Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Romance Book Review: Teasing Danger

Teasing Danger
Author: Autumn Dawn
Series Connection: Darklands
ISBN: 978-1586080815
Genre: Paranormal/Shapeshifter


Autumn Dawn is the Featured Author at this week.

A while back I happened upon Teasing Danger by Autumn Dawn and wound up liking the book so much I wanted to continue on and read the entire series. I was sure I missed the first book to the series because Teasing starts kicks off the series after Jasmine's friend Wiley goes missing and Jasmine, with the help of Wiley's search and rescue dog, Lemming, is tracking Wiley in the Alaskan wilds. After finding Wiley's camp, Jasmine becomes worried that something terrible has happened to her friend. This is actually the first book to the series. Wiley's story comes later.

While searching for her friend, out of the darkness Jasmine meets a stranger who takes her to where Wiley is being held, unfortunately she comes to find out that her friend is no longer being held on earth, but on another planet. By simply walking across a unseen border Jasmine is taken to "Darklands". A place where men are no longer human, but the Haunt, a cross between human and wolf. When Jasmine is taken to her friend, she finds that Wiley, a girl she has known most of her life, isn't human, but a Haunt. She is to be the princess of this part of the Darklands.

All of this is as much of a surprise to Wiley as it is to Jasmine and Jasmine vows to help free Wiley from her captors. At first the Haunt were going to just let Jasmine see that her friend was unharmed and then send her on her way back to earth, but when they realize that Jasmine's intentions are to rescue Wiley, that changes and they decide to keep her.

The Master of the Hunt, it is Keilor's job to protect his people. When he meets Jasmine he realizes quickly that she could be a danger to the Haunt, not only because she wants to rescue her friend but because she is a Sylph. Before the Haunt left earth and moved to the Darklands the humans used Sylph to tempt the Haunt and kill them. There is something in the genetic makeup of a Sylph that drives unmated Haunt men to extreme desire.

Keilor is determined that he will not get caught in Jasmine's net, but can he resist her.

Teasing Danger is an interesting change on the paranormal werewolf/shapeshifter theme. The Darkland's takes the characters from modern day Alaska to a sort of Medieval world with kings, queens, arranged marriages and castles. Of course there are some modern conveniences in Darklands like electricity and a bath and shutters that work on command. All and all sci-fi fans will enjoy the entire Darklands series.

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