Friday, February 17, 2012

Romance Book Review: Jennifer Probst's Sex, Lies and Contracts

Author: Jennifer Probst
ISBN: 9781603107778
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Red Sage

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With a story line wrapped around poems and sonnets, Jennifer Probst brings readers a romantic piece about a woman attempting to live up to a promise she made to her father on his death bed and a wealthy Englishman looking for a woman who loves him for just himself.

In order to inherit his family's company Jack must marry as soon as possible. His mother even has a woman picked out for him, but Jack doesn't love that woman. He wants to find someone he can love for the rest of his life not just a woman who marries him for money. So he goes on a journey to America to find a woman. Be pretends to be a gardener and attempts to woo a woman just like any other working class guy.

Julianna has dedicated her life to her parents. Now that they are gone she is living up to her father's last request--that she keep the family home on the Cliff. The only problem is the estate is filled with debt and she has no way to pay it off. What else can she do, but marry for money?

A professor of poetry, she believes she is plain and boring seeing no suitable men available to help her with her cause. Then walks in a drifter looking for some quick money. Jack is a handsome man and she is completely attracted to him, but he is unsuitable in the way of trying to keep her promise to her father. Now she must choose, marry for money or marry for love?

Lots of very sexy erotic love scenes fill out this romance.

Julianna Elizabeth Waters promises her dying father to save the family estate at all costs, even if it means marrying for money, and not love. After years of taking care of her sick parents, she's become afraid to push past the walls of her Newport mansion and live.

Jack Woodward has it all - wealth, power, and prestige, but discovers a contract stating he must marry within three months or his legacy will go to his cousin, a man he loathes. He leaves England and disguises himself a gardener, intent on finding a woman who loves him for himself, and not his money and title.

When he spots Julianna on the cliffs, he vows to claim her at any cost, but she is intent on marrying a wealthy husband. He may be disgusted with her values, but he craves to initiate the spinster into the dark world of pleasure. They strike a bargain: she will belong to him every night and do anything he commands. Lust turns to love as the nights unfold, and suddenly the terms change.

But when his cousin comes to town, disguising himself as the perfect husband with a plan to steal Jack's legacy, Jack forces her to choose: love or money. A wrong choice throws a startling chain of events in action. Can love and truth triumph or will it be too late?

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