Saturday, May 16, 2009

Romance Byte: Playground of the Gods

Author: E. Jamie
Genre: Sci-fi Erotic Romance
Publisher: Amira Press

Luke and Megan are fighter pilots and soldiers fighting side by side to find a new home for their lost people. They have loved each other for years, but neither will admit it for fear of betraying the memory of their best friend, Megan's dead fiancee. With a little help from the Gods above, will these brave warriors find the courage to engage in a battle for each others hearts?

About the author from her Website:
E. Jamie is the pseudonym of Nancy Da Silva who lives in Toronto, Canada. She has been writing since the age of eleven and hasn't been bored a day in her life since.

She writes non fiction under her real name but thought it best to use another name for her erotica so folks looking for her work didn't get a mishmash of different genres and styles. If erotica's not your thing and you're looking for maybe straight romance or some of her non fiction work, you're better off not looking under 'E. Jamie'.

E. Jamie stands for hot. Hot sexy stories that make your toes and everything else curl. It stands for passionate tales that leave the bedroom door wide open and leave you begging for more.

Nancy is a fulltime freelance writer and will be publishing some of her tamer (still sexy, still hot but not that kind of hot) romances under her real name or some edited version of her name very soon.

She decided to take the plunge into writing erotica for publication this year (after writing it for free for more years than she should have been. Naughty girl) and was snapped up by Amira Press where she currently resides having published two shorts thus far 'To Love A Knight' and 'Forbidden'. She has a brand new erotic novella coming out with Amira Press this November called 'Redemption' and is currently at work on her next project, a contemporary erotic romance called 'Till Death Do Us Part'

In her free time she likes to read and counts Paullina Simons, Diana Gabaldon, Julia Quinn, Victoria Alexander, Catherine Anderson and Lisa Kleypas among her favorite authors. She loves to listen to music while she writes and suggests movies soundtracks are some of the best music to write to. She is in love with the TV show Supernatural and thinks Jensen Ackles was born simply to inspire her to write smut. As she is a Days Of Our Lives fan, she believes James Scott falls into this category as well.

She loves to cook as she considers it yet another wonderful creative outlet though much to her chagrin she cannot make soup.

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