Sunday, January 14, 2018

Romance Book Review: Celia Kyle and Marina Maddix Having Her Enemy's Secret Shifter Baby

Title: Having Her Enemy’s Secret Shifter Baby
Series Connection: Howls Romance 
Author: Celia Kyle and Marina Maddix
Genre: Series Romance, Shifter Romance, Paranormal Romance

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On spring break just before graduation, werewolf shifter Jane  does something completely out of character for an Alpha’s daughter. She has a one night stand with a stranger. The consequences of the one night changes all her plans to move away from the pack and live the rest of her life in the human world. 

Heading home with her tail between her legs turns out to be a lot worse than she thought. 

Ever since his one night stand months earlier Alpha werewolf Reese has had his hands full with his pack and issues with the neighboring Alpha. Even so he can’t stop thinking about his night with one she-wolf.

It isn’t the most opportune time when the two meet again. Will these two get their happy ever after. 

This is a very quick Howls series romance that I read in one foggy Saturday afternoon. Still there was a lot packed into a short novel. Celia Kyle has become one of my favorite authors. Her heroines are always a little sassy and the hero are tough and sexy. I couple of times we saw Jane’s own alpha come out and play, but I would have liked to have seen a her enact a little female alpha justice toward the end, but all and all it was a good quick read. 

She’s pregnant and he’s determined to have her under his roof and in his matter the cost!

Reese can’t get the delectable she-wolf Jane Coleman out of his mind. They shared one passionate night on a Ft. Lauderdale beach and she disappeared by morning. He should forget her, but his wolf won’t let him dismiss the memories of her silken skin, lush curves, and seductive smile.

Even as he fights to keep his lands out of the hands of a rival pack, he can’t suppress his constant craving for the female werewolf. The last place he expects to find the alluring stranger is at the side of his sworn enemy—her father.

He should crush her father and walk away, but one sniff changes Reese’s plans. Jane is pregnant with his pup and he will have them both!

This book is part of the Howls Romance line. Classic romance with a furry twist...

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