Thursday, May 13, 2010

Romance Book Review: Seducing the Wolf

Author: Marisa Cherney
Series Connection:  Wulf's Den
ISBN:  978-1-59578-492-6

Genre: Paranormal Romance/ Werewolf
Publisher:  Liquid Silver Books


The minute Royce sees Billie in Wulf's Den he knows that she is his mate. The only problem is she is a mortal. "Been there. Done that." Years ago Royce's first mate was a mortal and killed. He isn't sure that he can go through that kind of pain again or if he can put Billie through it. Royce soon finds out that Billie is different. She is strong for a human female and she has a few tricks up her own sleeve.

Billie has finally found a man she can be interested in. She isn't about to let him walk away without a fight. Once the two do get together it is simply fireworks.

Seducing the Wolf is part of the Wulf's Den series. One of the best parts to the series is that the author has built on the old story of Beowolf and Grendel. Now the two mythical characters are werewolves living in the present after fighting with each other for 1,500 years. Gren believes he has the spell that can make mortals into werewolves and it is up to Beowolf and his pack to keep Gren from using the spell. Gren thinks Royce is the key and will do anything to get what he needs to make the spell work.

Great story line and good writing and characters will keep readers interested in this paranormal series. 

Billie first met Royce at Wulf's Den while there to drag her drunken brother home to his wife. Even though she knows he is attracted to her, Royce refuses to see her again. With four older brothers, and being a personal trainer at her family's gym, Billie is not the type of woman to let a man she wants slip through her fingers.

Royce knows Billie is his mate, but with her being a mortal, he fights the attraction he feels for her. He already lost a mate who wasn't a werewolf and doesn't want to take the chance of getting hurt again.

As Royce's feelings grow for Billie another male werewolf stalks Royce. Thinking Royce's blood is the key to a magic spell, he will do anything to obtain it, even if he has to use Billie to get it.

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