Saturday, May 15, 2010

Romance Book Review: Saving Ciaran

Author: Cassandra Gold
Series Connection: Outcasts
ISBN:   978-1-60088-432-0

Genre: Paranormal/ Shapeshifters/ Werewolf/ Demons/ M-M
Publisher: Cobblestone Press

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Drew leaves his family and his pack when he finds that he can not be accepted because he is gay. Moving to the cabin his aunt left him, Drew pulls off the side of the road and takes a long run in his wolf form. As he changes back he runs across a creature he has never seen before. He knows from his own experience of being a werewolf that there are other different beings in the world and offers his help.

Ciaran is called to Earth by human who wish him harm. Running from them he runs into the arms of Drew. Ciaran isn't sure of what to make of the man, since all he has seen of humans are evil, but slowly Drew earns Ciaran's trust and to the set out to Drew's aunt's cabin. Ciaran knows nothing of Earth and his people and Drew knows once Ciaran is more familiar with his surroundings he will off to explore this new world and leave Drew behind. Keeping his feelings to himself is safe, but what will he find if he lets the Ciaran know how he really feels.

Interesting plot and characters, pulls this short novel together.

Cast out of his family for being gay, Drew is a werewolf without a Pack. While traveling to his new home, he saves a strange, winged man who is being chased through the woods. He doesn't expect to fall in love.

Half-fae, half-demon, Ciaran is an outcast among his people. When he's summoned to the human world, he doesn't know what to do. To him, Earth is complicated and scary, and he soon finds himself dealing with unexpected feelings for his rescuer.

If they can find the courage to take a risk, two outsiders may find a home at last.

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