Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Reread on Leigh's Aiden's Charity

Aiden's Charity
Author: Lora Leigh
Series: Wolf Breeds, Book 3
ISBN: 1-84360-626-7


The forces of survival and destruction swirl in the darkest corners of men’s minds. The nature of the beast cannot be harnessed, and survival is the purest of all instincts. Survival of the species itself goes soul deep.

But can the human heart accept and adapt as easily? Can Charity bestow the love and the acceptance that has always been a part of her, to the man whose very survival depended on the hardening of his heart, of his soul? And can Aiden maintain that cruelty now, in the face of the sacrifices she made? Only time and nature can tell…

My View:
Although this book has been out for a while I added it to the book of reviews because Lora Leigh's new novel, Coyote's Mate, lead characters were first introduced in this story. Although each of Leigh's Breed and Wolf series can be read alone, it would be helpful for readers to get a handle on the series first. Aiden's Charity is a quick read and worth the extra time to get to know the other characters in the series.

Besides that this is a wonderful book. The characters are strongly written, the sex scenes are hot and the author sets the scene well. The love story between Aiden and Charity starts six years before when Charity saves his life. The only problem is Aiden isn't all that happy about the way Charity goes about it and swears to exact revenge against the young doctor. When they meet each other again Aiden has to come to terms with what he felt was Charity's betrayal at the same time save her life. The story is a must for anyone who is a fan of Leigh's Breed and Wolf series.

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