Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Romance Book Review: Demon Can't Help It

Author: Kathy Love
Series Connection: Anyway You Want It and I Want You To Want ME
ISBN-13: 978-0758231932
Genre: Paranormal Romance


After ending a very bad relationship Jo moves to New Orleans to be closer to her two best friends, Maggie and Erika. Jo isn't ready to come clean with her friends about her torrid relationship or her current condition and she certainly isn't ready for a new relationship with the very gorgeous and totally inappropriate Maksim. The only problem is when Maksim gets near she just can't help herself.

Maksim isn't taking any chances. He wants to get as close as possible to Jo as he can get, even if it means volunteering at the Community Center where Jo works and having to take care of "little heathens". Maksim isn't used to having to work hard to get a woman in his bed, but just getting Jo to spend anytime with him is turning into a chore. It isn't just that Maksim is conceited and believes that no woman can resist him, it is just that he's a demon and since he embodies everything that is sin, lust and desire what woman could refuse.

When strange things start to happen, Jo turns to Maksim for help. He's supportive and the most unbelievable part to Maksim is that he isn't making any of it up. He sincerely wants to be there for Jo, but is that what's best for her or is it best for Maksim to head back to his home in hell and stay away from the woman he loves?

Demon Can't Help It is often times funny and others just a bit scary. The book is made more enjoyable by the quirky, likeable characters. Maksim isn't like any demon from fairytales. He's quick to say he's "self-centered, excessive, indulgent, ruled solely by his own wants and desires," and those are just his fun traits. Jo is feisty, full of secrets and in need of someone to love her. This story has like characters from the first two books in the series, but can be read separately. Although after reading, beware as you may be compelled to read the other two in the series.

A Demon . . .Not Just In Bed

Practical Josephine "Jo" Burke has no patience for the paranormal—even if she's been having some strange visions lately. But if she is losing her mind, at least it would explain her new attraction to her co-worker, the least suitable man she could ever fall for. . .

Maksim Kostova has no idea why he's so drawn to feisty mortal Jo, but he does know how she feels about the supernatural. Forget about her accepting him for what he really is, she'd never even believe him in the first place. Or would she? When Jo confesses to him that she's been seeing visions of a dead girl, it seems anything's possible. . .

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  1. This kind of book confuses me. Aren't demons supposed to be bad/evil? If a demon volunteers at a community center, doesn't he have to turn his evil card in? lol
    Other than my issues with goody goody demons, the actual story of this sounds pretty good.


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