Monday, June 21, 2010

Romance Byte: The Irish Warrior

Author: Kris Kennedy
ISBN-13: 978-1420106534

Genre: Historical
Publisher: Zebra

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Winner of the 2008 Golden Heart winning manuscript

Inhibited, accountant-minded Senna de Valery comes to Ireland to finalize a deal that will save her faltering wool business. What she gets instead is a cunning English lord with dangerous ulterior motives.

Forced to rely on her wits, not her ledgers, Senna frees an Irish warrior chained in the prisons, and together they flee across the war-torn land of medieval Ireland.  But Finian O’Melaghlin is much more than a charming, roguish warrior.  He is councilor to his king, on a grave mission to recover military secrets, and has a dangerous agenda of his own.

Neither is prepared for the powerful forces arrayed against them …

Neither can resist the fiery passion igniting between them …

Neither can imagine the sacrifices they will face, nor the choices they will be forced to make …

King and outlaws, weapons and war: Can love indeed triumph over all?

About the author from her website: 
I love writing. I can feel my fingers actually move towards the keyboard. I love everything about it, except the times when I’m dying inside because I can’t make it work. And later, when it passes, I love even that, for its raw, despairing intensity. I love wondering how to put in 'cliffhangers' and red herrings into my stories. I love trying to figure out whose point of view a scene should be in. I love developing tortured characters. Poor things, to be stuck in my psyche. :-) I love figuring out who has the most to lose, then making them lose it. I love punctuation.

I know, it's sick.

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