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Author Cameron Dane offers a series that has something for everyone

Author: Cameron Dane

Series Connection: Hawkins/Quinten, Montana Series
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: Paranormal/ Contemporary Romance/ M-F Roamnce/ M-M Romance/ Mystery/ Suspense/ Thriller

Last week I picked up a book by author Cameron Dane called Dreaming in Color. Reading it had reminded me that I had wanted to go back and read some more of the Hawkins series that the author had written last year. I read Knowing Caleb, which was the final book in the series, and like it so much.

So I spent the week reading the rest of the series and I was so impressed that I decided to write them up all in one. One of the best features about this series is that there are many different romance genres going on throughout the series. The series features three men who, although not related by blood, all share familial bond. They are all demons who shift into human. Meeting nearly two hundred years ago in their teens, the three shifter are not interested in living the way other demons do and decided to go off on their own.

The three must follow the rules of the demons, but they pretty much stay among themselves and hope for the day that they can break the demon curse and become fully human.

In the first story, Demon Moon, Cameron introduces Connor. In order to become human Connor has to find a woman who is completely and truly in love with him. If they can complete a special ritual, on the full moon that takes place on a Halloween night, Connor's demon will go away.

Connor is in love with Cassie. She is the woman of his dreams, but she is too young for him and he keeps away. He refuses to reveal himself as the demon and ask for her help.

In book 2, Fallen, Cameron introduces readers to Cain. Cain has known all his life that he is gay, but for his type of demon it is against all the rules to be with another man. If he is found out he could be killed. No one has tempted Cain in 175 years. That is until Luke. Connor asks Cain if he can help by giving Luke a job. Now it is just a matter of time before Cain takes what he wants and the demon council finds out and orders Cain execution.

In book three, ReneCade, the demon angle of the story is basically forgotten and Cameron introduces readers to other members of the supporting cast of the series. Ren and Cade. Ren is the sheriff's son and a young man who works for the Hawkins. He knows he is gay, but is afraid to let anyone know for fear that it will ruin his father's reputation and ultimately ruin the relationship between Ren and his father.

Cade is a quiet deputy that works for Ren's father. He has experienced the worst that life of a gay man has to offer and has to live with the consequences every day. When he moved to Quinten, Montana he told no one he was gay, but he can't hide his feelings for Ren. The battle between the two men and their secret about their sexual orientation keeps the story moving.

Book 4, Ride, is the story of the Sheriff and Risa. Risa is not only Luke, from book 2, sister. She is also Ren's best friend. She has been in love with Sheriff, Duke, ever since she was a teenager. Duke is 20 years older than Risa and is worried what the people of his small town will say when he starts up a relationship with a younger woman. Then there is the problem about the fact that Risa is a bull rider and Duke hates the fact that she is involved in such a dangerous sport.

And in Book 5 and what appears to be the end of the series, but who knows, is Knowing
Caleb. Caleb Hawkins has always been a fun loving sort. He hinds his relationship issues behind of mask of having affairs with one woman after another. Then one day he sees an acquaintance in trouble and helps the other man out.

Jake is depressed and despondent over the passing of his wife. Even after four years he can't seem to get over her death. When Caleb makes him an offer as foreman of his ranch, Jake jumps at the chance and moves in with
Caleb. An attraction like nothing either of them have ever felt before grabs hold of both men for each other. The only problem is that neither of the men are gay and neither want to be. As the two men come to terms with the way they are feeling for each other and what to do about it, an unknown is trying to kill Caleb. This story is where the author re-introduces the demon theme to the story.

Many times I've heard that authors shouldn't mix genres in a series, but I think that this series is a prime example of how well it can work. The five books hold together as a unit well, and it isn't necessary for everyone involved in the series to know that the Hawkins brothers are demons to make the series mesh together. These books are good for an easy week long read for fast readers or someone who enjoys series books. While much of the sex scenes are pretty vanilla in content, they are on the erotic side, especially in the M/M books.

Book descriptions from the back of the book:

Demon Moon

Rancher Connor Hawkins despises every drop of demon blood that courses through his veins. He would give just about anything to become human. The only way he can make that happen is to participate in a darkly sensual ritual under a rare full Halloween moon with a woman who loves him unconditionally. He's got the full moon, if only he can risk his heart and tell Cassandra Claire what he really is.

Cassie Claire thinks she already knows the real Connor, and she's been in love with him since she was eighteen years old. They've shared a unique friendship from the day her father died and Connor brought her home to live with his family. But she's twenty-three now, and on this
Halloween night she's determined to make the stoic, stubborn Connor open his eyes and finally see her for the strong, capable young woman she's become.

But it's hard to trust when you never have, and Connor has precious little time before the full Halloween moon wanes, not to be seen again for many, many years. He has to tell her, but if he does, will she love him enough to do what must be done?
They'll both find out, one passionate night under a Demon Moon.

Falling: An Erotic Love Story

Cain Hawkins is a master at suppressing his desires. After all, he's been doing it for over one hundred years. What Cain wants more than anything is a man to love, but he knows that no matter how much he craves it, it can never be. Because Cain is a Naverto demon, and to desire another man is more than forbidden, it is an act that will bring about his execution. So he keeps to himself, working with abused horses on a small patch of land, all on his own. But then his brother makes a request that Cain cannot refuse.

Luke Forrester just wants a job and a place where he can recover from the brutal beating he took at the hands of his former boss. He dreams of a place where he can work with the horses that he loves so much. The fact that he's had a crush on Cain Hawkins, his best friend's brother-in-law, for more than two years threatens everything. But Luke's determined not to screw things up. He will do the work and prove to Cain that it wasn't a mistake to hire him, and he won't allow the fact that he desires something more with Cain to interfere with his work one bit.

But working and living in such close proximity can test the best of intentions, and when one kiss leads to something much, much more, Cain must open himself in a way that he never has before. He must trust Luke completely and tell him everything about who and what he is. And together, they must find a way to fight for Cain's humanity and save him from his demon clan before he is found out and they are ripped apart forever.


Lawman Cade McKenna moved to Quinten, Montana in order to forget his past, one that left his face half covered in scars. He does his job with quiet authority, but otherwise wants to be left alone.

Ren Boone loves his job as a jack-of-all-trades for Hawkins' Ranch. If only his personal life were as uncomplicated as his work. Ren needs to get over a crush on his best friend, and he has to find a way to tell his father, the sheriff, that he's gay.

When sabotage hits the ecological project Ren is working on, Cade is assigned the case. Suddenly, Cade is fighting an attraction for the boss's son, and Ren starts to see the serious Deputy McKenna, a man who can no longer smile, as breathtaking and beautiful.

As danger mounts, tempers and desires flare out of control. Ren and Cade explode in an act of passion that sends them both reeling. A secret affair begins, one fraught with peril and misunderstandings right from the start. Then Ren makes a catastrophic mistake that almost costs Cade his life. Can Cade forgive him and let Ren back into his vulnerable heart?


Bull rider Risa Forrester and Sheriff Duke Boone have been dancing around their attraction for the better part of a year now. Almost everyone in Quinten, Montana can see it, even though Risa and Duke have never so much as kissed, let alone anything more. Risa has been in love with the sheriff for a long time and senses Duke feels something for her, too. He's so damned rigid though -- and used to being in complete control -- that he won't let go with her and act on the fire that burns between them.

Duke knows he can never give in to the simmering lust he feels for the much younger Risa Forrester. Their age difference alone makes anything between them wildly inappropriate, and he will not invite small town gossip to his front door by engaging in a relationship with the vibrant young woman, who also happens to be his son's best friend.

But when Risa begins to seriously compete against men in her bull riding career, emotions long unused start to stir in Duke, ones he cannot ignore. Duke's fear of Risa getting hurt drives the passion between them, and before Duke knows it he is knee-deep in an affair with the hottest, most wildly engaging woman he has ever known. Duke finds himself almost obsessed with Risa -- something he hates feeling -- and is constantly fighting desire he swore he would never let in his life again.

The need to keep Risa safe pushes Duke into a reckless ultimatum, and in doing so forces the independent Risa right out of his arms. Can Duke find a way to let go of the strict control he holds over his life and allow a woman back into his heart? And if he can, how much of his soul will he have to give to this fiery woman in order to convince her that she's the only one he wants, forever?

Knowing Caleb

Caleb Hawkins has watched his brothers fall in love, all the while knowing that for him, it can never be. Caleb has terrible secrets locked in his soul, events in his past for which he can never atone or be forgiven. Someone discovering that he is a demon is the least of what leaves Caleb trembling with nightmares.

Jake Chase lost his wife six years ago and has never recovered. He doesn't want to fall in love again and has shunned even a simple date, let alone something more with a woman.

Caleb needs a foreman, and Jake needs a job that will get him off the rodeo circuit. Caleb hires Jake. Problem solved. Only, Caleb starts noticing little things about Jake he never has in a man before...things like hard lips and a honed, muscular body. For Jake, six years of celibacy have pushed him to a place of sexual need and he finds his gaze straying Caleb's way…and watching, hungrily.

Can Jake let go of his wife enough to find love with a man? If he can, will Caleb let down his walls and trust Jake with his past, risking his very soul for a chance at forever?

About the author from the back of the book:
I am an Air Force brat and spent most of my growing up years living overseas in Italy and England, as well as Florida, Georgia, Ohio, and Virginia while we were stateside. I now live in Florida once again with my big, wonderfully pushy family and my three-legged cat, Harry. I have been reading romance novels since I was twelve years old, and twenty years later I still adore them. Currently, I have an unexplainable obsession with hockey goaltenders, and an unabashed affection for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

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  1. I love Cameron Dane's books! I have read 5 of them in the last week. I am looking to read the rest in the next couple weeks (I have edits due so...)

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