Friday, June 11, 2010

Romance Book Review: Veiled Seduction

Author: Alisha Rai
Series Connection: Veiled
ISBN: 978-1-60928-047-5
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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When emergency room doctor, Maira, learns that the love of her life and policeman hero, Sasha, is shot after taking down a gunman in a school playground she runs to his hospital room confessing her love to him. It is now or never to make the man she loves see her as more than a friend.

When Sasha mistakes her feelings for hero worship and then scares her away, he quickly realizes his mistake and sets out to seduce the woman he loves.

This is a series story that can stand alone. The story is well written and very real life. I liked all of the characters. This is a sweet romance with some exciting erotic scenes included. 
Even the best-laid seductions can go awry.

Beneath Dr. Maira Khan’s reserved exterior, her heart beats triple-time for only one man: Sasha Karimi. For two years she’s waited patiently for the handsome police lieutenant to wake up and see her as more than a buddy. When he’s injured in the line of duty, though, she realizes time is too precious to waste. Ditching her scrubs—and her shyness—she cooks up her very first seduction.

Sasha’s had a hell of a week. Thanks to the national media, amorous women are pouring out of the woodwork, all wanting a piece of America’s newest “hero”. The biggest disappointment? Maira seems to have contracted the same case of mass hysteria. Betrayed, he pushes her away—but not before he samples a taste of her luscious mouth and body.

It works. Maira retreats, mortified and ashamed. And Sasha realizes he’s just driven away the perfect woman. Now all he needs is a foolproof plan to win her back, starting with a proper courtship—and restraining his lust. Except once Maira glimpses the man behind the uniform, she sets out to show him that pure need has its own ideas about what’s proper…

Warning: Contains a brilliant heroine who knows how to take matters into her own hands, a sexy hero who knows how to win his woman, an awesome full-body massage, a tender romance and sizzling bedroom (and kitchen) shenanigans.

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