Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Romance Book Review: Bonding Experience

Series Connection: Werekind 2
Author: Cora Zane
ISBN: 1-60088-037-1
Genre: Shifter/Bondage


Luke has loved Claire for years, but she would never give him the time of day. Still burned from their experiences in high school, she finds it hard to except when her pack leader send her a mating contract between herself and Luke. Now she has to do some fast thinking to get out of the contract before Luke manages to convince her it is a perfect idea.

With Bonding Experience, Cora Zane provides an appealing, erotic story with a sexy alpha hero and a delightful sassy heroine. While Luke is at times arrogant he also has enough grace to be worried that he just might not get the woman he loves in the end.

When her pack leader issues a mating contract between herself and hotshot werewolf Luke Roman, Claire knows there must be some mistake. She doesn't know Luke very well, but she can't imagine two less compatible people being thrown together.

Luke has loved Claire for years, and he isn't about to let her undo what he's worked so hard to put into effect. When she refuses to discuss the pact with him, even when he follows her home, Luke finds a silk scarf on her dresser and decides to try other, more creative ways of getting Claire's undivided attention.

About the author from her Website:
Cora Zane has always held a fascination for the unknown, the dark things felt rather than seen, strange occurrences that fall into the realm of the paranormal, and the creatures that stalk the night. 

In 2005, when she announced to her family that she had written a story about werewolves, they were shocked to discover it was a romance - and an erotic one at that. Two years and string of novellas and short stories later, they've finally accepted her naughty imagination, and her belief that lost souls need love too. 

Cora lives in rural North Louisiana with her husband, two children, and two grumpy old watch dogs.

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