Saturday, April 4, 2009

Romance Book Review: Commitments

Author: Barbara Delinsky
ISBN-13: 978-0446508674
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Re-issue: March 31, 2009


Description: Sabrina Stone had met investigative reporter Derek McGill only once, yet was deeply touched by the way he held her mentally-handicapped son. Derek saw past Sabrina’s wealth and beauty, and an instant bond was formed. Three months later, Sabrina is heartbroken to learn that Derek is in prison for murder. The man she had found so warm and gentle now seems hell-bent on revenge against the power-hungry businessman who apparently set him up for murder.

As her marriage falls apart and heart-rending decisions loom regarding the care of her son, Sabrina finds an odd comfort in visiting Derek in prison. She eventually falls in love with him. Derek is released from prison, but Sabrina realizes that for them to be truly free, she must win Derek’s trust and help him feel love again. This means fighting demons that lurk in each of their pasts.

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My View:

This book was originally written in 1988 so the style of the writing is different from what Delinsky is currently doing. Even so I found this book to be well written with an unusual subject matter. It isn't everyday you have a child who is mental challenged as part of a romance story.

Although Sabrina is married to someone else when she and Derek first meet she and Derek develop a friendship that later brings them together. The story develops over time with Derek going to jail for a crime he didn't commit and Sabrina having to deal with her son and her matrital issues. They seem to come together finally at the right time.

The story progresses after Derek gets out of jail and Sabrina's husband asks for a divorce.
While this story seems long and drawn out it is fast paced and a good read.

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