Saturday, October 21, 2017

Romance Book Review: Leilani Love's Warrick's Hope

Title: Warrick’s Hope
Series Connection: The Dragon Ruby Series
Author: Leilani Love
Genre: Romance, Erotic Romance, Shifter Romance
Publisher: Leilani Love
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For 40 years alpha wolf shifter, Warrick, experienced pure torture at the hands of his twin brother to keep his mate alive. Only meeting Hope a couple of times while she was still a child, Warrick not only lives with the torture, but with the knowledge that Hope hates him because she thinks he killed her parents. 

When Hope finally learns the truth, she and her brother help save Warrick. Now he and Hape work to help their pack heal, but still worry that at any time, Warrick's brother can come and take everything they are building away from them. 

I've only had the opportunity to read this one book in the series, and even though I'm coming in at book 4, I really like it so far. Both Warrick Hope are good strong characters. I love their love story. The author has written an interesting background story featuring wolves, dragons and vampires. Even though I've started at book 4, it probably would be better to start at book one. 

No amount of magic can separate those the Fates have bond together.

Alpha shifter Warrick has spent the last forty years in captivity, tortured and replaced by his sadistic twin brother, Gabriel. His only happiness comes by knowing that his sacrifice has protected his mate, Hope. 

Hope has spent years believing that her mate betrayed her and killed her parents. But when she and her brother, Damien, attempt to defeat Warrick and take back their pack, Hope is surprised to find Warrick broken, beaten, and clinging to life. Her mate hasn’t betrayed her, after all. 

Now the two long-lost mates have a chance to rebuild their packs - and their relationship. But Hope struggles to overcome years of misplaced anger and Warrick is crippled by guilt. 

And Gabriel is still out there, waiting for a chance to strike again.

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