Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What would you do if in the future sex was outlawed?

Sex: Outlawed!
Series Connection: Sex: Outlawed
ISBN: 978-1-9068-1195-2
Genre: Futuristic Erotica


In an effort to help free mankind from a Totalitarian regime, two sexy doctors seduce gardening expert Anica Maine into a secret world of forbidden pleasure and sizzling sexual experiments.

Pollution and environmental contamination have made most of the world virtually unliveable. The sick soon outnumber the healthy. Hospitals become overwhelmed. Economies collapse. Governments combine to form a one world power called the “Order of Authority”(OA).

In order to save the human race the OA builds “biospheres” - large bubbles enclosing self-sustainable cities. Only the few healthy are allowed inside. Everyone else is left to die in the polluted Outer World.

To control the biosphere’s populations each human is embedded with a Blocker device, microchips suppressing the human’s urge to mate. Doctors are trained to adjust the Blocker enabling a woman to be artificially or naturally impregnated under the strictest conditions. Sex has effectively been outlawed!

Centuries later a rebel group of Doctors have tampered with their Blockers and begin to experiment with sex. Now they search for allies who can help them with their cause – to eventually free mankind.

Recruited to help free humans from a Totalitarian regime, two sexy doctors seduce gardening expert Anica Maine into a secret world of forbidden pleasure and sizzling sexual experiments.

My View:
This is the first book in Jan's new series, named the same as the first book. The premise behind this series is similar to her Outlaw Lovers series. True to form the author has started off this series in a novella version to introduce the series. This first book give an overview of what the new world has become. It describes a world where people are taught from birth to keep control of all of their emotions and has a chip implanted to keep from wanting to have sex or mate. A rebellion has started to change this. In this story a woman, Anica, who has to show up for her designated time to have a baby, waits too much to the last minute and has to go to a doctor to be impregnated the old fashioned way, by having sex.

When she steps into her new doctors office she meets Zach, her baby doctor who is part of the rebellion. I was pretty much okay with the story at this point. I realize this is a short book and we have to get right to the point, but I ran into a little problem when we meet the next doctor, Noah, and she has to have sex with him too.

Actually the premise of the story is interesting and the new series should prove to be really good once she gets going on it. I really enjoyed the authors Outlaw Lovers series. It too takes place in the future where the world has gone to war when a bio-virus is released and many woman are killed leaving the ratio of men to woman 5 to 1. This causes officials to make a claiming law where each woman must tie herself to five men. The women also has to take a special drug to keep them alive. So far there are four books to that series. The last one Tyler's Woman released last October. All of the books can be found on e-book through Ellora's Cave.
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