Thursday, April 13, 2017

Romance Book Review: Celia Kyle's A Baby for Chashan

A Baby for Chashan
Author: Celia Kyle
Series Connection: Dragons of Preor Book 9
Genre: Sci-fi Romance, Alien Romance, Weredragon Romance

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Healing Master Chashan and his mate Heart Master Khaza have been together for 100 years and have yet to be blessed with a child. It is very hard for the Preor women to conceive. All around them earth women are finding mates with Preor men and giving them children. 

Khaza would give anything to be a mother herself. When an opportunity comes along, will Chashan be able to Khaza her greatest dream. 

A very short Preor story. Chashan and his mate have been in most of the previous stories, it is nice to see a story where a mated Preor pair is the subject of a story.

A mother’s plea, a childless alien’s promise, and a Preor warrior torn between his mate and duty…

After a hundred years of mating, Healing Master Chashan thought he knew all there was to know about his mate, Heart Master Khaza. But the sudden presence of one adorable human baby shows him that he’s very, very wrong. 

Now he has a choice: claim a human baby as his own and put joy in his mate’s heart, or turn the child over to human authorities. 

Which will he choose? Honor or love?

This short story is set in the DRAGONS OF PREOR world and is a little bite of family life for those who fell in love with the Preor dragons.

Part of the "Dragons of Preor" series:

A Baby for Chashan

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Romance Book Review: Lora Leigh's Wake a Sleeping Tiger

Wake a Sleeping Tiger
Series Connection Breeds
Author: Lora Leigh
ISBN: 978-0425265475
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Erotic Romance
Publisher: Berkley

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This is the 31st book in the Breed series. For the past several books the Breed series have been concentrating on saving Jonas Wyatt’s baby daughter from the serum that the evil Boardmore gave her. During the series we learn of three young breeds that escape from the labs and are hidden away by the community of Window Rock. 

Judd is a young breed who we learn helps the two young girls escape from the labs they were in. Jonas is anxious to get his hands on the three breeds as is the dreaded Council. And let us not forget the very disturbing Gideon. Gideon has been teaching for the three you breeds for years (or so we think).

Now that we’re read the stories of Honor and Fawn, the two girls everyone has been searching for, as well as found out that Gideon isn’t as crazy as we once thought, it is time to meet Judd. Judd, like the two girls has been hiding in plane sight and his mate has always been close too.

Cullen Maverick is a recessed Bengal breed. As the commander of the Navajo Covert Law Enforcement Agency, many believed he was human, but once Gideon’s identity was revealed so was Judd’s and Cullen came out as the breed he is.

When Cullen first moved to Window Rock he fell in love with a human and married her. Cullen’s wife soon died of cancer, but everyone always assumed that he was heartbroken after losing his mate. Everyone including his wife’s cousin Chelsea Martinez. 

All these years Chelsea has lived knowing that she would never have the man she loved. Cullen had met his mate and he would never be hers, but she could have the career she has always wanted. Unfortunately Cullen was blocking that dream, so it was time for Chelsea to leave. 

It isn’t until Chelsea walks out on him, the Cullen finally realizes he’s waited too long to claim Chelsea and if he doesn’t act quick he could lose her for good. But not everyone wants Chelsea and Cullen to get together. Someone would rather see the two suffer, and Cullen needs to find out who to save Chelsea’s life. 

I love this series and watching Cullen and Chelsea fall in love through all the action and mating heat is well worth this read. However, I was a little distracted through the book by the inconsistency in the story and previous other stories. I even went back to reread previous books because parts of this story really bothered me. If you can get past that this is really a good book, with a surprise ending leaving us ready to check out the next story, which I hoping will be Cassie Sinclair’s story. 

When readers of dark romance and unbridled desire want to be satisfied, they turn to #1 New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh and her “powerful and highly erotic” (Fresh Fiction) Breed novels. Now a Breed hides in the world of man—until a woman arouses the amused and wildly carnal animal within...

Once, he was Judd—Bengal Breed and brother to the notorious fugitive Gideon.
After Gideon disappeared, Judd was experimented on until his tortured body knew nothing but agony.

Now he is Cullen Maverick, serving as the commander of the Navajo Covert Law Enforcement Agency in the small community of Window Rock, Arizona. Despite his genetics, Cullen is able to pass as human because his Bengal traits are recessed. He lacks the ability to smell the emotions, bonds and fears that other Breeds take for granted. And he remains tormented that he wasn’t able to mate the woman he loved—at the cost of her life.

He’s no longer a Breed, merely a man. . . or so he thinks. But his tiger is about to be awakened by the one woman destined to be his—Chelsea Martinez. And their world will never be the same...