Friday, April 3, 2009

Romance Book Review: North Wolf

Author: M.A. Everaux
ISBN: 1-4199-0293-8



Gwen Branson has a problem. It's not that she's spent the last four years of her life in a mental institute, or that her father is dead and her mother's driving her crazy. Her problem is that she's seen a werewolf and no one believes her. At least…no one human.
Eben Lowell has a problem of his own. As an Alpha Were, he must preserve his pack's safety and secrecy. Human witnesses are destroyed. Gwen Branson, however, is a problem not so easily solved. Because Gwen is more than just a human—she's his mate. 

About the Author from the back of the book:
M.A. Everaux has never been to Canada, nor has she met a werewolf. Yet. She hopes to head an expedition soon, and in the meantime, spends most of her time at her computer, clacking away and putting the things that pop into her head on paper

My View:
I read this book several years ago when it first came out and have only been able to find one other book under this author's name, but when I started this site I wanted to make sure this book was listed as one of my favorites.

This is not your every day werewolf love story. The two lead characters are far from normal and each has their own set of difficult problems, with a twist. I think that was why I like it so much. The story goes like this--when his brother Christian is committed into a mental institution Eben is sent to retrieve him by his father, the alpha of the pack. While Christian is stuck in the mental ward he runs across a too real drawing of a werewolf in a bathroom stall and can't leave before investigating who drew the picture.

It winds up being a young woman, so drugged up she doesn't even look like she knows what day it is, much less remember she has seen a were to begin with. Even so when his brother comes to rescue him, Christian tells Eben what he has found out and takes his brother to see the woman.

Normally Eben might have decided to kill anyone who threatened the existence of his pack, but when he reaches the room of the woman who can out them, he finds out that under the scent of all the drugs she has been given, is the scent of his mate.

Gwen falls asleep in a mental ward and wakes up someplace completely different. She doesn't exactly know what to think when she meets the weres who took her from the mental ward. All goes well for the first few weeks as she gets used to her new surroundings until she finds out that those who seemed to have rescued her from the mental ward are actually the cause of why she was in there in the first place. On the night her father died in a wreck with her in the car, Gwen saw a creature worse than her nightmares, a real werewolf. She tried to tell her mother and other people, but they all thought she was insane. After trying to kill herself and almost succeeding, she ends up in a mental ward.

Eben's is a bit rough around the edges and normally I might not think that these two characters could even work together, M.A. does a great job of fitting the puzzles of her plot together. There are great secondary characters with both Conner and Christian and I was sorry that the author never got around to writing a sequel to this series. Paranormal/shifter fans will love this story.

If anyone has an idea if M.A. Everaux writes under another name, I'd love to hear about it. I'd love to read more by this author, but couldn't find any mention about her other than the two Ellora's Cave books by her.

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