Thursday, February 16, 2012

Romance Book Review: Beth Harrison's Cursed

Author: Beth Harrison
ISBN: 9781603107730;1603107738
Genre: Fantasy/ Fantasy Celtic/ Paranormal/ Ancient Britain/ Reincarnation/ Witch
Publisher: Red Sage

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For me, Cursed was one of those book that I just got sucked in and kept reading until the end.

Forced into going to a facility party for the college she works for, Kate meets a the new professor on campus. Aidan More is attractive and compelling, but one touch of his hand and she fells panic and danger.

Soon Kate is pleagued with dreams of two lovers from another time, the couple look strangely like herself and the handsome Aidan. The dreams seem too real to a simple erotic dreams of the sexy new profession. Kate doesn't know what to think and goes to Aidan for help. But Aidan isn't who he appears to be and Kate doesn't know if she can really trust him or how much in danger she really is.

Aidan has a lot of secrets and the biggest one of all is that he's been cursed by a black witch who has brought him back to life for 1,000 years all with the intention of seeing him kill the reincarnation of his first love. The only problem is once he sees her again, in Kate, he isn't sure he'll be able to go through with his mission of killing her. After 1,000 years of coming back and remembering his past he's turned cold and hard, but still can he kill the one woman he has loved for enternity?

Lots to obsorb in this book. The author works to weave a tale that includes witches, reincarnation, just plan good sex and a love to last many lifetimes over.

Kate Casterbridge, professor of Victorian literature, prefers to spend her evenings alone with her cat on her lap and her nose in a book. Aidan More, the world’s preeminent scholar on witches and witch burnings, has suffered the tortures of the damned over thousands of years and hundreds of incarnations. He’s bone weary and determined at all costs to fulfill the ancient obligation that binds him.

When Kate shakes hands with her drop-dead gorgeous new colleague, she knows he’s in mortal danger. A confirmed skeptic about paranormal phenomena, she’s shocked and terrified by this sinister premonition. And that’s just the beginning of what’s in store for the shy, scholarly professor and the sexy stud with a dark, horrific secret.

Aidan bewitches Kate right into his bed, where they have the hottest sex she’s ever experienced. But is there more to this mysterious stranger than meets the eye? Kate crashes head-on into a world where witchcraft is alive and well and ancient evil still holds sway—and where she’s in grave danger of losing more than just her heart.

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