Thursday, September 9, 2010

Romance Book Review: Until Emie

Author: Gabriella Edwards
ISBN: 978-1-60310-544-6
Genre: Action and Adventure Romance
Publisher: Red Sage

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Quick read and action packed this novella features a feisty heroine and a sexy bad boy and lots of hot steamy sex.

Abandoning her role as the latest media pop tart, Emie Sinclair Douglas is ready to shed her skin and move on with her life. Knowing that it won’t be easy, she gathers her strength and takes her first step. She needs to face her demons and finally admit some dreams never come true. Security expert and former Texas Ranger, Josiah “Cut” Cutler made that perfectly clear when he had turned her away because she was too young to handle his passion. Now, after seven long years of self-imposed exile, it’s time to get him out of her system…or into her bed.

Be careful what you wish for… Coming home for a family wedding, Emie finds Cut waiting for her—willing and more than ready. She didn’t bargain on all the old feelings crashing down on her the minute he touches her. Nor did she expect her hard-won courage to melt away quicker than ice cream on hot asphalt at the sound of his sexy voice. She had counted on time—time to plan and gather her defenses against the blast of his attraction. Without them, she was doomed to succumb to his pull—again.

Cut never claimed to be a saint, but his control over the feelings he has harbored for Emie should earn him a vote for canonization. Until now. Now, Emie is fair game. She’s all grown up and looking more than ready for him. Biding his time, he had watched her go from one lover to another, playing the girl gone wild, sex-crazed socialite while he waited, wanting what she gave other men so freely. Now it was his turn, but with one tiny little snag. He needs answers to questions surrounding his brother’s death and he’ll stop at nothing to get them.

So what if he happens to entice information from Emie while making her scream in ecstasy—especially information on a mysterious woman rumored to have been with his brother when he died.

He believes Emie knows something and he’s not above using sex to get what he wants, even if what he wants turns out to be more than he expected or had ever anticipated. He needs to find this Esmeralda, and he believes Emie is the key.

Despite their separate agendas, Cut and Emie can only succumb to their sizzling desire and realize their hunger for each other is fueled by feelings from the past and a connection that is too strong to ignore. No longer the broken schoolgirl who had run from those emotions after Cut pushed her away, Emie still reels from their unexpected force. She had stayed away to heal and grow, but after only one night, the glaring reality hits her in the face: sex with Cut isn’t going to purge those feelings, or wash him from her soul. She had buried everything just beneath the surface while she tried to lose herself in high society’s social scene and pretend he didn’t exist.  She should have stayed in Europe—away from him.

When Cut turned Emie away, he was simply denying what lay kindling the hot attraction running between them. He knew then what she could mean to him, but he wasn’t taking her innocence with the heat of his passion. She was too young and needed to grow up. Her running away proved that. 

Keeping an eye on her had never been a hardship, but watching her grow into the woman she had become, without staking his claim, had nearly taken all his control. He wanted her and he would have her. But he isn’t prepared for the blow to his gut when he discovers Emie is more than just a bored socialite who mingled with the right people.

Now, Cut has to decide between turning his back on his brother’s murder or denying himself the love of his life.  A love he’d never experienced before...until Emie.

About the author:
Gabriella Edwards grew up with two older sisters who loved romance. Naturally, following them everywhere led her to inherit their love for the genre, especially Harlequin Romances. But soon enough, her tastes ranged to grittier, sexier romances.

After discovering the glory of eBooks and the instant gratification they provide, she enthusiastically started investing in what she likes to call “researching the market” for her writing despite her husband’s grumbling something about feeding her addiction.

Gabriella spends her time in Ohio with three cats, her husband, and a beautiful daughter who thinks the world of her (especially when chocolate is involved.) When she’s not at her day job, she’s writing or chasing the bulimic cat around the house trying to keep him off the rugs. It’s such a mess!


  1. This is definitely a sizzler! I'm looking forward to reading her next one!

  2. Just thrilled you liked Until Emie! Thanks for the review!


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