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Random thoughts on independent publishing and e-books

Recently at my day job, a local reporter and columnist, I have been interviewing quite a few locals who have been self publishing. The world is opening so that everyone with the dream to have their words heard can do just that. Whether it is publishing with one of the dozen new e-book publishers on the net, self publishing, publishing with vanity press or sending their books to a more traditional publishing company.

If I've learned anything doing this blog, it is that just because an author chooses to self publish or go the e-book route it doesn't automatically mean the book is bad or terribly written. It also doesn't mean the books are all erotic, which I heard stated more than a few times.

Just last week I interviewed a woman from my home town that couldn't get a romance book published -- not because it was written poorly, she had dozens of letters from publishers asking her to contact them again at a later date-- because her book was a Christian historical taking place in WWII and the market didn't call for that kind of book at the time. She waited nine years before the book was published, through a US based Christian publisher and already it is a great success for her.

Some people don't want to wait that long. They want to get recognition for doing something they love. I found it is stated best in the front pages of Jordan Castillo Price's recent book, Spanish Fly Guy, where she wrote a letter to her readers that I thought I would share.

"Dear reader,
We are witnessing the start of a huge shift in the publishing industry. Before 2003, if I wrote a story that wasn’t corporate America’s idea of What Deserves to be Published, the best I could have put together was a photocopied ‘zine that I distributed at whatever comic shops could be coerced into keeping a few copies on consignment.

The advent of epublishing and print-on-demand has changed that. Big time. We’re on the cusp of a meritocracy of ideas, where books sink or swim based on what readers want, rather than what corporate marketing folks think will sell. Every time you choose to buy from a small, independent publisher or self-published author, you’re shaping the availability of future books.

By saying “yes” to the indies, you become a patron of the arts, and you ensure the author has a paid mortgage, food on the table, a decent internet short, you’re contributing directly to that author’s paycheck and making sure he or she can keep writing!

If you enjoy this book, you can make even more of a difference. Blog about it, tweet about it, post reviews, and tell your friends. The more you spread the word about the indie works you enjoy, the more support you’ll funnel our way.

Thank you very much for buying an independent book. It does make a difference.
-Jordan Castillo Price

Here are the details for Jordan's book:
Spanish Fly Guy
Author: Jordan Castillo Price
Series: Petit Morts #5
ISBN: 978-1-935540-04-5

JP McMahon cruises into the small, oceanside town of Brightside hoping to score a bed for the night and a few dollars to fill the Miata’s gas tank. He discovers that cell phones and Internet are non-existent, and that without access to matchmaker sites and Craigslist, the local newspaper's personal ads are booming.

He cooks up an unlikely scam, a foul novelty concoction called Spanish Fly. He also finds an unlikely accomplice in Ryan, the quiet local kid at the copy shop with a flair for designing irresistible labels.

Spanish Fly proves popular—almost too popular—and JP suspects his luck is about to turn. But that “little voice” inside tells him to stick around Brightside just a tiny bit longer….

For more of Jordan's books check out her website at:

You may not like Jordan's book or the next e-book or self published book you pick up. On the other hand you may not like the next big publishing house book you pick up either. However, there are some great writers out there that for one reason or another just haven't been picked up by the big houses. It can't hurt to give them a try. You might find you have another favorite author on your list.

Romance Book Review: Punished

Author: Brynn Paulin
ISBN: 978-1-60735-125-2
Genre: Erotic Romance/ BDSM
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing



Spankings has become a popular feature in the light BDSM genre recently and Punished certainly has an abundance throughout it's pages. Natalia has been looking for something in her life and decides to check out a local club where she can have someone spank her. Things get interesting when it her boss, Ethan, who winds up being the Dom who is assigned to give Natalia a spanking.

Ethan has been attracted to his secretary, Natalia, for a long time, but never did anything about it. When he realizes that Natalia is the woman he is assigned to spank at the club, it is no holds bar in their relationship. Ethan can't wait to make Natalia his.

For those who like just a peak into the BDSM world this book is the one for you. Brynn Paulin fills her pages with steamy scenes and a lovely love story.

Prim Natalia Cooper lives life on the straight and narrow, never veering into naughty territory. But she wants to. One night, years ago, her boyfriend gave her a few swats on the rear as part of their sex play and she loved it. She wants more. But he’s long gone and she hasn’t been spanked since. When she learns of a club where she can get exactly what she needs—anonymously—she’s so turned on and ready she can hardly bear it.

For Ethan Tavish, The Dungeon has served as a place to exert his dominance without making lasting commitments. He can hardly believe his eyes when he enters the play area to find his secretary, Natalia, bent over the spanking bench in a schoolgirl uniform. They’re both masked, but he’d recognize her anywhere. In an instant, he has a plan to give them what they both want…and perhaps a whole lot more.

About the Author from the back of her book:
When it comes to books and movies, Brynn Paulin has one rule: there must be a happy ending. After that one requirement, anything else goes. And it just might in any of her books.
Brynn lives in Michigan with her husband and two children, who love her despite her occasional threats to smite them. They humor her and let her think she’s a goddess... as long as she provides homemade chocolate chip cookies on a regular basis. Brynn is president of her local chapter of Romance Writers of America and also hosts a weekly writing critique group. She’s conducted workshops at several writers’ conferences around the country as she enjoys mentoring and meeting new people.

According to Brynn, her writing success can be attributed to an eclectic collection of music, her local road construction crews, a trusty notebook, and of course, her husband, Mr. Inspiration, who puts up with a lot in the name of research. Brynn loves to talk to her readers and can be found at

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Romance Book Review: Ryland's Sacrifice

Author: Kim Dare
ISBN: 978-1-60735-117-7
Genre: Shifter/ Erotic Romance/ M-M
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing


In Kim Dare's new book Ryland's Sacrifice, Ryland is a Math graduate student in an society where young men are sent as play things to the local lion den on Saturday nights. Seeing no other choice when his scholarship runs out then to offer himself to the lions for one night. In return he will receive enough money to pay his tuition.

When Ryland arrives at the lions' den he is surprised to find that the leader of the lions is none other than one of the professors he's had a crush on for years. Spending just one night with the man makes Ryland wish he had met with the man under different circumstances. Can he have a chance with the lion if he makes things right?

I liked the general concept of Ryland's Sacrifice. In the story the lion shifters seemed to be feared, as well as revered. I liked Arslan, the head of the lions, character. He was strong arrogant and possessive. Ryland on the other hand I wasn't too crazy about. As a math student I would have thought he would be smarter. Not necessarily less of a submissive to Arslan's strong character, but at least able to talk to Arslan as a contemporary and not a child who didn't know how to speak half the time. Could be I was just missing the point.

Principles don't pay tuition fees. When Ryland's math scholarship disappears overnight, he has two choices. He can borrow money from fellow student Jason Burrows, who has very interesting ways of collecting debts. Or, he can volunteer to be thrown to the werelions.

One night spent playing the part of a willing human sacrifice will give him enough money to finish his PhD. It seems like a good deal-right up until the moment he finds himself naked, blindfolded, bound and surrounded by lions.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Romance Byte: Pride Mates

Author: Jennifer Ashley
Series Connection: Shifters Unbound
Genre: Paranormal/ Shape-shifter
Publisher: Dorchester/Leisure

Purchase this book here

Twenty years ago, shape shifters of all kinds banded together and announced themselves to the world, only to be shunted to areas no human wanted ("Shiftertowns"). They are forced to wear Collars that control their hunting and fighting instincts (referred to by Shifters as "Taking the Collar").

Liam Morrissey is currently liaison between the Shifters of Austin, TX, and the humans of the city. Kim Fraser, attorney, finds herself in the unique position of having to defend a Shifter on a murder charge.

She ventures to Shiftertown to seek out Liam's help, and there stumbles across too many secrets the Shifters want kept secret. The un-mated Liam is forced to protect Kim against the wrath of his clan leader and his own father, and to his surprise he discovers a powerful attraction to the sassy, sexy lady.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Romance Book Review: Only In My Dreams

Author: Dana Marie Bell
Series Connection: Halle Pumas
ISBN: 978-1-60504-826-0
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing


A lot has been going on with the Halle Pumas since Gabe realized that Sarah was his mate, but he is finally ready to claim her as his own when he comes home to find a man in his house claiming that he would make a great "Hunter". Gabe is intrigued by the idea, but unfortunately it would require that he hold off for six months before he mates with Sarah while he go through with his training. With a quick call from the airport, Gabe is gone leaving Sarah alone.

Sarah is working hard to wait until Gabe comes back from his training so that they can mate, but the longer he is away the farther apart they become. To make matters worse, while he isn't calling and keeping in touch with her, he is talking to Chloe, the little waitress at the local restaurant, leaving Sarah to wonder what is going on.

To make matters worse, when he finally returns from training he seems more interested in spending time with Chloe then he is with Sarah. What is Sarah to believe than that he has made his choice to mate with the other woman and not her?

Only in My Dreams is book 5 in the Halle Puma series. After reading a few of the other books I would say that while this book can be read on it's own, it would be better to read the series as a whole to understand all the characters involved. Of the others that I read, this one isn't one of my favorites. I thought that both characters had a lot of potential, but found that Gabe could be a little more considerate and understanding of Sarah's feelings and give her the time she asked for and Sarah needed to get a tougher spine where Gabe was concerned. For the most part however this book was well written and conformed well with the series.

Delayed gratification has its place. This isn't it.

Gabriel Anderson has accepted a unique position in the shifter world. He’s about to become a Hunter, one of the few
trained and sanctioned to hunt down the rare rogue shifter dangerous to humans and shifters alike. There’s one catch: until his training is complete, he must hold off on marking his mate. No problem…after all, she probably couldn’t handle
the sexual demands he dreams of making on her.

Her mate’s apparent desertion devastates Sarah. And his friendship with another woman threatens the bond they should be sharing and building. Maybe flirting with another man will make him sit up and take notice—and finally win Gabe’s heart. It works. Almost too well.

One touch of another man’s hand on Sarah’s tempting body brings every ounce of Gabe’s possessiveness roaring to the surface. He wastes no time making his erotic dreams of dominating her a reality—whether she’s ready for it or not.

If she’s not, the only place he’ll ever have her is in his dreams…

Warning: This title contains graphic language, explicit sex, deep blue eyes and spanking. The author is not responsible for any tall, dark and handsome men who slip into your dreams.

So many books. So little time: I'm Currently Reading...

Right now I'm reading four books at once.

What a Demon Wants by Kathy Love
This book is part of a series I've really enjoyed reading. I purchased the book as an e-book and then my sweet husband brought home a print copy of the book last night. So now I'll have two ways of reading the book.

Only in My Dreams by Dana Marie Bell
Also part of a series. I've read a couple of the Halle Pumas series so when I found this one I had to check it out.

Ryland's Sacrafice by Kim Dare
When I was checking out the Resplendence Publishing site I saw this book and thought it look interesting. I haven't read this author before, so I thought I'd give it a try.

And last but certainly not least...
Leave Me Breathless by HelenKay Dimon
This book isn't out until March 1, but I was lucky enough to get a signed advanced copy from the author. I just love HelenKay's writing style and couldn't wait to sink my teeth into this book even though I was backlogged and reading the others.

Good thing I love reading romance. There are just way too many good books out their. It is too bad I can't read them all.

Romance Book Review: Beauty's Beast

Author: Ann Cory
ISBN: 978-1-60735-115-3
Genre: Paranormal/ Erotic Romance
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing


Mercedes is at loose ends and finds herself driving down a dark highway not knowing what the next step is in her life. She sees a man walking along the road and stops to see if he needs a lift. This isn't something she usually does, but something about the handsome man draws her to him. This is just the beginning of this wild ride, Mercedes and Nox go on together.

Finding out there is more than just a sexual connection between the Mercedes and himself surprises Nox but gives him more reason to complete his goal. He needs to find a way to cure himself of the beast he turns into on the full moon so that he can take his relationship with Mercedes to the next level. If he can't, will he ever have a chance with Mercedes?

Beauty's Beast is an interesting opening for a decent series if Ann Cory chooses to make one. The mad scientist trying to make the perfect killing machine, only to find to created a beast with a will of his own, that changes on the full moon, isn't a new idea, but the author has a flair for the written word and definitely has an angle for erotic romance.

It takes a strong woman to love a beast.

After a planned week away goes bust, Mercedes Black takes to the road. Years of unexplained memory lapses have ruined her relationships with men and left her future uncertain. That is until a good-looking stranger appears along the desolate highway, and she offers him a ride. The moment he enters her car, an internal switch is turned on and her body craves his touch. Figuring she has nothing left to lose, besides her memory, she gives in to her impulses.

Nox Messina has never been the same after volunteering for what he thought was advanced medical research. For years he has been on the run. Tired of being hunted, he decides to take down the doctor who ruined his life, and to insure that no one will stand in his way again. His plan for vengeance gets sidelined when an exquisite beauty offers him much more than a ride, and he can't refuse.

As their feelings deepen for one another, they discover the man Nox plans to kill plays a crucial role in their future. Not only does he want the beauty for himself, but he wants beauty's beast out of the way for good.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Romance Book Review: Kate's Crew

Author: Jayne Rylon
ISBN: 978-1-60504-898-7
Genre: Erotic Romance/ Menage and more/ M-M-F/ M-M-M
Publisher: Samhain Publishing


Kate has been dreaming all summer of spending some quality time with one or more of the five guys who are doing a reconstruction on the house next door, but she knows she can't act on her temptation. After falling from a ladder, she gets special attention from Mike, one of the men that has starred front and center in her dreams. Kate knows that it wouldn't be fair to lead Mike on, especially when she's thinking about all his friends. But after spilling the beans to him, she might just have all her dreams come true.

This book isn't for the faint of heart and those who like sex scenes between one man and one woman only. It is more for those who like to read about carnal of delights and some interesting positioning.

Nothing’s sexier than a man, or five, with power tools.

Sultry summer heat has nothing on the five-man crew renovating the house next door. No one could blame Kate for leaning out the window for a better view of the manscape. The nasty fall that follows isn’t part of her fantasy—but the man who saves her from splattering the sidewalk is definitely the star.

When Mike personally attends to her injuries, she realizes her white knight in a hard hat has a tender side, giving her no choice but to surrender to the lust that’s been arcing between them since day one. In the aftermath of the best sex of her life, she whispers her most secret desire: to be ravaged by his crew.

She never expected Mike would dare her to take what she wants—or that the freedom to make her most decadent desires come true could be the foundation for something lasting…

Warning: This book may cause you to spontaneously combust as five hot guys bring a woman’s wildest fantasies to life during one blazing summer affair.

Currently Reading: Live to Tell

Author: Wendy Corsi Staub
ISBN: 978-0-06-189506-7
Genre: Romantic Suspense/ Thriller
Published: Avon Books

Purchase this book here

I'm not sure this is really considered a romance, more a suspense-thriller, but I wanted to add it to the blog because I'm intrigued by all the reviews and information I've read about the book so far. I picked up a copy today, but it will probably take me a while to get through the book as things are busy now. I wanted to get it up, though, so that those who are fans of the author might want to check it out.

Here is a great review on the book from you might want to check out.

Live to Tell

Secrets can scandalize …

In a lovely suburban town just north of New York City, the gossip mill runs more efficiently than the commuter train line. And in every impeccably decorated house, they’re talking about Lauren Walsh. They say that nothing could be worse than being abandoned by your husband for another woman. They’re wrong …

Secrets can shock …

All Lauren wants is to protect her children from the pain of her messy divorce. But when their father goes missing, a case of mistaken identity puts all their lives in danger, and a stealthy predator lurks in the shadows, watching…waiting…

Secrets can kill …

Lauren is about to uncover an unfathomable truth—a truth this cold-blooded mastermind would never let her live to tell…

Monday, February 22, 2010

Romance Book Review: Bucked

Author: Cat Johnson
Series Connection: Studs and Spurs
ISBN: 978-1-60504-900-7
Genre: Western Romance/ Erotic Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Sage has had a crush on Mustang since she was a young girl when he was her sister's boyfriend. After high school Mustang went to follow his dreams and became a bull rider. When Mustang comes home injured, she knows this will be her only chance to live her own dream—to finally have Mustang.

After years on the road riding bulls, Mustang is hurt and forced to go home and have surgery and deal with his father who never understood Mustang's need to ride bulls. While at home he runs into the girl next door. Sage is nothing like the "little bit" he remembers. Now she is all grown up and a beautiful sexy woman. Even so, Mustang has promised himself he wasn't going to touch her. She isn't the one of the one-night-stands he's used to having in his bed. Now if he can just keep his promise to himself and get enough money together so he can get back on the circuit and back to his life.

I was really excited when I saw that this book had a bull rider in it because I love sexy cowboy stories and this book appeared to have all the right elements of sexy in it. The one fatal flaw I found was that I really didn't like the actions the hero took to raise money in the story at all. I've read several of Cat Johnson's books and know that usually she does a great job. This one just isn't up to her usual par.

This cowboy is looking for more than just an eight-second ride.

Mustang Jackson does two things well—ride bulls and love women. So the injury that takes him out of the arena leaves him only one way to make a living. Unfortunately, getting paid to be a stud in front of the camera isn’t as fun as private conquests. When he catches sight of little Sage Beckett, minus the glasses, braces and pigtails he remembers, doing time in his hometown suddenly gets a lot more interesting.

Sage had a crush on Michael long before he started using that ridiculous nickname “Mustang”. Though from what she’s overheard about his string of buckle bunnies, the man more than lives up to it. In the past he always looked right through her. Now that he’s home again, she’s determined to capture and tame this wild stallion, no matter what it takes.

She intends to satisfy her curiosity and move on, but with every touch she’s less sure she’ll ever purge him from her system. Once corralled in her arms, Mustang finds himself thinking that domestication may not be so bad after all.

Except, once she finds out about his side job, she may not stick for the next go-round.

Warning: Contains one well-hung cowboy riding much more than just bulls, some ménage action in front of and behind the camera, some whips and chains and some red-hot cowboy loving.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Romance Book Review: Mated to a Cajun Werewolf

Author: Selena Blake
Series Connection: Stormy Weather Book 4
ISBN: 978-1-60088-427-6
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Shape-shifter/ Paranormal
Publisher: Cobblestone Press


Over two hundred years ago, Andre and Juliette were a young, mated and torn apart by a tragedy. A chance meeting in a busy airport during a hurricane bring the two back together.

Juliette has come back to America to take care of her family estate and find out who killed her pack a year ago. She runs into the only man she could ever love, but he is the last person she wants to see. Andre is the same arrogant man he was two hundred years before. He pushes Juliette to let him help get her home before a hurricane hits. (Which the author calls Hurricane Love.) But Juliette knows her acceptance will change her life forever.

When Juliette left him two hundred years ago accusing Andre of murdering her brother, he was left heartbroken. He felt betrayed that his mate would choose her family over him. Now her family is gone and she is all alone with no one to take care of her, and Andre can't leave her alone, because although she was the last person he wanted to see, she will always be his mate and the only one who can bring him happiness.

This book is part of a series, but it isn't necessary to read the rest of the books to read this interesting novella. The story centers pretty much around Juliette and Andre and their past and how it affects their future together.

Torn apart…

The Deverauxs and Vassars have been fighting for hundreds of years, but somehow Andre and Juliette fell in love. More than that, they’re mates. Destined to be together for eternity until betrayal tore them apart.

Together again…

When business sends Andre Deveraux to Savannah he comes face to face with Juliette for the first time in sixty five years. Their crash course renews old memories and desires. With Juliette stranded and the hurricane of the century roaring to shore, Andre has no choice by to offer her a lift.

He’s in for the ride of his life.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Romance Book Review: Kissing Cowboy

Author: J C Wilder
Series Connection: S.W.A.T.
ISBN: 978-1-60504-907-6
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.


In a continuation of J C Wilder's 2005 S.W.A.T. series, Kissing Cowboy is the third book featuring Jeff "Cowboy" Diver and Payton "Pip" Whitter.

As children Cowboy and Pip were best friends. That was until the night that Pip showed Cowboy exactly how she felt about him and he rejected her for her beauty queen sister.

Not wanting to stand by and watch her sister with the man she loved and
humiliated her, Pip left town for nine years. Wanting to be around her friends again Pip returns. She knew she would see Cowboy again. She hoped she could finally end the obsession she had for him for years, but that may not be possible.

When Cowboy first sees Pip he can't take his eyes off of her. He knew he hurt her years before, but doesn't think there is anything he can do about that now. He knows she has every right to hate him. That one explosive kiss they shared so many years ago is long over, but he can't seem to forget it or the beautiful woman, Pip has become. The problem is he can't possibly be the man she needs.

This book features not only a great love story with two characters who are scared to take the next step, but a bunch of great friends together in a series of scenes that is sure to put a smile on readers faces. Kissing Cowboy brings back characters Miranda, John and a few others from the first of the S.W.A.T. books, Tactical Pleasures. It isn't necessary to read the S.W.A.T. series to read this book, but the first two are worth a read and available at Ellora's Cave Publishing. I hope we'll be seeing the continuation in this series a lot sooner than last time.

Their first kiss melted her resistance, their second one melted his heart.

She’s a woman with a plan…

From childhood, Payton ‘Pip’ Whittier has loved Jeff ‘Cowboy’ Diver. Even after he publicly humiliated her and forced her to leave town, he’s the one man she can’t erase from her heart.

Nine years have passed and Pip has returned to the scene of the crime, her hometown of Haven, Ohio. This time, she’s determined to rid her system of Cowboy, once and for all. He’s a man determined to thwart her every move…

When Cowboy sees Pip at the local bar, he’s floored by the changes in his one-time best friend. The shy, sweet girl has been replaced with a sexy-as-hell woman in red stilettos. Years ago they’d shared a tender moment, one that changed irrevocably their lives.

This is his one chance to convince her to give him one more—even if it means his heart could be crushed under her lethal high heels.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Romance Book Review: Claimed By The Wolf

Author: Charlene Teglia
Series Connection: A Shadow Guardians Novel
ISBN: 978-0312537425
Genre: Erotic Romance/ Paranormal
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin


Purchase this book here

Claimed by the Wolf is a well written novel with an exceptional subplot. I say subplot because the main plot was definitely erotica. The subplot was the story line that took place around the very hot sex scenes.

If you've spent anytime in a bookstore lately in the romance sections you'll find a great variety of genres. Many of the books use more than one genre. For instance it isn't unlikely to find a Christian crime drama on the same shelf as a paranormal vampire story. It also isn't unlikely to find a erotica paranormal book such as Claimed by the Wolf on the same shelf as the others.

When at the bookstore last week, I picked up Claimed by the Wolf and the woman next to me said, "Watch out for that one. It isn't a romance. It is basic porn."

Of course it was right there on the back of the book that Sybil must "share" herself with the five warriors, but I guess that didn't make it clear that she would be having sex with five different me. As a trolled around the net I found many people with similar complaints. Yes this book is very erotic and those who don't like these kinds of books will not enjoy this story line, but that is the beauty of the publishing industry these days there is something for everyone.

For those who do enjoy erotic romance with a paranormal shift, this one is well written and has the potential for a great story. Erotic fans will not be bored with the varied use of erotic bedroom, or cave floor etc., scenes. Each lover that Sybil takes has their own style that is for sure. Readers will find everything including BDSM.

On the other hand, the subplot for the story was more interesting to me. Sybil is a witch who hasn't been trained in her art although she is very strong. She stumbles upon a magic book at an estate sale and before she knows it, she is thrown into a world where she finds all sorts of beings she has never heard of before. Including a sex werewolf that she can't help but fall in love with despite how he tries everything to keep her at arms length. There is also a roguish dragon, a dominant elf, brooding vampire and demon in the mix.

My main complaint with this book is that although I realized the main part of the story was the sex, when I was ready for the background story to come together it moved to quickly. I wanted more action and more suspense. So I can't make this a 5-Heart review, but I give the author good measure for hot sex scenes, great alpha characters and witch, as well as an interesting story line.

They guard humanity against supernatural threats from the five gateways into the world. The Shadow Guardians: a vampire, a werewolf, a demon, a dragon and a fae are united in brotherhood - and war. Shadow Guardian Kenrick is an alpha werewolf forever in his prime. When Sybil, a beautiful apprentice witch, unknowingly opens a realm to the Otherworld, there is a sudden influx of demons - and it's up to Kenrick to help her stop them. Soon their passion flares and Kenrick desires Sybil as his mate. But to form their union, Sybil faces the ultimate test: She must bind herself to the Shadow Guardians by sharing herself with all five warriors.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Romance Byte: The Cinderella Deal

Author: Jennifer Crusie
ISBN: 978-0553593365
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Bantam

Purchase this book here


Daisy Flattery is an incorrigible free spirit with a soft spot for strays and a weakness for a good story and a bit of adventure. Why else would she agree to the outrageous deal offered by her button-down, workaholic neighbor Linc Blaise? The history professor is desperately in need of a fiancée to capture a dream job at a local college—and Daisy is up for the challenge. But something funny happens on their way to the altar that breaks all the rules and changes the game. Falling in love was never part of the bargain. Their little charade has taken in everyone—including themselves. Now with the proverbial midnight hour approaching will the fairytale finally be over or will opposites not just attract but live happily ever after?

Romance Byte: Pleasure of a Dark Prince

Author: Kresley Cole
Series Connection: Immortals After Dark
ISBN: 978-1416580959
Genre: Paranormal/ Demon
Publisher: Pocket


Purchase this book here

New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole enraptures again with this seductive tale of a fierce werewolf prince who will stop at nothing to protect the lovely archer he covets from afar.



Lucia the Huntress: as mysterious as she is exquisite, she harbors secrets that threaten to destroy her—and those she loves.


Garreth MacRieve, Prince of the Lykae: the brutal Highland warrior who burns to finally claim this maddeningly sensual creature as his own.


From the shadows, Garreth has long watched over Lucia. Now, the only way to keep the proud huntress safe from harm is to convince her to accept him as her guardian. To do this, Garreth will ruthlessly exploit Lucia’s greatest weakness—her wanton desire for him. . . .

About the Author:

Before becoming a writer, Kresley Cole was a competitive athlete and a Master's grad in English. She sold her first two novels in 2003, and since then, she has published eleven more books and has seen her releases translated into nine foreign languages.
Kresley followed her highly-acclaimed Sutherland Series historicals with the bestselling MacCarrick Brothers Series, a trilogy of Highlander historical romances, as well as the continuing Immortals After Dark Series, a Rita award-winning paranormal romance collection, all with Pocket Books.

In January 2009, she became a #1 New York Times and Publishers Weekly bestseller with her sixth IAD installment, Kiss of a Demon King.

Kresley lives in Florida with her husband and far too many dogs. She loves to hear from readers and invites you to visit her website:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Romance Book Review: Reissue of Exclusive

Author: Sandra Brown
ISBN: 978-0446604239
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing


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It has been years since I've read Exclusive by Sandra Brown. Brown is bringing back the 1996 book in a reissue with a new cover.

Barrie Travis is not famous: she's just a damn good reporter stuck at a low-budget television station. Then the First Lady calls her...and offers her the story of a lifetime. The president's wife, stunned by grief after the loss of her infant son, hints that her child may have been murdered. Blind to everything but finding the truth, Barrie's fight for an exclusive story will test her ethics, her patriotism, and her courage. Then, with the help of Gray Bondurant, a mysterious former presidential aide, she unearths White House secrets that, if exposed, could topple the presidency. Now, even as she falls in love, Barrie must fight powerful forces that want nothing more than to see the scandalous past - and a certain young reporter - dead and buried.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Romance Book Review: Jinx and Her Werewolf

Author: Marisa Chenery
Series Connection: Strange Hollow
ISBN: 978-1-59578-659-3
Genre: Paranormal/ Shapeshifter
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books



Strange Hollow is a town where supernatural who has a few quicks come live in a safely and without judgment.

Daken is an alpha werewolf whose wolf half doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body. All that Daken's wolf wants to do is play. Forced to leave his pack and his chance as alpha, Daken moves to Strange Hollow forced to live out his long live alone. At least that was what he thought until one day he finds his mate is having car trouble right outside his door.

Thora is used to being jinxed so when her car breaks down in Strange Hollow she decides that this town is just as good as any other to relocate in, especially when she gets a look at the man who comes to help her fix her car. As much as Thora wants to fall in love with Daken and live happily ever after in Strange Hollow she know that the curse that has her jinxed, also has other worse features that could hurt Daken.

Strange Hollow is a new series of books by different authors Liquid Silver Books. This book and Wary Wolf are the first installments to the series. The love story between Daken and Thora is so sweet. I especially love Daken's playful wolf. The love scenes throughout the book are definitely hot. This is a great start for what promises to be a fun series.

As a jinx, Thora has had to move around a lot. When her car breaks down stranding her in Strange Hollow, she figures the town is as good a place as any to stay for a while. When she meets Daker, he is just one more reason for her to stay.

A werewolf, Daker knows Thora is his mate, but her being a mortal just adds one more reason to take things slow with her. Not only does he have to find a way to tell her he is a werewolf, and she is his mate, he has to explain that the residents of Strange Hollow aren't exactly what they seem.

After Daker claims Thora as his mate, Thora knows they can never be, not with her curse hanging over her head. She may be cursed to be a jinx for the rest of her life, but she's also destined to kill the man she gives her heart to. Not wanting to be the cause of Daker's death, she has to fight her feelings for him or watch the man she loves die.

About the author from her Website:
I always loved to read, but once my kids started coming the number of books I read a week increased. The books varied from science fiction to historical fiction. After reading a historical romance novel I found myself hooked. I couldn't get enough of them. My love of historical romances soon evolved into wanting to write one of my own. Along with historicals I've tried my hand at paranormals, my latest obsession.

I live in Ontario, Canada with my husband and four children. Between looking after my kids and going to the gym a couple times a week I write about passionate women and the compelling men who love them. l

Romance Byte: Unholy Promises

Author: Roxy Harte
Series Connection: Chronicles of Surrender Book Three
Digital ISBN: 978-1-61650-121-1
Print ISBN: 978-1-61650-162-4
Genre: Erotica/BDSM/Menage
Publisher: Lyrical Press


Of Lord Fyre's many secrets, the most dangerous might just be a old lover.

Lord Fyre's life is so secretive even his lovers know him only by an alias. An international agent, he's wanted in many countries - dead or alive. When his past catches up with him, Lewd Larry's BDSM Fetish Fantasy Night Club may no longer keep him safe.

With his twin brother is in danger, Lord Fyre must return to Paris to save him. But the cat and mouse intrigue he left behind isn't his only challenge. An past flame may be the greatest danger he's ever faced.

Romance Byte: Dark Tempest

Author: Manda Benson
ISBN: 978-1-61650-124-2
Genre: Romance/Science Fiction
Publisher: Lyrical Press


Hijacking a woman's spacecraft is definitely not the way to win her heart.

Gerald Wolff is a convict blackmailed into hijacking the ship belonging to Jed, a star Archer and descendant of one of the highest Blood lineages in the known galaxy, while he is but an outcast half Blood.

Jed has found Equilibrium by adhering to a strict code. Wolff’s intrusion into her ship and her life upsets the balance of her obsessively controlled world. His very presence confuses her, yet they must work together in order to discover why they are being hunted, and to stay one step ahead of their pursuers.

Content Warning:Violence, sex, foul language, science.

Romance Book Review: Recipe for Love

Author: Carol Lynne
Series Connection: Cattle Valley Series Book 15
ISBN: 978-0-85715-033-2
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ M-M
Publisher: Total-E-Bound


In Recipe For Love, Carol Lynne brings two long time characters together—Jay and Erico. Jay came to Cattle Valley, Lynne's fictional gay only community, after ending an abusive relationship. The town immediately takes the young man into their fold and does everything to show him support.

Erico is the owner of The Canoe. A premier restaurant in Cattle Valley. Everyone knows Erico as the town playboy and warns Erico not to mess with Jay. Jay on the other hand has his eyes set on Erico and while no one is looking seduces the man. It doesn't take much since Erico is completely in love with Jay.

What everyone doesn't know about Erico is that he is ill and needs surgery he has been putting off, but once he is back on his feet he isn't going to let Jay slip from his fingers.

Despite only giving this book four hearts, it really isn't a bad story just not what I expected Carol Lynne to write when it came to Jay's turn. He seemed like such a shy quiet man with a lot of potential for a completely different story. One that involved the old abusive lover coming after him and actually giving Ryan something to do. That's okay though, it is definitely a keeper and one that can't be missed for all of those who are following along with the Cattle Valley series. I wonder who will be next?

After years of living in fear, Jay De Luca has finally found a safe haven in Cattle Valley. Although he's beginning to open up around his friends, he's far from ready to get involved in another relationship. When handsome, Erico Morrelli tries to hire him away from a job he loves, Jay declines the restaurateur's offer, afraid of spending time with the town's playboy.

Ashamed to tell his friends he's sick, Erico tries to run The Canoe on his own despite protests from his physician. When he collapses at work, Erico begins to re-evaluate his future. His attraction to the one man he knows he should stay away from haunts him.

Can Erico invent a Recipe for Love or will he face his toughest challenge alone?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Romance Book Review: Dirty Sexy Murder

Author: Cathleen Ross
ISBN: 978-1-61650-122-8
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Paranormal
Publisher: Lyrical Press
E-book version available today. Print version (ISBN: 978-1-61650-165-5) available July 1, 2010



After an embarrassing mess up of a wedding day, Marina moves to the city to live with her best friend, Lizzy and Lizzy's brother, James. She takes on a job at a spa giving Brazilian body waxes. It isn't long before she starts getting these strange premonitions about her clients and they start being killed.

Now the police are starting to suspect that she and James are killing her clients and it is up to Marina to use her new found "gift" of premonition to save her clients, herself and those she loves most.

In Dirty Sexy Murder, Cathleen Ross puts together a novel that was a pure pleasure to read. I love mystery books which give the readers clues to solving the crime, but also adds a little bit of erotic fun to the story. James is the perfect hero type, trying to protect the two women in his life that he sincerely loves, but feels so out of his element.

At the end of her book Cathleen Ross explains that she worked to write scenes trying to describe how a person would feel when they were first experiencing the first true developments of their pyschic gifts.

"With my character Marina, I wanted to catch that stage when a psychic person thinks they could be going nuts because they know, see or hear things they think they shouldn’t," she wrote. She does a great job expressing Marina's confusion and emotions during what is sure to be a difficult time.

Gaining pyschic powers would be so out of character for someone like Marina it made her perfect for the part of the heroine. Definitely a 5-Heart read for someone who like sexy murder mysteries that dabbles in the psychic realm.

Can Marina learn to have faith in her powers in time to save the people she loves?

Marina's got it made with a new job giving Brazilian waxes in a fashionable salon in the big city of Sydney. Life seems to be looking up for her, that is, until she starts having visions, which come true. Her clients start dying, one by one. Then her roommate, James becomes a suspect, and suddenly she must fight for the man she cares for. While she tries to harness her powers, people close to her begin to disappear. More victims of the serial killer? This time she can’t see, and in the midst of terror, Marina must save the lives of people she's come to love, but in a twist of fate, save herself.

Content Warning:Explicit Sexual content. l

Romance Byte: Moon Craving

Author: Lucy Monroe
Series Connection: Children of the Moon Book 2
ISBN-13: 978-0425233047
Genre: Paranormal/ Shapeshifter/ Werewolf
Publisher: Berkley Sensation

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If it were up to him, Talorc—laird of the Sinclair clan and leader of his werewolf pack— would never marry. But when the king orders that Talorc wed an Englishwoman, the lone wolf is shocked to find his mate in the strong-willed Abigail. And after an intensely climactic wedding night, the two fiercely independent souls sense an unbreakable bond…

Deaf since childhood, Abigail hopes to keep her affliction from Talorc as long as possible. And for his part, he has no intention of telling her about being a werewolf. But when Abigail learns that the husband she’s begun to love has deceived her, it will take all of his warrior’s strength—and his wolf’s cunning—to win his wife back. And Talorc will have to face his biggest challenge yet: the vulnerability of a man in love…

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Romance Byte: Ecstasy Unveiled

Author: Larissa Ione Series Connection: The Demonica Series ISBN-13: 978-0446556828 Genre: Paranormal Publisher: 978-0446556828


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A Demon Ensalved
Lore is a Seminus half-breed demon who has been forced to act as his dark master's assassin. Now to earn his freedom and save his sister's life, he must complete one last kill. Powerful and ruthless, he'll stop at nothing to carry out this deadly mission.

An Angel Tempted
Idess is an earthbound angel with a wild side, sworn to protect the human Lore is targeting. She's determined to thwart her wickedly handsome adversary by any means necessary-even if that means risking her vow of eternal chastity. But what begins as a simple seduction soon turns into a passion that leaves both angel and demon craving complete surrender.

Torn between duty and desire, Lore and Idess must join forces as they battle their attraction for each other. Because an enemy from the past is rising again-one hellbent on vengeance and unthinkable destruction.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Romance Book Review: Breaking Daylight

Author: M.J. Fredrick
IBSN: 978-1-60504-869-7
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Samhain Publishing


Action and suspense from beginning until the end in this well plotted, page turner featuring a Special Forces officer sent to bring down a drug lord. When he arrives on the scene, he finds not the drug lord, but a woman that he believes is a partner in the drug suppliers crimes.

Special Forces Sergeant Alex Shepard doesn't know everything about the woman that drug lord Santiago Saldana is holding against her will. Bella Canales is being held prisoner whether Alex believes her or not. She hasn't always made the right decisions in her life, but right about now she will do anything Alex asks to get herself back home.

As Alex and Bella spend time together, Alex begins to realize that Bella is more than she seemed at first. The attract between the two sizzles through the pages. M.J. Fredrick does a great job of pulling together the story keeping the sensual tension between Alex and Bella alive through the pages.

Alex is a great alpha character. As with many alpha male characters like him, trust is not easy for him and he doesn't trust how he met Bella from the start it is up to Bella to change all of that which she does easily by her actions through the story. Bella is tough, strong character working with the cards she's been dealt.

Sergeant Alex Shepard is all about getting the job done. That single-minded purpose helps him forget the fact he hates the jungle as he leads his Special Forces team in search of Honduran drug lord Santiago Saldana. His quarry eludes him, but the woman left behind in the compound is the next best thing. Saldana’s mistress—an American woman who clearly puts her own pleasure over right and wrong.

Isabella Canales has been Saldana’s prisoner for four long years. Worse, he’s taken away her most precious possession. Except Alex doesn’t believe a word of it. The clock is ticking, and she’s frantic to do anything to convince him to take her home. Even agree to serve as bait to draw Saldana out.

As they push through the tangled jungle dodging bullets and ambushes, Alex fights his growing respect for Isabella’s determination—and an attraction that’s impossible to resist, whatever she’s done. But Saldana never lets go of what’s his. And betrayal is his deadliest weapon. . .

Currently Reading: Guarding His Body

Author: K S Augustin
Series Connection: His Bodyguard
ISBN: 978-1-907010-30-9
Genre: Contemporary Suspense
Publisher: Total-E-Bound

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Book one in the His Bodyguard Series

In guarding Yves de Saint Nerin’s delectable body, Helen Collier is in severe danger of overstepping the agreed business arrangement…and losing her heart.

Yves de Saint Nerin is a man in trouble. Hounded by a vengeful business associate who has no qualms about attacking his family, he visits Australia in a bid to escape Leonid Alexandrov’s ruthless tactics. But, not leaving things to chance, he also hires a bodyguard and gets more than he bargains for in the form of accomplished martial artist, Helen Collier.

Romance Byte: Dangerous Ladies

Author: Christina Dodd
ISBN: 9780451228826

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Publisher: NAL Trade

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Two sexy, suspenseful bestsellers- together in one volume! Two stories of dangerous women entangled in the arms of deliciously treacherous men...

Trouble in High Heels

When Brandi Michaels discovers her fiancé hopping a flight to Vegas to marry his other girlfriend, she pawns her ring, buys herself a fabulous outfit, and spends one sultry night in the arms of a gorgeous Italian stranger named Roberto Bartolini. And when Brandi becomes the mark for a killer, she has no choice but to turn to Roberto-a man who's destined to be either her savior or her downfall...

Tongue in Chic

Devlin Fitzwilliam catches Meadow Szarvas breaking into his mansion to steal a priceless painting. In sheer desperation she tells him she has amnesia. But then he claims she's his wife-and Meadow finds herself locked in a match of high-stakes deception. She doesn't dare take her eyes off him-and doesn't want to-yet the danger is just beginning...

About the Author:
Christina Dodd is a New York Times bestselling author whose novels have been translated into twelve languages, recorded on books on tape for the blind, and has been called the year's "best" by Library Journal.

Romance Byte: Hold on Tight

Author: Stephanie Tyler
Series Connection: Hard to Hold Trilogy, Book 3
ISBN-13: 978-0440244363
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Dell

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Chris Waldron, an elite U.S. Navy SEAL, is used to getting out of tight spots. But all his years of training can’t prepare him for the crisis he now faces. When a mission to rescue a kidnapped ambassador and his wife goes tragically awry, an FBI hostage negotiator is killed and Chris finds himself at the center of the ensuing investigation. Leading the charge is Jamie Michaels, a blistering-hot special agent—and Chris’s onetime lover.

Despite their reignited mutual attraction, Jamie is determined to keep things professional with Chris this time. But seeing him bruised and battered in that hospital bed has rekindled all those feelings she thought she’d left behind during their brief, passionate encounter in Africa. Now Jamie must keep at bay her craving for danger as she spearheads a search for the truth that just may blow Chris’s career to bits—and put them both in the crosshairs of an unseen enemy.

About the Author:
Stephanie Tyler writes what she loves to read - romantic suspense with military heroes. She lives in New York with her husband, her daughter and her weimaraner. She also co-writes paranormal erotic romance for Bantam Dell under the pen-name Sydney Croft.

Romance Book Review: Captured

Author: Julia Rachel Barrett
ISBN: 1-60601-722-5
Genre: Erotic Romance/Contemporary/ Science Fiction
Published By: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.


Mari wakes to find herself kidnapped and locked in a cage. That alone would be bad enough, but she comes to find that she has not been kidnapped by humans but by aliens that come to steal women from Earth to bring back to be sold at a meat market. For some reason instead of being kept asleep during her travel, Mari stays awake and works to try to gain the aliens' sympathy.

Ekkart has been harvesting Earth women for 20 years, but he has never taken the time to get to know his prey. He has no idea that humans are capable of feelings and when he realizes this he becomes confused and doesn't understand all of the things his elders has taught him of Earthlings.

This love story is a great read for Valentine's weekend. The love story that forms between Mari and Ekkart is one of acceptance and love that builds over time.

Mari never expects to find herself in a cage in a cargo hold on a spaceship. She quickly learns from her captors she's headed to the meat market. When they try to return her to hypersleep, she resists. After allowing her to stay awake, Mari realizes her survival depends on connecting with the male in charge, Ekkatt. She must make him see her as a sentient being or she will end up as dinner.

Ekkatt has never spoken to any human. They are valued for one thing, the money they bring at auction. The Attun race are vegetarians, but other species prize human flesh and bring in good money. Then the female with red hair speaks to him and forces him to admit she has a name. Mari throws Ekkatt's entire life into question, the biggest question...can he watch her sold to the highest bidder? l

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Romance Byte: Ravishing In Red

Author: Madeline Hunter
Series Connection: The Rarest Blooms #1
ISBN-13: 978-0515147544
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Jove

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Armed with her cousin’s pistol, Audrianna travels to a coaching inn, to meet with a man who may have information that will clear her dead father’s name. She does not realize that the handsome man of commanding sensuality who shows up is not the person she expected, but instead Lord Sebastian Summerhays, one of her father’s persecutors, lured to the inn by the same advertisement that brought her there.

When the pistol accidentally fires, the situation becomes mortifyingly public, and thoroughly misunderstood. Audrianna is prepared to live with the scandal. Lord Sebastian has other ideas. . .

Romance Book Scene: Nauti Deceptions

Author: Lora Leigh
Series Connection: Nauti Boys
ISBN-10: 0425232557
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Berkley Trade

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In her fifth installment to her Nauti Boys series, Lora Leigh tells the story of bad girl Rogue and her Sheriff. In previous stories readers had the chance to meet both Rogue and Zeke. There was a connection between them, but no real romance was happening. All that changes in Nauti Deceptions. Zeke has been trying desperately for five years to stay away from Rogue. He knows that it is his fault that she lost her job as a school teacher and her good reputations. She's too young for him and despite appearances, she's way too innocent.

That was then, this is now. Zeke can't keep pushing Rogue away. He's wanted her for years and now is his chance to have her. The sparks that fly between the two in and out of the bedroom are too hot and although Zeke is very quiet about who he takes to bed, rumors abound about the two.

As for Rogue, she doesn't care who knows about her and the sheriff. As a matter of fact that is one of her conditions for becoming his lover. She doesn't want to be hidden away like the "bar whore" everyone calls her. Being with Zeke is a dream come true for Rogue, but there are things going on that she doesn't know about and deceptions being played out all around her. When her two favorite cousins are killed, Rogue finds out just how close to home those deceptions are.

I loved, loved, loved Rogue and her sexy sheriff. Rogue is just one of those tough as nails characters that you can't help but admire. She's adventurous and sassy. While Zeke is well intentioned with everything he is trying to do, the sparks between them make you wonder what took him so long. The sex scenes are pure Lora Leigh style and what makes her a master at her craft. There are some visits from the MacKay cousins, the sexy Alex and his lady love, Janie MacKay and Agent Cranston from the previous books, but it really isn't necessary to read the other books to read this one, unless you want to learn about some more sexy "Nauti Boys". All are well worth the read.

Caitlyn "Rogue" Walker left her life in Boston to become a teacher in a small Kentucky town. But her dream was shattered when she was framed in a sex scandal. Refusing to be run out of town, Caitlyn shed the identity she had and became Rogue. Sheriff Zeke Mayes knows there's more to her than meets the eye, though what meets the eye is pretty smoking. He's prepared for a long struggle getting Rogue to drop her defenses-and give in to desire. But soon Zeke will become embroiled in a deadly game that sweeps Rogue up in its wake. And when everything seems to be a matter of life and death, there is no reason to hold back...