Saturday, September 2, 2017

Romance Book Review: Anya Nowlan's Big Bear Daddy

Title: Big Bear Daddy
Series Connection: Sweetwater Father Bears
Author: Anya Nowlan
Genre: Romance, Paranormal Romance, Shifter Romance
Publisher: Amazon Digital

Purchase Link: Amazon

Jessy Sarli gets a strange call from her sister and soon realizes that the other woman has disappeared, leaving Jessy so many questions. The biggest one is did Jessy give birth and if so what's happened to the child. 

As Jessy searches the country for her sister and possible niece, Sheriff Colt Hennessy finds a surprise bundle on the front steps of his office with a note asking him to take care of the little girl. Not wanting to leave the care of the child to social services, Colt arranges to take the child in. He suspects the child is like him and he knows he can better protect the child if he has her. 

It takes some time for Jessy to finally find at least her sister's child, but how is she going to explain to the man who has the child that only her instinct tells her that the little girl who Colt has been raising all this time might be part of Jessy's family. 

Very sweet story of a kind hearted cop and his love for a child. So sweet that the circumstances to how the hero get the child in the first place seems a little out of place for the rest of the book. Otherwise a good short story and quick read.  

A bear must protect, always.

Colt Hennessy is a werebear on a mission. The small town sheriff finds himself caring for a baby left at his doorstep and no sooner than it happens does he discover that this little bundle of joy was exactly what he'd been missing. With danger swirling around him and dark forces out to harm the child, he does the only thing he can - goes to search for a safer place. It's there where his, and baby Lana's life changes forever.

Jessy Sarli has lost what little she had left - her sister. Desperately searching for her, the fearless woman left everything else behind, only to be led around on a string of confusion. When she finally finds her niece in the protective care of a man who takes her breath away, she's not sure what to make of it. But she does know what her heart is telling her. That this man is the only one who can help her, and Lana.

When the cause for Jessy's sister's disappearance comes out, she will need all the help she can get. And not only her and the baby, but her heart as well...

Big Bear Daddy is a standalone werebear surprise baby romance novella that has a guaranteed HEA; no cheating. If you like shifters that stay true to their mission and the curvy, confident woman who love them, then this is just the book for you!

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