Monday, February 1, 2010

Romance book review: Sweet Seduction

Author: Maya Banks
Series Connection: Sweet
ISBN: 978-0425230695
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publisher: Berkley Trade

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I have mixed feelings on this whole series. On the one hand I love Maya Banks as a writer. She is one of the best writers in the erotic romance genre. She is imaginative and writes a good story. Over the last couple of years BDSM has been making its mark into mainstream bookstores and Maya Banks books in the Sweet series seems to be doing well in that market. However, I'm not really what you would call a hardcore BDSM. I read, but didn't review Sweet Persuasion because quite frankly I didn't like how far the story went into the BDSM lifestyle. There are people that this book would appeal to and I know that is the crowd that the author wrote the book to, so rather than pan it because it wasn't to my taste, I let it go.

I feel like Sweet Seduction is more my style. Although, there were some scenes where it pushed the boundaries of my comfort zone for the most part it was exactly the type of book I enjoy. Julie's character as a bold, sassy massage therapist was great. She said what she thought and meant to do what she said. She didn't back out when she got nervous or afraid. Her relationship with her friends, Faith and Serena, previous characters from the other Sweet series books, was fabulous.

Nathan was just perfect for Julie. He was bold and sexy and allowed her to follow her fantasy without getting all alpha on her and holding her back. Unlike the other ladies in the series, he was exactly the type of man she needed him to be and I'm glad that Maya didn't pull in her reins and make Julie into someone she wasn't.

The one thing I miss from the last two books that I liked in the first book of the series, Sweet Surrender, was some sort of suspense feature. It is another aspect of Maya Banks writing that I enjoy. I'm sure I'll get other chances in the future.

He was the stuff erotic dreams are made of

Salon owner Julie Stanford wanted Nathan Tucker ever since she gave him his first massage. Getting paid to feel every inch of his body, stripped, oiled, and spread out in front of her? Stuff dreams are made of. But the sexy lug was oblivious to the signals she was sending—until she finished off his final rub-down with something extra. In fact, the best extra he ever had. Unfortunately, he came around too late. Now Julie’s moving on…

She was everything he’d dreamed of

The woman was driving him crazy. She lit fire to his insides then ran like a scalded cat. And now she’s going to someone else to have all her fantasies fulfilled? Over his dead body… He’s more than willing to give her what she wants, and as soon as he pins the little minx down, he’d show her his own brand of sweet seduction.

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  1. I love this series! I like all their friendships with each other. And you're right Sweet Persuasion was hardcore BDSM that at times even had me doing 0_o << that face, but overall i liked it since it wasn't a forced D/s situation, everything happened because the charactered wanted it that hardcore.

    Sweet Seduction was a lovely story too, I loved Nathan and Julie, she was a fiesty one. But it was Micah that had my attention...RAWR! loved him!

    Great review, i loved reading it. :)


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