Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Love Inspired Pick of the Month

Daddy for Keeps
Author: Pamela Tracy
ISBN: 978-0373-87514-6


Book Description:
He has a nephew? The moment Lucas "Lucky" Welsh sees the black haired, green-eyed boy at the rodeo, he knows. The child is his late brother's son. But why was little Robby kept a secret? He demands answers from the woman claiming to be Robby's mother, Natalie Crosby. But the pretty, protective woman isn't forthcoming. And once Lucky learns the truth behind Robby's birth, he understands. Especially when some family matters get more than complicated. As a bull rider, Lucky knows he just has to hang on tight and keep showing Natalie that his wish is true-blue: to be a daddy—and husband—for keeps.

My View:
Sometimes you read a Love Inspired book and you don't really see a lot of references to the Bible, this is not one of those books. I liked Lucky's character all right, but he wound up coming off a little too insecure of himself because he couldn't make up his own mind without going back to the Bible. Overall though, I liked the general theme of the book. I thought the couple worked well together. Despite Natalie's fear, she showed her strengths without making her look like a pushover. That brought this book up a notch for me. It's a good read for someone who's looking for a happy ending for two people who have had a rough few months behind them.