Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Romance Book Review: The Blood Club

Author: Brit Blaise
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-196-8
Genre: Paranormal/Vampire


Psychiatrist Amanda Montgomery never dreamed she'd enter the infamous Blood Club on the arm of a handsome detective to see a group on stage performing sex acts for a full house. And her adventure goes from strange to bizarre when she becomes a reluctant participant of the show. Amanda's medical specialty is delusional patients who believe they're vampires. . .little does she know!

As token vampire on the force, Detective Mark Philips' position in the community and at work is already causing him no shortage of complications. With the vampire numbers growing disproportionately to the general population, a day of reckoning grows nearer with each passing second. Just when he thinks things can't get worse, a sassy doctor and an old foe join forces to bring him to his knees.

Detective Philips needs to find a vampire-wanna-be assaulting visitors of the Blood Club. He doesn't need the complications falling for the doc will bring and he especially doesn't want an old lover adding drama to an already explosive situation. Amanda's dormant sexual desires aren't just awakened, they're roaring out of control. But when she discovers Mark's ex is not only a vampire but a man, her new sexual exploits are some she'd never imagined. Can she handle the man-on-man vampire heat?

About the Author from her Website:
I write other genres, all the way from ultra-sweet to ultra-hot.
In my BRIT BLAISE persona…I write HOT!

It's a place I like to be and it shows.

I love to write erotic romances and love the people who read them.

In my old BIO, I said: “Long time Arizonan, Brit Blaise grew up with a deep and abiding love for books. She believes in dark and dangerous heroes; strong independent women who aren't afraid to think for themselves; head-over-heels love; fairy tale endings and that it's more fun to laugh than it is to cry, but doing both at the same time is the best of all.

I no longer live in Arizona. I'm in Ohio. And I now write under three names.

My View:
This book has it all from multiple upon multiple partners to exhibition to male/male sex. Usually I would say a book like this is just way to out there for me, but there is something about the authors writing style that keeps the readers attention and gets them to the end. Although this is a short story with so many things happening in such a short time, I really had the chance to get to know and like the characters. The hero and heroine were convincing as a couple. My only wish was that I had a little more time to get to know them.

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