Sizzling Quotes

Sizzling Quotes

Every once and a while you'll find a quote in a book that makes you laugh or cry or just plan makes you say "hey that is so me". Here are just a few that have caught our eye.

"A delicious grin curled his lips and his eyes raked over her making Darla wish she’d chosen her good jeans today. The ones that made her butt look bootylicious instead of I-eat-too-much-chocolicious."

—A Kilted Christmas Wish by Eliza Knight

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"Sara could not say why, but the barman's story made her shiver, as if a goose had walked across her grave."

—Her Billionaire, Her Wolf--His Every Desire by Aimélie Aames,

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“Our first…date?”

“You know, where you get dressed up and I pick you up at your place and we go out to dinner and a movie like normal people?”

She smacked him. He didn’t flinch, damn him and his brute strength. “I know what a date is, Captain Obvious. It’s just that…aren’t we past that? I mean, the dog has already buried the bone. What good would it do to dig it back up and show it to me?”

Deep hoots of laughter erupted out of him. “Yes, Emelia, I’ve already buried the bone, but if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to show you what it would be like to go out with me under normal circumstances. I’d like to show you what your life could be like if you stayed with me.”

—Gone with the Wolf by Kristin Miller

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"Magda settled against the counter, hands resting on the stainless steel behind her. “I am going to tell you boys something about love,” she said, in the tone Charlie had come to recognize as her ‘trust me on this, I’m smarter than you’ voice.

“With love,” Magda said, her voice settling into a rhythm that made her accent all the stronger, “you do not settle. With love, you do not hide. With love, you must search everywhere, hunt and seek and keep your eyes open always. With love, you cannot make assumptions. You have to trust that the right person will find you, eventually, if you are willing to be found.”

—An A to Z of Love ~ Sophie Pembroke

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"Walking around the corner, entering what appeared to be a changing room and showers, she looked for Tagg and narrowed in on the tall figure in the back. Her keen senses noted other males were within the room.

“Female on the premises, cover what you don’t want seen or get out of my way. I’m as pissed off as your captain and it may only get worse. I tend to freeze dangling private parts when I’m pissed,” she bellowed, tossing the wrap on the nearest bench. She kicked off the slippers and hiked up her skirt.

Startled warriors grabbed towels, clothes, and moved around her, bowing in respect as they got out of her way, and left the changing area. As she headed toward the shower area, Tagg hammered his fists against the tiled wall and turned his face into the stream of water. Shaking his head, he turned to stare at her..."
—Dragon’s Sanctuary ~ Nicole Dennis

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 “I missed my calling for a lot of things, but that’s how life rolls.”
—Castle's Fortress ~ Rhonda Lee Carver

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Madolyn Carver had decided God must be female. Although shocking, subversive ideas were not uncommon in her head, this one she kept to herself, for once. And the reason for her outrageous conclusion? Breasts.

Clearly, a man would have given himself breasts, since he was so fond of the objects and spent most of his life--from infancy to dotage--in their pursuit. However, not only was this habit predictable among the male species, it was most propitious for Madolyn, who had a certain fellow to seduce today, and a bosom to assist her. Indeed she had an excess, about to be put to good use, if only it would temporarily behave itself.

—Seducing the Beast ~ Jayne Fresina

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"It's hard to be free and to be held at the same time," he told her quietly.

"Is it, Chase?" She touched his jaw, simply because she couldn't help herself. "Isn't that what love truly is? Being free even as you're being held? Knowing you can reach for the stars, and someone's there to share it with you? Or to give you a boost if you need it? Someone to laugh with, love with, cry and argue with? Someone you know will be there when you're moody, when you're dark, or when you just need a hug." She smiled up at him, feeling it inside her, reaching out to him, knowing Chase was the man she wanted that with. "Isn't that love?"

—Only Pleasure~Lora Leigh

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"Love will happen. Life will happen. Don't rush through the days, savor them. Love someone strong."

—The Cowboy's Homecoming~Brenda Minton

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"Josie wasted about two and a half seconds in open mouthed astonishment before the wolf shifted his massive head and sank his fangs deep into Eli's shoulder. Fear and anger welled in her chest and she realized she'd kill that Lupine herself if he did anything to seriously harm Eli. Not before they had a real date, damn it!"
—Born to be Wild~Christine Warren

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"That's all right." Risa shifted and slid to the edge of the booth, but paused before getting up. She smiled at Cade, and it lit up her girl-next-door face with shining beauty. Her gaze, however, remained sober and sharp. "Maybe I don't need your concrete answer. Maybe you need mine. So here it is. Forgiveness, faith, and trust: they are not magic feelings that come over you with an ethereal light when you ask God for divine intervention. Each of those things is a choice you consciously decide to make, and then implement through deliberate action. So if you're waiting for something to hit you smack in the head and show you the light before you let yourself run to Ren and take him back, honey, it ain't ever going to happen. Life doesn't work that way.

"If you want people to view you as a strong man, so that you never get walked on again and always have the respect of everyone around you, then act from a place of strength, always, and that's the result you'll get. Deep down, you already know that. Look around you. You've created that here in Quinten, just by being yourself."

—ReneCade~Cameron Dane

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Reuby was Gina's nose-and-eyebrow-pierced teenage son. Instead of calling his mother Mom, he called her the Authority Figure. . .

—Whale Island ~ Cathy Lamb (Almost Home Anthology)

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"Because without optimism, we can't go on. Optimism is just hope in formal clothes. And without hope, the soul has nothing to cling to, the spirit dies."
—Marie Ferrarella from "The 39-Year-Old Virgin

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His lips tugged into a half-smile. "The chocolates please you? At least the Oracle was right in that regard. So, if I prove that I am from Kratania and give you the sweets, you will allow me the honor of ghrata?"

"What is ghrata?"

He frowned, as if trying to figure out how to explain the term. "Making love."

"Yep." It was a safe response because poor, sweet, deluded Matt was one taco short of a combo platter. There was no way in. . .uh, Illania he would really ravish her. "I would ghrata the night away with you, babe."

—Bride Portal~Michele R. Bardsley

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Cut off the head?
Ewww.Um...maybe? But how do you explain it to the police after? "Gee, officer. I'm pretty sure the victim was a vampire..." Not so much. See previous comment re rubber room with padded walls.

— "Daniel"~ CT Adams and Cathy Clamp

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"He used his guy words to explain. 'A man doesn't know shit about love until he falls for the right woman.'"

— "Hot As Hell"~HelenKay Dimon