Sunday, May 31, 2009

Romance Book Review: Beltran

Author: Erin O’Riordan
ISBN: 978-1-897559-57-4
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal


Life takes a lot of twists and turns and there are never any guarantees. Beltran is a delightful tale of two twin sisters and where life takes them. Allie believes that she had found the man of her dreams and is ready to settle down. On the day of her wedding she asks her twin, Zen two check her fiancee, Paul Phillip's, feelings for her. Zen finds that the man loves her sister, but he is hiding something. The wedding takes place as planned.

As life goes on, Zen meets a man who is very unhappy and conflicted. She falls in love with him, but isn't sure if she is the woman for him.

What really makes this story is the quirky, likeable characters. No one is perfect and those in the story don't pretend to be, but even when they don't follow the normal path, the readers can still like them.

Twin sisters Allie and Zen have always shared everything: including an unconventional upbringing at Pagan Spirits Farms. They even fall in love at the same time.

Pagan priestess Allie thinks she's met the man of her dreams in her buttoned-down lawyer fiancee, Paul Phillip. But is he everything he seems? 

Zen, a witch gifted with the sixth sense, falls for Orlando. But there's a catch: Orlando is married to someone else. As the celebration of Beltane nears, the sisters seem destined to be unlucky in love.

But the Goddess moves in mysterious ways, and May Day may turn out to be magic for them after all.

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