Thursday, March 12, 2009

Reissue of Howard's Tears of a Renegade

Tears of a Renegade
Author: Linda Howard
ISBN-13: 978-0373200030
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Susan has never known anyone like Cord Blackstone. His pale blue eyes shine with temptation…and dark menace.

Cord has a score to settle with his family—the same genteel clan that sheltered Susan after her husband's death. He will stop at nothing to punish the Blackstones—even if it means ruining the one woman who can't stop loving him.…

From the author's publisher's Website:
Linda Howard is an award-winning author whose New York Times bestsellers include Open Season, All the Queen¹s Men, Mr. Perfect, Kill and Tell, and Son of the Morning. She lives in Alabama with her husband and two golden retrievers.

My View:
We all love bad boys, but I found bad boy Cord just a bit to on the rough side for Susan's good girl image. That said I think this book was filled with strong characters and a good story line. Cord Blackstone feels he's been done wrong by his family and he is out for revenge. His motives are made quite clear from the start, even though most of the book is told from Susan's point of view. From what little the readers share from Cord's side he doesn't ever seem to redeem himself.

Susan is no wall flower, but she is definitely too soft a heroine. I find the biggest character flaw that no one trusts her, yet she is loved by all. That really doesn't match. Even those who seemingly know that she is a good, honest, trustworthy person don't really know her at all. She's stuck in the middle with both sides pushing her too far.

To the author's credit this book was written in 1985. A lot has changed in romance books in nearly 25 years, except for the fact that readers love their bad boys. Many times I hear readers complain that books like this seem unrealistic. Perhaps in today's world someone like Cord wouldn't get by, but 25 years ago women loved him. Okay, so maybe even today there are some who will find him irresistible. Just don't tell anyone.

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