Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Romance Byte: Santa, Honey!

Author: Kate Angell, Sandra Hill, Joy Nash
ISBN: 978-0505527530
Genre: Holiday Romance


Ho, Hambug, Ho - Kate Angell

Forced into a scratchy white beard and a red velvet suit two sizes too small, hotshot ballplayer Alex Boxer knows his goose is cooked when the woman supervising his community service turns out to be cute as a Christmas elf but channelling the nutcracker.

Naughty or Nice - Sandra Hill
Anyone can hold up a convenience store on Christmas Eve. But to do it impersonating Santa Claus, on behalf of a nun, handcuffed to a gorgeous hostage - that takes brass... bells.

Christmas Unplugged - Joy Nash
Two sisters, plus two brothers, plus one romantic Christmas weekend at Dutch Lodge with zero electricity. It all adds up to a sleigh load of mix-ups, breakups and happily-ever-after hookups.

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