Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Romance Book Review: More than Friends: Brad

Author: Marie Rochelle
Series Connection: Drace Brothers
ISBN 978-1-60659-579-4
Genre: Erotic Romance/ Inter-racial romance
Publisher: Phaze

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Brad has been in love with News Anchor, Alicia, for years, but she hasn't wanted to be more than just friends, but Brad wants to convince her there is more to their friendship. When Alicia asks Brad to help her set up an interview with his brothers on inter-racial marriages, Brad jumps at the chance to help so he can spend more time with her.

Alicia knows that Brad is a great guy and she also knows why she's kept him at arms length for all this time. She isn't interested in a relationship now. She also knows that getting close to him while she does this interview with his brothers isn't a good thing. The only problem is, once Brad turns on the charm she doesn't know if she can stay away from him.

The story of the Drace brothers comes to a close with Brad and Alicia's story. The whole series was an interesting look at a relationship of this dynamic and I was really pleased that she ended the series with the chance for Alicia to do a segment on inter-racial couples. The book was well written with great story line. Brad is the consummate romantic with his heart riding on his sleeve. With the way he treats Alicia there is no way she could help but fall in love with him.

Brad Drace desired the beautiful and sexy Alicia Hart from the moment he saw her on the tennis court and he didn't make a secret of it to her. However, Alicia made it very clear that a romantic relationship couldn't and wouldn't happen between them.

Even though Alicia wasn't interested in getting involved with Brad, he had a way of staring at her like he clearly saw her every hope and dream. No matter how much he wanted something more, she had to stay strong and make sure they never became ... more than friends.

Yet, Alicia didn't seem to understand that he was a Drace brother and the men in his family never took no for an answer.

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