Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Book Review: Animal Attraction

Author: Charlene Teglia
ISBN: 978-0312537418
Genre: Paranormal/Werewolf/Erotic Romance


One woman, eleven gorgeous men. One decadent night. And when it's all over, only one man will claim her...

Chandra Walker has a secret hidden in her genes—she's a rare female werewolf. Now that her all-male pack has located her, Chandra must perform an ancient initiation rite: a nightlong orgy with all eleven members of the pack. After sampling each man's pleasure, Chandra must choose a mate who will become the next pack leader. Soon the strongest alphas are competing to bring Chandra the most ecstasy, and she's consumed by raw animal lust and aching, primal need. But when the ritual is complete and she's forced choose her mate, she is torn between the needs of the pack...and her heart.

About the author from her Website:
I'm Charlene Teglia, an award-winning author of 20 steamy romances for St. Martin's, Pocket, Samhain and Ellora's Cave. When I'm not writing, I homeschool my hellions, open and close doors for cats, hike, and go geocaching. Sometimes I even clean the house.

My View:
At first glance when reading the back cover one might think this book is all about erotic romance and unfortunately some might think it has no substance. That could not be further from the truth. Sure the author has the character have sex with 11 different guys, but more than that this book has an outstanding plot and an exciting read. I loved the heroine, Chandra. She had true grit and intelligence to match. She never backed down to any challenge put in front of her no matter how strange her life had become in just a few days.

Maybe for some having so many lovers in one book might be a bit too much. The sex scenes however a truly hot for those who like these kinds of books and it falls to form. Nothing to out there like in some erotic books.

I say bravo to this author, and I can't wait to read another book by her.

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  1. Roni, thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed the story. I am currently at
    work on what happens next for Chandra and the pack. : )



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