Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Romance Book Review: Debbie Macomber's Country Brides

Author: Debbie Macomber
Series Connection: A Little Bit of Country
ISBN: 978-0778323624
Genre: Contemporary Sweet Romance
Publisher: Mira

Purchase Link: Amazon

Originally a two book series from the early 1990s, Country Brides, puts both stories together in one book.

The first book tells the story of finding a home in a small Oregon community far from the city life. Deciding to take a road trip to get away from the city and think about her relationship with stockbroker Dan, Rorie heads to Seattle only to get sidetracked when her borrowed car breaks down on an off the path country road. There she meets young Skip who brings her home to his country ranch to enlist the help of his older brother Clay to fix her car.

Taking to the friendly community, Rorie spends a few days waiting for her car to get fixed quickly falling in love with the small town and Clay. Clay is quite taken with Rorie as well. The only problem is Clay isn't available. Everyone is waiting for him to finally propose to his longtime girlfriend Kate.

Of course there is a happy ending for Rorie and Clay, which brings us to book two, where poor Kate has to attend the love of her life, Clay's, wedding. Hoping to fool everyone in town that she's happy for her new friend Rorie is marrying Clay she intends to keep a smile on her face throughout the ceremony and reception. Her friend and the foreman of her father's ranch, Luke, is more than happy to help her out with that problem.

Kate has had her eyes so focus on Clay, she doesn't even realize that Luke is even interested in her. So when she leans on him at the wedding and has a little too much to drink and proposes to Luke, he jumps at the chance and when she tries to take back her proposal the next day he won't hear anything of the kind.

Luke seems to be convinced that Kate is really in love with him and has been all along, but couldn't see past her crush on Clay. Now Luke has to work hard to get Kate to realize that he's the man for her.

Keep in mind as you're reading this book that it was written in 1990. A simpler time without cell phones and apparently not Fed-X overnight either (although I don't think that's true it just cost a lot more back in the day.) Even so, the book is well written and tells a good story without a lot of the complications in life to get in the way.

If you're looking for a happy story with well liked, everyday people, here's a story for you.

Rorie Campbell has a pleasant, predictable life in San Francisco, where she's seeing a pleasant, predictable man. Then, one vacation, her car breaks down on an Oregon country road and horse rancher Clay Franklin comes to her rescue. Rorie soon discovers that a city girl can fall in love with a country man. But Clay has no right to return her feelings—because he's engaged to another woman.

Kate Logan is devastated when Clay Franklin, her former fiancé and the man she's always loved, marries Rorie Campbell instead. But at Clay's wedding—and after a glass of champagne too many— Kate proposes to her longtime friend, rancher Luke Rivers. Luke accepts her proposal—and refuses to renege on his promise. What's more, he insists that Kate doesn't love Clay—she loves him—.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Romance Book Review: Milly Taiden's There's Snow Escape

Author: Milly Taiden
Series Connection: Paranormal Dating Agency
Genre: BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance

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Back on the planet of the shifters, matchmaker Gerri finds a mate for two wolf shifters. After hearing how happy her friend Bella is, Charlotte decides to go to the shifter planet and check it out for herself. There she meets two wolf shifters who can't get enough of her curves.

Brecc and Eros know that Charlotte is their mate right away, but hold off telling her the truth until she can get used to the idea of how great it could be with the two of them, but have they waited to long before telling Charlotte their plan?

This is the seventh book in the Paranormal Dating Agency series. These are all stand alone stories featuring BBW and shifters looking for the right woman, all who need help from the gifted Gerri Wilder. This story follows the same pattern as the others in the series. This is the second book in the series to take place on the shifter planet.

The short story is a quick read that tells the basic same theme as in previous books in this series. The stories are well written just the same and worth checking out.

Curvy Charlotte Marzan just got invited to visit another planet. A shifter planet where her best friend is getting married to a lion king. If that isn’t strange enough, two panty-melting hot guys are looking at this big girl like she’s a piece of cake and they haven’t had dessert in years. She shouldn’t be interested, but…girls just want to have fun, right? 

Brecc and Eros need a mate before the Elders force someone on them. They’re getting desperate and in the process hire Gerri to find them a woman. She delivers curvy, outspoken, and gloriously sexy Charlotte. Now they just have to get her to stay. Forever. Simple. Not. 

When Charlotte’s visit turns from cool sightseeing to getting her freak on with two shifters, things take a turn for the naughty. She needs to figure out why Brecc is so distant and why the drama with the Dragos. Things escalate to the point she has to do her own growling to be heard. She’s about to realize when two wolves choose a mate, there’s no escape. 

Reader Note: This book contains scorching hot sex (the down and dirrrty kind made just for three), adult language (we like some freaky dirty talk), and verbal smack downs. If this is not the kind of stuff you like to read, skip this book. However, if you like dirty, raunchy sex with not one, but TWO sexy as sin wolves on one curvy sarcastic girl, then this is right up your alley. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Romance Book Review: Celia Kyle's Howl My Name

Author: Celia Kyle
Series Connection: Bears of Grayslake
ISBN: 9781680399851
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Werebear Romance, Shifter Romance

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Coming upon a young girl being attacked, wolf shifter Reid strikes first and asks questions later, he probably wouldn't have killed the guy if he would have stopped first but the big bear shifter wouldn't stop. Calling into his boss, the Southwest Itan, Reid has to pass on the news and releases he killed the local Itan and now he was the new clan leader.

When Evelyn called for help she knew she needed to hold on until help arrived. That wasn't easy to do when her uncles were set to killing her after she finally told them who she called.

When Reid finally comes to her rescue and takes out two of her three uncles at once, she knows she's finally found her hero and he works out to be her mate.

Reid isn't sure if he is Itan material after all he's a wolf now in charge of a clan filled with wolves, but when it comes to down to it, the clan is his and he will do everything to protect all that belongs to him. That especially includes Evelyn.

Reid isn't your average hero. He has a lot of rage issues, but I just loved him with Evelyn. Slowly you get to know him and realize that he isn't your average hero, but he'll do whatever he has to to keep everyone safe. This was one of Celia Kyle's longer books and I'm glad she took the time to introduce her character and gave us a chance to see the two together in more scenes than just in the bedroom.

Reid just killed her father. There’s no way Evelyn’s gonna mate him now… Dammit.

Werewolf Reid Bennett has one goal: investigate the Brookfield clan’s Itan. Reports are coming in that the male is abusing his werebears and–even if he’s a werewolf–Reid will put a stop to it. Unfortunately, the resolution ends up being permanent and now Reid’s the clan’s leader.

The only positive about his new situation: curvy werebear Evelyn Archer. She makes his wolf howl and he aches to explore every inch of her lush frame. He’s the clan’s leader and he knows exactly where he’d like to lead Evelyn—his bedroom.

Evelyn doesn’t know what to do with Reid. Sure, he’s the sexy wolf her werebear wants to nibble and claim, but she has bigger issues to deal with. Such as the fallout of her father’s death… at Reid’s claws.  Okay, maybe she can take a break for one little lick…

They both have plans for the Brookfield clan… and each other. Except there’s a small problem—someone wants them dead. Nothing new for Reid, but a threat against Evelyn is unacceptable. When it comes to Evelyn, he’ll break all the rules to keep her safe, including dusting off his homicidal tendencies again.