Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Romance Book Review: Object of Desire

Author: Calista Fox
ISBN: 9781603100038
Genre: Paranormal, Romance


Fast action, fast paced Indy Jones type story about a woman treasure hunter with a soft heart. Laurel Blackwood seeks out treasures and then uses the treasure or the money she makes off her finds for good. She is also a spy trying to right the wrongs of the world.

Devon Mallory is also a treasure hunter, but he hunts for the love of hunting and to keep the prize. In some ways these two adventurers couldn't be more different. The one thing that keeps them coming back together is their love and attraction for each other.

The whole spy angle added an extra something to the book that made it more exciting. The relationship between the hero and the heroine was funny at times and very sensual at others. I liked Laurel's independence and her compassion and I liked that Devon didn't feel he needed to step in and fight all of Laurel's battles.

When treasure hunter and spy Laurel Blackwood raids Victoria Peak in Belize to recover a rare Mexican fire opal rumored to evoke dark desires and passions, she unwittingly sets off a sequence of dangerous events--and finds herself in the midst of a battle between good and evil… and lust and love. Being chased through the Yucatan jungle is perilous enough, but Laurel must also keep the opal from falling into the hands of a deadly terrorist cell, a greedy Belizean dignitary, and one particularly hot and scandalous treasure hunter named Devon Mallory.

For ten years, Devon has had his eye on the thirty-million-dollar prized opal and his heart set on winning Laurel for keeps. But her web of secrecy and now her betrayal over recovering the legendary stone without him has Devon hell-bent on stealing the opal from her and collecting on the massive pay-out. Unfortunately for Devon, there is much more to Laurel Blackwood than she lets on. And soon, he’s caught in the eye of the storm—falling under her sensuous spell, willing to put his own life on the line to help her protect the mystical jewel.

But Devon will eventually have to decide which gem is his true object of desire…

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