


Eve Wilson, first introduced in DON'T TELL, was the victim of an assault which resulted in disfiguring injury. After the incident, Eve retreated into the virtual realm, seeking refuge from the public eye. With the help of a surgeon, her face has been mostly restored and she has returned to the real world. Now a graduate student, her goal is to research the use of the virtual world as therapy to improve self-esteem. But when a string of suspicious suicides connected to her Internet activities leads homicide detective Noah Webster to her door, Eve is forced back into an intoxicating world of Web sites, alternate identities, and secret passions. A world where her experience and expertise are key ... and where she becomes a player in a deadly game, trapped in the fight of her life.

Author Shiloh Walker to host book drive for Louisville (KY) Free Public Library

Louisville (KY) Free Public Library Hit by Flash Flood on Aug. 4, 2009; Damage at Least $1 million.

A recovery fund has been established. Donations can be sent to:

The Library Foundation
301 York Street
Louisville, KY 40203

Author Shiloh Walker is helping the effort by organizing a book drive for the library. She is asking everyone including authors and publishers to donate both signed and unsigned books. All genres, from children’s books to romance to non-fiction, etc, etc.

"Signed books can be used in fundraiser purposes. Unsigned books can be used to help replenish the books that were lost due to the flood," Shiloh said in her blog.

She said that the library doesn't have a place to store the books yet, but she is close by and willing to hold on to them until the building repairs are complete. For more information on how you can help check out Shiloh's blog.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Romance Book Review: The Fire King

Author: Marjorie Liu
Series Connection: Dirk and Steele Book 9
ISBN: 978-0843959406
Genre: Paranormal/Shape-shifter


An earthquake unearths a tomb in the middle of the desert and when it is opened a war that was thought to be over thousands of years ago could be sparked again.

When Karr walked the earth 3,000 years ago, his kind were revered by humans but much has changed as Karr learns quickly. The shapeshifters who were his enemy when he died are now his prison guards. He doesn't speak the language which makes it hard to know exactly what is happening.

This is a complex story filled with a great deal of drama. Soria has spent the last year in isolation from her friends. After a horrific incident where she loses her arm she doesn't know how to face her new life. Just as she starts to take on the world again, she is intercepted by the Dirk and Steele group. Dirk and Steele is a secret organization of paranormals who work together. The organization wants Soria to use her special skill to find out if Karr is safe.

When Karr first meets Soria he doesn't know what to make of her. He can not trust the human because she aligns herself with his enemy, but she can speak his language and he has no choice but to follow her or risk being caught.

Neither Karr or Soria are very trusting and they must work together to save themselves from the people Soria considers allies and an unknown force who is looking to kidnap both of them. Can they learn to trust each other before it is too late.

This is the first book I've ever read by this author and I was blown away by the complexity and depth of the story. Although there were times when the story ran a little too slow for my taste, I found both the hero and heroine characters perfect for each other. They had the right chemistry from the very beginning of the book. I also loved the supporting characters Robert and KuKu. I'm hoping that Marjorie will be considering a book for Robert in the near future.

My favorite line in the book is when Robert comes upon Soria and Evie in need of rescuing and says: "Finally some ladies in distress. Makes me feel like a man again."

"Yes," Soria said shakily glimpsing glossy black pigtails and a Hello Kitty sunglasses behind Baldy's ass. "I'm certain you're tired of KuKu having more testosterone than you."

Long ago, shape-shifters were plentiful, soaring through the sky as crows, racing across African veldts as cheetahs, raging furious as dragons atop the Himalayas. Like gods, they reigned supreme. But even gods have laws, and those laws, when broken, destroy.

Zoufalství. Epätoivo. Asa. Three words in three very different languages, and yet Soria understands. Like all members of Dirk & Steele, she has a gift, and hers is communication. When she is chosen to learn the dead language of a shape-shifter resurrected after thousands of years of icy sleep, she discovers a warrior consumed with fury.

Strong as a lion, quick as a serpent—Karr is his name, and in his day he was king. But he is a son of strife, a creature of tragedy. As fire consumed all he loved, so death was to be his atonement. Now, against his will, he has awoken. Zoufalství. Epätoivo. Asa. In English, the word is despair. But Soria knows the words for love.

Thank you so much...Kathryn Caskie

Last week I received a surprise e-mail from author Kathryn Caskie letting me know that I won a box of author signed romance novels. The box of 38 books came in the mail today. Here is a list of authors that will be getting reviewed in the next few weeks thanks to Kathryn.

Kathryn Caskie
Suzanne Enoch
Gaelen Foley
Rachel Gibson
Julia Quinn
Andrew Gross
Tracy Anne Warren
Terry Spear
Barbara Freethy
Kresley Cole
Eloisa James
Mary Burton
Joan Johnston
Elizabeth Boyle
Julia London
Julianne MacLean
Karen Hawkins
Sophie Nash
Sharon Sala
Stephanie Laurens
Mary Balough
Jacquie D'Alessandro
Candice Hern
Lorraine Heath
Laura Kee Guhrke
Christine Wells
Jane Feather
Sabrina Jeffries
Allison Leigh
Candace Havens
Cathy Maxwell
Elaine Fox
Jeaniene Frost
Jill Shalvis
Jamie Sobrato

Thanks to all the authors who donated their books at the RWA convention in Washington D.C. It was a treat since I really wished I could have been their to get the autographs myself. This is the next best thing.

Romance Byte: Stolen Heat

Author: Elisabeth Naughton
Series Connection: Stolen
ISBN: 978-0-505-52794-3
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Passion So Hot It's...STOLEN

His past tore them apart. Her lies thrust them back together.
Now a killer's out for revenge, but the biggest threat for both may just be the heat they thought they'd already lost....

Antiquities dealer Peter Kauffman walked a fine line between clean and corrupt for years. And then he met the woman who changed his life—Egyptologist Katherine Meyer. Their love affair burned white-hot in Egypt, until the day Pete’s lies and half-truths caught up with him. After that, their relationship imploded, Kat walked out, and before Pete could find her to make things right, he heard she’d died in a car bomb.

Six years later, the woman Pete thought he’d lost for good is suddenly back. The lies this time aren’t just his, though. The only way he and Kat will find the truth and evade a killer out for revenge is to work together—as long as they don’t find themselves burned by the heat each thought was stolen long ago…

Read an excerpt.