Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Love Inspired of the Month

Somebody's Hero
Author: Annie Jones
Series Connection: Somebody's... Burdett Brothers
ISBN: 9-7803-7387-5207


Renovating and selling her late husband's cabin is just the chance young widow Charity O'Clare needs. With the money from the sale, she and her daughter can move to the city—away from her family! Of course, as soon as she gets to tiny Mt. Knott, South Carolina, Charity finds a whole new family stew. Jason 'Lucky Dawg' Burdett may be the handsomest man she's ever seen, but his meddlesome relatives are the last thing she needs. Still, Charity didn't count on Jason becoming her daughter's hero—or swaying her own heart. And now, she has to choose between old dreams of independence…and new dreams of love.

From her Harper Collins publisher's website:
Note: Annie Jones also writes as Luanne Jones. Winner of the HOLT medallion for Southern Themed Fiction, Luanne Jones has a personal mission statement: to delight, uplift, and empower others. Some days, she admits, she succeeds only in delighting her dogs (a rescued racing greyhound and a cocker spaniel/shag bathmat mix), uplifting the lid of the cookie jar, and empowering her hubby and kids to make their own dinners. She can live with that.

A former "Air Force brat" who was born in Japan and lived all over America, she cannot recall a time when stories rich with unique characters and interesting settings did not fascinate her. That she can now create such stories as a full-time writer is a source of wonder for her continually. Currently, she lives with her husband, daughter, and son in Kentucky.

Annie Jones is currently writing for Steeple Hill Café and Love Inspired.

My View on her Book:
In Somebody's Hero, Annie finishes the stories of the Burdett brothers with Jason "Lucky Dawg". Readers learn right off that Jason hates being called "Lucky Dawg" but he doesn't have the courage enough yet to tell his family. It isn't until he meets Charity and sees the similarities between himself and the widow of his best friend that he finally finds to courage to make the changes in his life he has wanted to make for a long time.

Charity and her daughter have come to Mt. Knott to clear out the property that her dead husband left her in hopes of selling it and getting enough money to start a new life of independence. Along the way she learns a lot of lessons she wishes she had figured out before. Now she has a whole lot more she needs to decide.

This is pretty much a stand alone book. The author does a good job of giving the background of the family dynamics and why Jason feels the way he does. My only true problem with this story is I wasn't so sure that the couple had the chemistry to fall in love. I did like Charity's nine-year-old going on forty daughter Livie. She's is definitely one of the best kid characters I've read in a while.

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