Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Romance Byte: Dangerous Games

Author: Charlotte Mede
ISBN: 978-0758223692
Genre: Historical Suspense

An alluring, outspoken widow and an enigmatic agent are drawn into a web of power, greed and ambition that threatens to overturn the very future of the British Empire. A former agent of the Crown, Julian St. Martin itends to blackmail Lilly Clarence Hampton to obtain plans to the Crystal Palace where the Koh-I-Noor – the largest diamond in the world – will be presented to Queen Victoria at the Great Exhibition of 1851. Men have committed all manner of crimes to possess the fabled gem, but Julian's intentions are even darker. And the closer he gets to the beguiling Lilly, the more complicated matters become.

Succumbing to intense, primal desire, Julian and Lilly both become pawns in a wicked game

About the author from her Website:
Before becoming a novelist, Charlotte Mede worked in advertising and marketing in North America and Europe. Currently, she lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband. If there's one thing she loves more than escaping into a good book, it's writing one.

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