Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Romance Book Review: Maddy Barone's Wolf's Lady

Author: Maddy Barone
Series Connection: After the Crash
ISBN: n/a
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Sci-Fi Romance, Futuristic Romance, Werewolf Romance, Shifter Romance
Publisher: Maddy Barone

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Against his better judgement Sand Wolfe accompanies his cousin Stone Wolfe to Omaha to help another cousin, Sky, in his new business. As a born wolf he would rather stay as far away from the city as possible. Once he sets foot in Omaha though he realizes pretty quickly his mate is close by and he would do anything to find the special woman made just for him. 

It is 2070 and in this world there are few women and those that are available are highly sought after. In Omaha women don't have a choice once they turn 18 they must become businesswomen and make themselves available sexually to men. Amanda doesn't like it, however it is her only choice in life until she can find a man she wants to make her husband. 

Sand finds Amanda working at Sky's the Limit and lets her know that she is his mate. Amanda agrees to spend time with Sand to see if he is husband material. Being a little possessive, okay very possessive, Sand finds it hard to let Amanda continue working while he is courting her. If it wasn't hard enough for Sand to figure out if how to court Amanda, not everyone is happy that Amanda will stop servicing the men of Omaha and is causing trouble for the couple. 

In this, the 6.5 installment of the After the Crash series, author Maddy Baron opens the door to the last book in the series to be released this coming spring called "Wolf's Princess". In previous books in the series most of the heroines have been ladies who survived a crash that brought them into the future. In this book, the author explores life on future earth with woman that were born in this time and what they deal with. Omaha is a city that forces women to sell themselves to men for sex. 

This story gives insight to why Sky has not returned to claim his mate in so long, as well as brings into the scene the problems developing in Omaha. Amanda's issues shows some of the problems Sky has been dealing with. It will be interesting to see where this part of the story leads. The author has already announced that "Wolf's Princess" will be the last book in the series.   

In the year 2070, there are no cool advanced technical gadgets or weapons. In fact, most people are living like it’s the American frontier all over again. Terrorists used nuclear devices to simultaneously destroy most major US cities, as well as major cities in other countries. With the huge loss of life, the infrastructure crumbled. Hospitals and rescue services were so overwhelmed that they failed. The terrorists also released a virus that later came to be known as the Woman Killer Plague. It killed both men and women but more women died, making females valuable commodities. 

This is the world of Sand Wolfe, a lonely bachelor of the Lakota Wolf Clan, and Miss Amanda, the woman his wolf claims as their mate. 

Sand goes to Omaha to work as muscle in his cousin Sky’s whorehouse. There he meets his mate, Miss Amanda, who also works in Sky’s House, although in a very different position. She is the only woman his wolf will allow him to have, and she’s the only woman he wants. He will do anything to convince her to accept his mate claim. 

Can a businesswoman leave her glamorous life and settle down in a wolf den? Amanda finds Sand’s methods of persuasion very persuasive. But will the men of Omaha allow her to leave? Sand figures he might have to kill a few of her clients, but it’s a small price to pay to bring his mate home. 

Although this story takes place later than other books in the series, it is meant to stand alone.

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