Friday, December 4, 2009

Romance Book Review: For Her Pleasure

Author: Maya Banks
ISBN-13: 978-0425217498
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance


Three stories included in one book. Two about the same three characters and one about a side character that includes a interaction from the first three characters.

Kit, Mac and Ryder are childhood friends. When Kit remains in town Mac and Ryder leave for a while, but come back for her. Mac always knew he was going to come back and claim Kit for his own. After leaving the service he moves back to his small town to work for the local sheriff's department.

Ryder is a free spirit. After hearing that his old friend Mac is back in his home town, he makes his way back home and the three friends pick up where they left off, except now they decide that it is time to act on their attraction. While they are flirting with the idea, Kit is attacked and raped. Now she has a stalker and it is up to her men to take care of her.

On the one hand I liked the first two stories because the author delved into the whole threesome living together for eternity issue and all the emotion that goes along with sharing one woman between two men. Too many times books seem to gloss over the issue or not deal with it at all. On the other hand, I'm not sure how believable it was that Kit would be interested in two men, especially two very aggressive men, after she had so recently been raped. Other than that the writing is terrific, the sex scenes hot and the underlining story is an interesting read.

I really liked the third story, which brings back Ryder's friend Mia. Mia has gotten herself in a pretty nasty mess. After the love of her life, Jack, leaves her without a trace, her life goes into an out of control spiral. She finds herself in a small town being blackmailed into working in a strip club. Either she dances or she goes to jail. To make matters worse, now the owner of the club wants to auction her off as a sex slave.

Jack has a lot of explaining to do. When he gets back from his undercover stint he finds out that Mia is dancing at a strip club and can't believe it. Going to find out for himself exactly what is going on, he realizes something has gone terribly wrong for Mia. Can he rescue her before she lands herself in jail or worse sold as a sex slave?

Maya Banks has a wonderful way with words and a great imagination. Even though this won't make it as one of my favorites by her, it won't stop me from reading her next book. She's great at crafting a good entertaining story.

What She Wants

Kit Townsend wants Travis “Mac” McKenzie and Ryder Sinclair in her bed, their hands on her body. They’re the only two people she trusts in the world, and better, they share her negative view of relationships and messy emotional entanglements. But Mac wants more from Kit than easy sex and a hot threesome. After an attack on Kit leaves her shaken and afraid, Mac knows he can’t wait any longer to claim his fiery rebel. Convincing her that he can be trusted with her heart while protecting her from her attacker may just be the biggest challenge of his life.

What She Needs

Ryder realizes his feelings for Kit run a lot deeper than he thought, but he’s unwilling to come between her and Mac. He loves her. He wants her. He aches for her. But he’s prepared to step back no matter how hard it is to let Kit go. Until a shocking revelation makes it impossible for him to walk away.

What She Craves

Mia Nichols has loved Texas Ranger Jack Kincaid forever, but he’s kept her at a distance. One night she seduces him, and he gives in to the temptation that has haunted him for so long. The next morning, however, he disappears, leaving her to wonder if he’s alive or dead.

Two years later, he bursts into the club where she’s stripping, determined to haul her back to Dallas. But Mia is caught in a dangerous situation, and it will take everything Jack has to save her—and gain her forgiveness.

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