Thursday, March 26, 2009

Romance Book Review: Night's Pleasure

Author: Amanda Ashley
Series Connection: Night's Master, Night's Touch
ISBN-13: 978-0821780626
Genre: Paranormal/Vampire


DESIRE CASTS A DARK SPELL. Savanah Gentry's life was so much simpler when she was a reporter for the local newspaper. That was before her father's sudden death drew her into a mysterious new world she was just beginning to understand. A Vampire hunter by birth, Savanah has been entrusted with a legacy that puts everyone she cares for in danger – including the seductive, sensual Vampire who unleashes her most primal desires .

Rane Cordova has always been alone, half hating himself for his dark gift even as he relishes its extraordinary power. But one look at Savanah fills him with the need to take everything she has to give and carry her to heights of unimagined ecstasy. And though he never intended their relationship to go this far, now Savanah is in more danger than she knows – and facing a relentless enemy determined to eliminate Rane and all his kind.

From the Author's Website:
"I'm happy to say that NIGHT'S PLEASURE has been on the USA Today Bestseller list for the last two weeks, and is also on the BookScan Top 100 books. I was hoping to make the New York Times list, but, alas, it was not to be. Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to email me and tell me how much you enjoyed the book. I love this family, and hate to see the series end. Of course, there's still Mara's book, and maybe one more.
At the moment, I'm hard at work on a sequel to a book I just finished. I love it so far, but then, I love them all while I'm writing them. It's only when I get the galley proofs that I start to have it really as good as I thought? Will my readers like it? As I've said before, authors are notoriously insecure!"

My View:
Although this book is part of a series, I really found that it could be read alone. Savanah is a newspaper reporter who is forced into the world of vampire hunters after her father dies. Rane is a natural born vampire. For the past several decades he has been using his vampire abilities to earn his living as a small town magician. He first sees Savanah in his audience when she is a little girl. When she grows up and becomes a reporter, she decides she wants to interview Rane, who is now using a different name, but is still a magician. Rane has notice Savanah following his shows, but has refused to follow his attraction for her because he doesn't want to be involved with someone he desires so much. After Savanah corners him about an interview, Rane surprises Savanah and himself by asking her on date. She accepts and as the two explore their desire for each other they both are placed farther into danger. Now Rane has to battle against those that want to rid the world of vampires and save Savanah, as well.

I liked this book, as it doesn't try to hide the fact that vampires exist from the world. Amanda keeps the story moving for the most part, with some slow parts in the center and a fast paced ending. Vampire fans will enjoy this and the other stories in this series.

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