Friday, February 6, 2009

Reissue on two Diana Palmer stories

Her Kind of Hero
Author: Diana Palmer
Re-issue of two books: The Last Mercenary and Matt Caldwell: Texas Tycoon
ISBN-13: 978-0373773817
Genre: Contemporary romance


The Last Mercenary (originally published in Silhouette Special Edition #1417, 09/01)
Micah Steele was all set to retire his gun—until a woman from his past was kidnapped by his sworn enemy. Traveling far and wide to rescue Callie Kirby was less daunting than trying to combat his potent desire for her. The trust between them had been shattered years before, but given a second chance, Micah knew his greatest wish was to convince Callie to forget the past, and surrender her heart.

Matt Caldwell: Texas Tycoon (originally published in Silhouette Special Edition #1297, 01/00)
Though countless women had tried to lasso Jacobsville's most-sought-after bachelor, none had managed to catch Matt Caldwell's eye. But the mysterious Leslie Murry was about to change all that. Despite the fact that his new employee roused his temper as no one had before, she also brought out his every protective instinct. The innocent Leslie clearly ached for a man's tender touch, and Long, Tall Texan Matt Caldwell was ready to make it his top priority to sweet-talk Leslie into becoming his bride.

My View:
Neither of these books were my favorites from Diana Palmer. Although I'm a big fan of her work the heros in both of these books leave a lot to be desired.

In The Last Mercenary, Micah blames Callie for something she shouldn't have been blamed for in the first place. He was still holding it over her head six years later. At the time of the incident he was 30 and she was 16. He was old enough to know that what happened was his own fault and not Callie's but where would the conflict in the story be if not for that. While many of Diana Palmer's heros are alpha males and very rough around the edges I usually like them. Micah just didn't quite have the same charm as many of the others. Callie's character was a little better although I would have wished her to be a little stronger and more put out by Micah's actions.

I liked the story line behind the heroine in Matt Caldwell: Texas Tycoon. It made for a good background for the book itself. The only problem was I felt that Matt Caldwell's character fell a little bit short. I thought the idea behind the two having a conflict because of a misunderstanding in the beginning was good, but went too far. All the hints were there many times that Leslie had been hurt in some way and just when it seemed that Matt understood that he did something stupid again. His actions just didn't fit the mold of a man who dated actresses and princesses. I really liked Matt's cousin's character and wished that Diana would have made a book around him.

Even though I wasn't completely satisfied with these books the author gets three hearts because when it comes down to it I just love her work and just couldn't give her anything less.

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