Sunday, June 5, 2011

Romance Book Review: Past Destinies

Author: Constance Ruth Clark
Digital ISBN: 9781616502706
Genre: Historical/ Time Travel
Publisher: Lyrical Press

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Doug isn't happy with his current life. He wants to find the right woman, get married and have a few children. He lives in the present.

Elizabeth hasn't yet met her soul mate, but she still has hope of meeting him someday, especially after speaking to a gypsy woman who tells her that she will meet him soon. She lives in the past.

It isn't really likely that they will ever meet, except with maybe the help of a old gypsy woman.

I so enjoyed Past Destinies. Right from the beginning I was hooked, but perhaps that was because the author included Hades and Persphone in the prologue. I've been thinking of writing the two into a story for sometime. The story leaves itself open for other unrelated stories to come. I was impressed with Constance Ruth Clark writing style and her imagination. As far as I can see from her website/blog, this is her first book and a nice intro into her writing career.

One spurned lover, one pissed off horse, and one goddess bent on happy endings.

Elizabeth isn’t interested in anything male unless it's her stallion, Black.  Unfortunately men don’t feel the same about her and she has so much unwanted male attention she disguises herself as one in order to escape it. But one man sees right through her disguise and surprises her with a toe-curling kiss to prove it. Surely he is just like all the others……isn’t he?

Doug isn’t sure why he woke up in 1868, but one thing he can’t deny is the attraction he feels for the spirited blonde he rescued. Until he knows for sure if he’ll return to the future one thing is certain – he needs to keep her out of his thoughts ….. and his bed.

Contents warning; Sappy Sweet Happy Ending.

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  1. Thank you for your review! So glad you enjoyed Past Destinies - My first book, but definitely not the last! Agatha's story must go on - and Cupid put in his place....


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