Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Romance Book Review: The Heiress's 2-Week Affair

Author: Marie Ferrarella
Series Connection: Love in 60 Seconds miniseries
; Silhouette Romantic Suspense®
ISBN-13: 978-0373276264
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Contemporary Romance


The Heiress's 2-Week Affair is part of Silhouette's new Love in 60 Seconds series. This is the first in the series, which introduces readers to the high stakes world of Las Vegas. In the first story, written by Rita award winner, Marie Ferrarella, Natalie Rothchild is a cop on her way to the office when she hears over the police scanner that her twin sister has been killed. While trying to find the murderer, Natalie runs into her former fiancée and enlists his help in finding her sister's killer. When her sister dies, a mysterious family heirloom turns up missing, leaving Natalie to wonder is her sister's death is an act of robbery or something more personal.

The hero in the story, Matt Schaffer, insists he left Natalie eight years ago for her own good. Members of his family were into shady activities. Even his own older brother's actions were enough to worry Matt that Natalie wouldn't be safe if she were to stay with him. So he left her a note, knowing that he would never be able to leave if he told her in person. After seeing Natalie for the first time in eight years, Matt is still as in love with her as he was before and now can't seem to let her go. Even for her own good.

Once again the author has offered up a great tale of romance, in this case adding the element of suspense. This book captivated my attention from beginning to end. I couldn't put it down as I kept trying to figure out who exactly the villain could be. I can't wait to check out the next installment to the series, His 7-Day Fiancée by Gail Barrett.

Description from the back of the book:
Shell-shocked detective Natalie Rothchild wasn't sure what stung more—knowing that her twin had paid dearly for flaunting their fortune at a Las Vegas hot spot—or prying information from the man who went AWOL after promising her forever.

In between lame excuses and darkly possessive glances, casino security expert Matt Schaffer revealed how the bejeweled tabloid queen sashayed down the red carpet before she died. Yet he couldn't say whether Natalie was dealing with a crime of passion or a family foe on a wild rampage.

Would the two ex-lovers partner up to solve this horrific crime—or would they give the sizzling heat of Sin City a run for its money?

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