Sunday, August 8, 2010

Romance Book Review: Nauti and Wild

Author: Lora Leigh and Jaci Burton
Series Connection: Nauti Boys (Leigh)/ Wild Riders (Burton)
ISBN-13: 978-0425234426
ISBN: 0425234428
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Publisher: Berkley

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In a special final installment to the Nauti Boys series, Nauti Kisses, Lora Leigh brings back John Walker, Jr., Rouge's brother. John is looking for something in his life and it isn't the woman he is currently engaged to. After he finds out in a very public scene, with the help of his friend Sierra, that his fiancee is having an affair with his best friend, John decides it is time to go in search of his roots and leaves for Kentucky.

The last place Sierra wants to run is to the man she loves most in the world. After she is attacked, her Godfather, John's father, sends her to John to keep safe while he works to find out who attacked her. Sierra knows that being alone with John and pretending she doesn't love him passionately is going to be impossible. She'll just have to stay away from his bed, but John has other plans and there is no way she is going to convince him that they shouldn't be together.

In Riding the Edge, Jaci Burton brings back the Wild Riders with Rick Benetti story. Rick is sent to go undercover to investigate the old motorcycle gang he used to run with, now run by his cousin. His job is two fold. One: to see how involved the gang is in selling drugs. Two: to make sure that a certain senator's daughter isn't actively involved in whatever illegal activity is going on in the gang.

Rick meets the senator's daughter, Ava, right away. Ava is visiting her friend Lacey in the gang. It turns out that Lacey is the girlfriend of the leader of the group. It is easy for Rick to get close to Ava and no hardship to be with the beautiful woman. Now the hard part is to find out what she does and doesn't know and keep her away from any activity that might be embarrassing to the senator.

Both Nauti Kisses and Riding the Edge are highly charged and highly erotic novellas. They will take your breath away with steamy sex scene, hot men and interesting story lines. I'm was sorry to hear that this will be the last installment to the Nauti Boy series. The books in the series are all hot and I love the play on words in the title.

Both books are independent titles and it isn't necessary to read the previous books to enjoy these two stories. Of course once you meet these two hot men, you'll be interested in checking into the other stories related to both series.

You’ve seen them. Looking for trouble, and looking irresistible, riding into town, straddling 73 cubic inches of throbbing horsepower.

Boys so bad it takes a special kind of woman to satisfy them.

But some women are made for high speed handling…

Lora Leigh, the New York Times bestselling author of Nauti Intentions and Nauti Dreams revisits that sultry and “sinfully good”.  Southern landscape with a story of a good girl gone bad--and doing it for all the hottest reasons. But she’s not the only one going down that road…

Jaci Burton, the national bestselling author of Riding Wild and Riding Temptation, lets loose in a story of a hot biker hired to keep an eye on the reckless daughter of a Nevada senator. She’s hooked up with a rival biker gang--a dangerous move that makes the wild beauty more vulnerable than she imagined…


  1. I love LL, but I have to tell you the first time I saw this cover I HATED IT! The guy looks too metro and it really looks like they are trying way too hard to make him sexy. It has totally turned me off the book.
    Of course I am going to get it cause I am such a LL fan, but I am buying the e-book so I don't have to look at that god aweful cover!

  2. I totally agree about this cover. All the others in this series had great covers. Also, only one of the stories had a motorcycle guy in it so I didn't think it was the best representation of the book as a whole.


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