Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Romance Book Review: Lawless

Author: Sarah Black
Series Connection: Colton and Diego
ISBN: 978-1-59578-461-2
Genre: Western Contemporary Romance/ M/M


In this second book about Colton and Diego the story picks up their lives one year after "Fearless". The two men are settling into their lives now that Colton's uncle is gone and they can feel safe again. Colton worries however that now that Diego's dreams of being of heart surgeon are lost his man has become unhappy and sullen. What he doesn't realize is that Diego has been receiving disturbing letters from the man he once ran to when he was being sought after by Colton's uncle.

Meanwhile Colton has a few cases to solve. One, he believes is relatively simple. An old man is missing some of his cattle and he will see only Colton about the matter. Also there isn't something quite right going on at his ranch. Colton has opened his ranch to a group of ladies who have made themselves at home of the last years. One of them is being threatened, but he doesn't think it really has anything to do with her, but a message to Colton. Three he receives an expensive mask that was sent to him from Mexico that was found buried with his business card inside.

Even with the man who is sending love letters to Diego, all does not seem right. Can Colton figure out the mess of tangled messages, before it is too late and someone dies?

As with "Fearless", this book is a surprisingly strongly written suspense novel. It will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end wondering exactly what is going on. The strong love affair between Colton and Diego is almost secondary toward the end as Colton works to come up with answers to his cases, but the reader never forgets the two lovers throughout the whole situation. This is a good read for anyone who likes the M/M genre.

Book Description:
Lt. Colton Wheeler is the law in a lawless land. A year after his lover, Dr. Diego Del Rio, lost his eye in a vicious hate crime, trouble from across the border threatens to shatter the life they're building together.

An old lover stakes a claim, and Colton suspects he wants more than Diego. Colton's family comes under attack, a missing Apache boy is accused of cattle rustling, and bloody tribal masks from the old rituals are being worn by someone carrying a whip, bent on terrifying the people of the borderlands.

Colton only knows one way to protect his people. By walking into trouble, by drawing fire, by putting himself between the people he loves and those who mean them harm.

About the Author:
Sarah Black is a fiction writer living in the American West.

Sarah Black: The Facts
Favorite Music: Willie Nelson, Teatro; The National, Boxer; Annie Lennox, Songs of Mass Destruction
Favorite Fast Food: Pizza with pepperoni, black olives, and onions (just like Diego and Colton)
Favorite Perfume: Chanel Number Five. (I know, I'm so old-fashioned. I haven't worn anything else in twenty years)
Helpful Skill: I can start a campfire in any weather
What I love: My kid, my job, dark chocolate, taking naps on Sunday afternoon, watching Brett Favre play football.

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