Thursday, September 3, 2015

Romance Book Review: Celia Kyle's Howl My Name

Author: Celia Kyle
Series Connection: Bears of Grayslake
ISBN: 9781680399851
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Werebear Romance, Shifter Romance

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Coming upon a young girl being attacked, wolf shifter Reid strikes first and asks questions later, he probably wouldn't have killed the guy if he would have stopped first but the big bear shifter wouldn't stop. Calling into his boss, the Southwest Itan, Reid has to pass on the news and releases he killed the local Itan and now he was the new clan leader.

When Evelyn called for help she knew she needed to hold on until help arrived. That wasn't easy to do when her uncles were set to killing her after she finally told them who she called.

When Reid finally comes to her rescue and takes out two of her three uncles at once, she knows she's finally found her hero and he works out to be her mate.

Reid isn't sure if he is Itan material after all he's a wolf now in charge of a clan filled with wolves, but when it comes to down to it, the clan is his and he will do everything to protect all that belongs to him. That especially includes Evelyn.

Reid isn't your average hero. He has a lot of rage issues, but I just loved him with Evelyn. Slowly you get to know him and realize that he isn't your average hero, but he'll do whatever he has to to keep everyone safe. This was one of Celia Kyle's longer books and I'm glad she took the time to introduce her character and gave us a chance to see the two together in more scenes than just in the bedroom.

Reid just killed her father. There’s no way Evelyn’s gonna mate him now… Dammit.

Werewolf Reid Bennett has one goal: investigate the Brookfield clan’s Itan. Reports are coming in that the male is abusing his werebears and–even if he’s a werewolf–Reid will put a stop to it. Unfortunately, the resolution ends up being permanent and now Reid’s the clan’s leader.

The only positive about his new situation: curvy werebear Evelyn Archer. She makes his wolf howl and he aches to explore every inch of her lush frame. He’s the clan’s leader and he knows exactly where he’d like to lead Evelyn—his bedroom.

Evelyn doesn’t know what to do with Reid. Sure, he’s the sexy wolf her werebear wants to nibble and claim, but she has bigger issues to deal with. Such as the fallout of her father’s death… at Reid’s claws.  Okay, maybe she can take a break for one little lick…

They both have plans for the Brookfield clan… and each other. Except there’s a small problem—someone wants them dead. Nothing new for Reid, but a threat against Evelyn is unacceptable. When it comes to Evelyn, he’ll break all the rules to keep her safe, including dusting off his homicidal tendencies again.

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