Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Romance Book Review: Night Angel

Author: Renee Reeves
ISBN: 9780980224634
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Western


This emotionally breathtaking and powerful love story is the first published book for Renee Reeves and is sure to be the first of many appealing stories from her. After surviving a devastating marriage, Morgan moves to Montana to start a new life. While there she meets her neighbor, Nick, an ex-convict. Nick isn't overly fond of people. He trains difficult horses for a living, a profession which takes a great deal of patience. While seeing Morgan sitting by a stream in the moonlight, Nick falls in love with the her. Not wanting to scare her, he doesn't alert her to his presence and just watches over her.

When the two finally meet, Nick realizes quickly how emotionally scared Morgan is from her abusive dead husband and finds out just how hard it will be to get close to her. Does he have enough patience to get through to the woman he loves? This romance novel is bound to have some in tears as they hear the heart wrenching tales of both Nick and Morgan's lives before they meet each other. It definitely isn't light hearted, but well worth the read.

Scarred and with a permanent limp, Morgan moved to a quiet cottage in rural Montana wanting tranquility, solitude, a place where she could heal from the brutality inflicted on her by her late husband.

Ex-convict, horse trainer, Nick Evanoff didn't need anyone, at least he never had. Then he spotted Morgan sitting in a copse of trees, technically trespassing. One glimpse of her stopped his aggression cold. In its place lust rose; powerful, primitive, demanding. There was something else there too – need.

But Morgan was determined to have nothing to do with men, and to go nowhere near a relationship ever again. Could Nick work the same magic with Morgan that he worked with the abused horses he rescued? Could he teach her that it was safe to trust, that sex didn't have to be painful or humiliating?

About the author from the back of her book:
I was born in Stuttgart, Germany but moved to the states at a very young age. I've lived in North Carolina most of my life where I started riding and showing horses. I've always loved anything 'horsey' which includes a fascination with ranches, cowboys and Indians. At the age of 12 I read my first romance novel and was hooked. By age 15 I had decided that one day, instead of an artist, I would become a romance writer. I began with poetry and moved on to short stories, none of which I did anything with. Then I got married and my husband told me that if I wanted to write a book then go ahead and write one. And so I did.

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