Thursday, June 17, 2010

Romance Book Review: Kissed by the Sun

Author: Catrina Calloway
ISBN: 978-1-60735-052-1

Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Menage M-F-M
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Some quirky dialog, but fun and interesting tale of a poultry heiress who comes home to take over the family business only to find out she is the target for murder from someone who wants what she now has. Carlee really doesn't have any interest in the poultry business, but in order to fulfill her aunt's last wish she must take over the family business to keep up her art classes.

When she gets home she runs into the two men she once loved, Ben and Dan, but could never have. As Indians from the local tribe, turned police detectives. Ben and Dan know they have to keep Carlee safe. They also know that to keep the tribe council happy they shouldn't form a personal relationship with Carlee. The only problem is she is their dream girl. The one the two of them have always wanted. Can they protect her and keep their hands off of her?
Carlee Davis is a free spirit, an artist of Native American drawings. She creates beautiful sketches of her secret loves - two Native American Indians she's known since childhood, Ben and Dan.  When the matriarch of Carlee's family dies, she places the reigns of the family business in Carlee's reluctant hands.  Carlee has other plans for her life, but so does someone else - someone who is jealous that Carlee is now in charge of the family fortune.

Someone who wants Carlee dead.

It's a double dose of desire for Ben Strong and Dan Swift, the two Montauk Indians of Carlee's dreams.  Montauk means 'uncertain' in Ben and Dan's language, but they've always been certain of one thing: Carlee is the one woman for them - and they don't mind sharing.
Now Carlee's back in town, and a threat on her life stirs old feelings, new desires, and heats their blood.  Sometimes, it feels like she's been...

Kissed by the sun.

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