Friday, May 15, 2009

Romance Book Review: Fortune's Woman

Author: RaeAnne Thayne
Series Connection: The Fortunes of Texas: Return to Red Rock
ISBN: 9780373654529
Genre: Contemporary Romance


The saga of the Fortune family continues with Fortune's Woman. This time readers get to meet Ross Fortune. Ross was introduced earlier in the series. He is the private detective the family goes to to try to figure out the mystery behind who is setting fires and sending notes threatening the family.

Now Ross has another problem to deal with. His no good brother-in-law, Lloyd is murdered and his sister, Frannie, has been arrested for the crime. With his father dead and his mother in jail, it is up to Ross to look after his teenage nephew, Josh. Ross enlists the help of Fortune Foundation counselor, Julie Osterman to help Josh with grief support. But who is going to help Ross with his feelings for Julie?

Julie is a widow who has been brokenhearted enough to last her a lifetime. She's sure that it is time to move on with her life, but she just isn't sure that Ross is the right man to move on with.

This is a nice romance story, but there is little that is seems to relate to the over all mystery of the series. Or is there? Readers who are following the series will just have to wait and see what secrets good old Lloyd might have taken to the grave with him.

Only a family crisis could bring Ross Fortune back home to Texas. But clearing his sister of a murder charge was the roving P.I.'s most important mission. Falling for the woman counseling his nephew was a complication he definitely didn't need.

Though the sexy, off-limits Fortune was a challenge she couldn't resist, Julie Osterman couldn't afford to let her personal feelings cloud her professional judgment. But when an explosive secret threatened everyone's future, was she willing to put it all on the line for the chance to be at Ross's side…forever?

About the Author from eharlequin's Website:
RaeAnne Thayne loves words. It started as soon as she learned to read, when she used to devour anything she could get her hands on (cereal boxes, encyclopedias, the phone book, you name it!). She loves the way they sound, the way they look on the page, and the amazing way they can be jumbled together in so many combinations to tell a story.

Her love of reading and writing those words led her to journalism, and she worked for fifteen years as a newspaper reporter and editor.

Through it all, she dreamed of writing the kind of stories she loved best. She started writing romance fiction in 1990 and sold her first book five years later. Since then, she's published more than two-dozen novels and that same number of short stories.

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